Ultimate Vehicle Thread- "Vehicles kind of suck to play; We should change that" [+Base Overhaul]

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MrNature72, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. DrButtes

    I agree that the MBT need some changes but I do not agree with the severity of the changes you are proposing. Maybe if they make a Planetside 3 they could consider some of these but not ever for PS2.
  2. Foxirus

    They are already nerfing the tanks with the next patch they do on them. So what you said inthe last part is pretty much happening. I feel that vehicles already provide more than enough firepower and do just that, Support infantry. But certain people in this thread don't want that, They want vehicles to have more roles than the infantry does. Which is not going to happen. Try to tell them that and they cry that I am trying to get vehicles nerfed. So Ill just sit back and laugh when they ignore what I say and the vehicles they call weak are made even weaker thanks to the devs.
  3. Jerox

    Awesome thread, entertaining to read and I wouldn't mind if all the things proposed would make it into test but that's probably never going to happen..
  4. GaBeRock

    yeah,I'm not going to argue with you anymore, as per request of the OP. Thanks for being part of the infantryside crowd whining to remove all necessity for tactics from the game.
  5. Colt556

    Ten bucks says he's stopped playing by this time next year. I argued with a lot of people back in beta who had similar mindsets. They thought infantry was all that mattered, that vehicles were too powerful and need nerfs, that things that give vehicles more importance were bad. Guess how many of them still play? Not a single one. "Infantryside" players inevitably pack up and leave in short order because to them PS2 is just fad of the month until the next CoD or Battlefield comes out. Meanwhile vehicle players pack up and leave cuz the style iof play they enjoy continues to get trashed, players who enjoy more strategic depth and end game content up and leave because none of that exists. And suddenly you realize why PS2 has been bleeding players ever since launch. Planetside 2 doesn't actually cater to ANYONE. It doesn't cater to infantry players, vehicle players, casual players, hardcore players. It straddles this line in between everything to the point that everyone grows bored and leaves. It's actually kind of depressing to be honest as MMOFPS games are few and far between.
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  6. XenoxusPrime

    Very well written, i love the creativity in this post
  7. PurpleBeefer

    *Puts on nostalgia goggles* BACK IN PS1.........

    Anyways perhaps it is the goggles or it was the mechanics due to the cert system forcing players to specialize back then, but having a MBT was badass. "Who can pull a vanguard?" or "Do we have a Galaxy pilot?" Those were questions often asked in squads. The outfit I was in had special divisions for Infantry/armor/air. There was competition to get recruits for our divisions. This plays into the fact that vehicles were worth it back then. They made a difference. Yes when we got into the base it was parked outfront with maybe one guarding our AMS in case of enemy response BUT these tanks had their place back then. The bridge battles for land between bases were hard fought with vehicles and infantry using them as cover. The BFR's acting as mobile artillery trying to pick off armor so their line would move up, thus getting closer to the base and the prize of the cap. Infantry still had their advantages against armor and even air, but when it came to bases it was all infantry and i admit i groaned at fighting in the bases cause i loved blowing tanks up (and foot peasants)

    In anycase i hope the changes coming even with the resource revamp will lead to the whole NTU system, interlinks and whanot. vehicles currently need a buff but at the same time as a previous poster said, need to be a bit more rare and stronger. though it will never happen since nowadays its "i want to be able to use anything and fly everything and drive everything" mentality, the restrictions wont come.

    p.s. I remember you couldn't fly or drive anything while wearing heavy armor (Reinforced eXo)
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  8. Goliath Mk2

    Wow Planetside 3!? that's at least 20 years away, and whats the difference going to be between PS2 now compared to PS3?
  9. Colt556

    Maybe they'll learn that Battlefield Online doesn't work and PS3 will be a proper successor to PS1.
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  10. 70g50

    Read 1/3 and got eye cancer...
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  11. Colt556

    What about my list of changes on page 3? You wont get cancer from that.
  12. Thesweet

    Easy with a pack full of rockets. Try kill the sundy equivalent with a single infantry back in PS1, almost impossible with all the spitties and mines. Ps1 vehicles ruled the open spaces, infantry ruled the bases.
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  13. Thesweet

    You obviously never played PS1 then, vehicles dominated out in the open and I loved it, from both an infantry perspective and a vehicle user. I fact I moved to Ps1 just because it had a mix of vehicles and infantry since there are hundreds of infantry only games.
    I think my ideas solve both of these problems of vehicles having a role yet infantry being important as well. To summarise I proposed making vehicles do more damage yet they need infantry to provide targeting data, basically an extension of the infantry arsenal. This reduces farming, ammo gets reduced so air only has one payload.
  14. Goliath Mk2

    Don't worry PS2 is getting there, it's still a fun game to play even without the "necessary balances" i's give 2 years at least in order to become the game worthy of being "Planetside"
    Right now that is only a dream, but give it enough time AND PLANETSIDE 2 SHALL RULE TH... *hacking cough* *clears throat* :oops: ... be a great game (thats what i meant to say)
  15. Typhoeus

    Wow! I read the whole thing and I love it! Here's hoping the devs take notice of this post and actually act upon it. I've a feeling this would be a long term commitment on their behalf, but like OMFG, it'd be worth it for sure!
  16. Foxirus

    No, I never did play planetside 1. If anything I am thankful that I never played it, I could only imagine how bad it must suck to know how good a game once was... Only to be turned into what it is now. This way I can never look back on the past and regret what was lost, I can only look forward because for me there is no past to planetside. It can only get better from here on out in my eyes.
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  17. MrNature72

    Yeah, I don't know why I never responded to this.

    While yes, I realize I'm more colorful than a rainbow hopped up on straight acid, heroin, and shoved into a fun-house in the middle of f*cking whoville, but it's how I write. In reality, I'm an educated, conservative guy. But when I get aggressive, boy, do I get aggressive.

    And when it comes to passionately displaying my ideas, that means colors, numbers, and more b*tchin' bells and whistles than your 12-year-old dream bicycle. Or a rednecks car. Whatever floats your boat.

    Why do I do it? Well, for one, it helps exemplify statements. It changes a simple, flat string of words into a fully fleshed out piece of terrain. It goes up, down, left, right, all which-ways. It's no longer just me throwing my ideas at the screen, like most people do. It's creating something special. I'm not here to just meagerly get out my ideas, like "hey guys look at this, you might like it..."

    No. I'm here to be Loud as ****, and to bring my ideas right up to the f*cking plate.

    Bring it.
    (that bring it was just to make me feel cool, not actually directed towards anyone.)
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  18. Velicc

    (y) This thread
  19. Goliath Mk2

    Remove the ability to switch seats in mbt's and liberators while inside the vehicle.
  20. MrNature72

    Except while landed and/or still, or make it so switching has a fast animation where you hop out and switch.

    That gamefeel is lacking.

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