Ultimate Vehicle Thread- "Vehicles kind of suck to play; We should change that" [+Base Overhaul]

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  1. MrNature72



    Time for me to get REALLY MAD

    (just the way you all like it)


    (I don't think you are)
    (just kidding I know you are)

    Alright, so, we all know that the current vehicle meta-game here in Planetside 2 is about as good and fun to play as the C85 Canister is good and fun to use. For one, all the vehicles feel like big chunks of jello with wheels. I mean, alright, it's playable. But don't lie to yourself; Remember that feeling in Battlefield or other triple-A combined arm games when you would ROAR DOWN THE BATTLEFIELD IN A 70-TON MURDER MACHINE, running aroundGUNS BLAZING LIKE IT'S 4th OF JULY. And that feeling, oh god that feeling, when INFANTRY COWERED AS YOU STORMED THE GATES OF H*LL THAT IS THE BATTLEFIELD, like the devil himself was in town to reap some souls, AND YOU WERE THE JUDGE WHO CHOSE WHO LIVED AND WHO DIED.

    Or what about when those MEATY AFTERBURNERS SCREAMED TO LIFE, and you soared into the sky like aBIG *SS ANGRY BIRD OF PREY, rockets pouring out from your fiery, and explosive rounds erupting from your nose as you DESCENDED UPON THE POOR PEASANTS ON THE GROUND WITH RIGHTEOUS, MILITARY-GRADE FURY.

    But you know what felt even BETTER? When you were a man with nothing but TWO LEGS, TWO ARMS, A WILL TO CAUSE SOME CARNAGE, AND A ROCKET. And you knew that you, and only you, could bring an end to the terror that were these great, armored war beasts. You knew that YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR TURNING THE TIDES. You'd pick up your rocket, feel that sweet rush of adrenaline as you left your comrades hiding in cover, and you SHOWED THOSE ARMORED WEAPONS JUST WHO HAD THE REAL BRASS BALLS AROUND HERE.

    Vehicles weren't just another set of kills waiting to happen, or vehicles designed to sit their and farm. They carried armies on their backs. They could take a battle and turn it on it's head. They brought down firepower that made hard men scream and run; and they played a careful game with the few men of flesh and bone who were brave enough, and were h*ll bent on protecting their comrades from these metal monstrosities.



    And I'm going to tell you how.

    (I don't think you are)
    (just kidding I know you are)

    (Besides farm)

    (just kidding)

    Alright, so first thing I'm hitting today isn't how bad the mag is, or how the Vanguard doesn't feel scary, or how much I love (and hate) the prowler, or even just how bad the anti-infantry options are.

    Because, to be HONEST, that's NOT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM.

    Right now the biggest issue is that vehicles have nothing else to do but farm the crap out of infantry. And to be frank, I DON'T HATE THE FARMER. Can you blame him? He get's certs, fast. He's not cheating. He's just doing what rewards him the most. Right now, the gameplay with vehicles can be summed up in one simple phrase.


    We need to attack this head on. Vehicles should be rendered as part of the game. Now, we could take the easy path: slap some objectives that can only be captured by vehicles. Would it help? Yeah, sure, whatever. It's lazy, not one bit creative, and flat-out the least interesting option.

    So, naturally, I've formed a bunch of KICK-*SS IDEAS to help give vehicles more ways to help out on the battlefield. And no, these aren't different options, it's a plethora of concepts built to work together, in tandem, just like all my ideas.


    Right now, when you attack the base, it's always the same entraces. But wait, what's this? There's a closed gate over to the right flank? Huh, that was never there before. Too bad it's closed, and there's no way to open it.



    That's right; let vehicles blow open gates on different parts of bases. Maybe this is just a visible weak spot in the wall, or a legit gate that seems like it's hungry for some tank cannons or rocket pods. Either way, it would allow tanks to directly support infantry by opening up new paths of attack. However, you couldn't just storm these right away. If that was the case, all I'd be doing is adding to the bland rigamarole that is base assaults. No, instead, they work on an in-depth system. For one, the base would have to be directly connected by lattice to an enemy hex, to prevent ghost-destruction of base weak spot. Next, you'd have "time under siege", and every weak point or destructible gate would have a different time requisite for time under siege. "Under Siege" would be defined by: 12+ attackers at the location, at least 12 friendly members at the base, and active warfare (the game can obviously detect this, hence the "explosion marks" on the main map). Third, different spots would have different, specific requirements. Maybe one requires a 48+/48+ and 2 minutes of "Under Siege" at that time to become available. Maybe another requires a certain interior device to be destroyed by infantry before the vehicles can make a new entrance. Or maybe another can only be effectively destroyed by aircraft; like a roof.

    These gates would also reset after the timer counted down to zero (no-matter which side won), or five minutes of less than 12+/12+. Also, all of these entrances would have high resistances to infantry weapons (save for some destructible entrances designed for infantry, share the love!). Walls would also repair themselves over time after not taking damage for a certain time, like a superior NAR. Finally, destroying a wall or gate would give all who damaged it an EXP reward, and a healthy one at that. All this would effectively add a WHOLE NEW WAY for vehicles to support the battlefield, for both the attackers and the defenders.


    Alright, I'm calling MAD BULLSH*T on the fact that highly valuable bases that get HUNDREDS OF LIVES THROWN AT THEM A DAY completely lack ANY kind of integral support systems.

    I mean seriously, there's not a single camera in the tech labs.

    So I propose adding integral systems that are effectively destroyed by vehicles, but actively effect the infantry game. Here, let me throw some ideas at you.

    Security Towers - Detect and show non-infiltrator infantry on the minimap for defenders in a certain area of the base. Can have multiple areas that have Security Towers, with some areas having multiple Security Towers for redundant systems. Mostly resistant to infantry fire, but weak to vehicle fire.

    Infiltration Detection Unit - Detects and shows non-stealthed infiltrators on the minimap, and sounds an alarm when it detects an infiltrator. Scans in a circular area; However, close to the inside there's a "dead zone" where infiltrators can effectively hide and temporarily disable (90 seconds) the entire network. Resistant to infantry weapons, weak to C4 and vehicle fire; may not always be exposed to vehicles: these versions can be damaged by grenades and rockets.

    Vehicle Radar System - Detects and marks all vehicles for the defenders in a 400 meter radius from the tower. Does not detect stealthed vehicles. Weak to C4 and vehicle weapons.

    Localized Vehicle Support System - Repairs all defending vehicles in a 100 meter radius; Weak to C4, rockets, and vehicle weaponry.

    Tactical Insertion Beacons - Act's as a spawn unit, but allows defenders to drop pod into the base, providing a way out of spawn camping. Three per base. The more active, the faster people can drop in.

    Power System - Provides the base lighting; If destroyed, all the base lights go out. Total blackout. Weak only to C4 and heavy vehicle weapons; many bases have multiple Power Systems, requiring them all to be destroyed.

    Vehicle Deterrent - Decreases the repair rate of vehicles within close proximity of the base (50 meters from outer wall) by 50%. No more than one per base. Once dead, unlike other towers, stay's dead until the battle is over.

    Alright, so now that you have some idea on what the towers do, let me explain how they would work. Similar to gates in some way, they would repair themselves over time after not taking damage for a while; However, the repair rate could be buffed by engineers. Once a tower is destroyed, it cannot be repaired and brought back into operation for at least 150 seconds (two and a half minutes), with a few exceptions. The power system for example would have a much shorter time, while something like the localized vehicle support system would have a much longer time. This opens up more targets for the attackers, and more specifically attacking vehicles, to take part in assaults. Each tower kill would reward a healthy amount of EXP; enough to encourage people to hunt and take them out for more than just helping the battle.

    However, it would also give defenders more to, you know defend. Especially the Tactical Insertion Beacon, which would allow defenders to stay alive more often. However, once destroyed, the attackers would have an obvious advantage. Overall, it would add a healthy dose of depth to base, and vehicle, warfare.


    Okay, so, right now we have a pretty rad option with the whole radar thing you can slap onto vehicles. But I say we take it a step further: make them an integral part of forces. Here's how we do this.

    Let's let aircraft have a full set of powerful radar-centric options. First, let's upgrade the usefulness of detect radars. Increase their range, especially for the ground radar, so they can hover far overhead. But don't stop their; increase the size of it too. Radar-equipped vehicles should be obvious, their silhouette easily identifiable by infantry and vehicles. Next, give them a healthy EXP reward for any unit killed that they currently have detected. Not too much, but enough to be a legit way to cert gain. However, decrease the EXP gained by a small percent for every other friendly radar unit in the area past two or three, so it doesn't turn into psuedo-farming.

    Next, let's fix that Vector. It should be a legitimate option; A generally well-rounded weapon that plays well to the player who likes to circle over head and provide supportive, but not battle-dominating, firepower. Maybe, and note I say maybe, give a similar option to ESF's that can only fire while being aimed, effectively rending it a hover weapon.

    Now, let's give some love to the harasser. Buff it's radar systems, so it can act as a mobile radar unit, and give it the same EXP reward, and degrading EXP reward per radar units, that ESF's, Libs, and Galaxies would have.

    However, let's add a bit of a twist to it: Radar units would have increased mark times once marked, and would haveabsolutely zero stealth whatsoever. I'm talking, that sh*t hits the map the moment it comes close to anything. Everyone knows it's there; the eyes in the sky (or on the ground). Not only that, but it would increase reload times, further defining it's role as a non-combat, recon vehicle.


    Alright, so, right now base defenses are in a p*ss-poor state. They don't actually effect the battle. So here's what I propose: MORE AND BETTER. Make those cannons SCARY, make them MEAN, and add MORE OF THEM. But, as a price, make them take significantly to replace once lost. I mean SIGNIFICANTLY. And put them in places beside that main tower. I mean geez.

    Fighting the defenses should be a siege. If you managed to hold them off, you should be rewarded. If you manage to bust through the defenses, you should have an adrenaline rush like no other.

    I really don't have much more to add to this one.

    It just needs to happen.

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  2. MrNature72


    Alright, so, right now we all know that zergs can spawn out of nowhere. We also know that, in the vehicle meta game, skilled players have absolutely huge advantages over unskilled, base-loadout newbs. Should this be the case? Yes. But it shouldn't be to such a degree that new players have no chance to get into the vehicle metagame.

    "But MrNature, there's no way to give new players that advantage without nerfing all the things that let vets have their edge!"

    ********, my friend.


    Alright, so, this is how it would work. Now, hear me out. Step one is a bit insane, a little crazy, and delicious once you hear the whole story. DECREASE BASE VEHICLE PRICES AND TIMERS. Not too much, but just enough to be noticeable.


    Because I'm about to ROCK YOUR F*CKING WORLD.

    Okay, so, here's how this sh*t would go down. For every fancy piece of equipment you slap onto your sweet-*ss Magrider, you'd see that price click up just a little bit, and that timer get a little nudge to the "oh man I better not die so I don't lose this" direction. Now, for that grade-1 composite armor and a little bit of NAR, you're not going to get much. But for your auto-repairing, death dealing Vanguard Railgun (see later in the thread) with that ridiculously certed Enforcer, you're going to have to pay for it.

    But that's not all! For one, you'd be allowed to select any level of certification that you've already bought. For example, let's say in one of those vehicle slots you want a quick and cheap Prowler with a little NAR. But you've already ranked it up to that expensive-*ss five mark! No worries; you can select the cheaper level-1 or level-2 NAR. But your meaty, end-all war machine can still use all your top-certed options.

    This would add actual value to certed out tanks, aircraft, and so forth, instead of being the only options. They do more damage on the battlefield; they should cost more to bring to play. It would also give people the option to actually have uses for those multiple vehicle slots. Want to spawn a zerg without breaking the bank? Go with your Light Harasser loadout and get some buds to come along.

    This would couple brilliantly with the upcoming resource revamp; Bases would need more Nanites to feed more powerful armor and air batallions. but newer players would also be punished less for dying; They'll get a new chance with the same vehicle, albeit still the weak option, marginally sooner than those souped up vets.

    This would go for everything; certs, weapons, vehicles, you name it. Everything would have an adaptive price. EvenLOCATION could effect this. Cheaper tanks at the tech plant? Oh man. Cheaper aircraft at a Galaxy Tower? Oh boy! That would even add more to location. You want to feed the ultimate tank zerg? BETTER GO CAPTURE THAT FACTORY!

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  3. MrNature72

    Alright, so now we're down to the meat of things. Changing the vehicles at their core. As you know, I've already made a bit of a point about this, so I'm going to quote one of my other, older posts to get you all up to speed.

    To add a little note, each tank would get EMPIRE SPECIFIC WEAPONS.

    The Vanguard would get a powerful, long-ranged railgun, with extremely high velocity, damage, low drop, but massive reload time and zero splash. (see this thread)

    The Prowler would get a unique cannon that would have equal DPS than your standard heat while not deployed with slightly increased splash damage and slightly lowered direct damage, at the price of decreased range through decreased velocity, but would change into a powerful, single shot cannon that uses two ammo per shot while deployed. It would have slightly less DPS than double AP deployed, but would have a slightly higher alpha, and marginally more velocity, but equal drop. By sacrificing some effectiveness of specialized rounds, you get the option to be an undeployed infantry killer or a deployed vehicle killer. A Jack Of All Trades.

    The Magrider would get a no-drop cannon that fires in three-shot bursts. Each shot would travel slightly faster than HEAT round, but slower than an AP. While each shot would do less damage than any other option, the combined damage would have more alpha than a single AP hit. The Magrider could also charge the shot to increase velocity, but not damage.

    (quick note, I'm adamant on the Vanguard option, but I really still do need to think about the Prowler and Maggy option, feel free to post about that)

    Alright, so, now that that's out of the way, let's get to the OTHER VEHICLES.

    First up, let's hit the ESF's, one of the biggest parts of the meta in this entire game.

    First to the cutting table is the Reaver. Here's what I propose.
    -Give it it's armor and health boost back
    -Greatly increase max base speed
    -Decrease acceleration, greatly decrease acceleration past 60% base max speed
    -Increase V thrust
    -Increase DPS
    -Decrease all stealth options effectiveness even further
    -Increase afterburner time
    -Decrease afterburner acceleration
    This would turn it into the hard hitting, murdercraft that it is supposed to be.

    Next up we have the infamous scythe.
    -Greatly increase it's turn speed, in all directions
    -Slightly increase top speed
    -Increase acceleration
    -Greatly increase decelleration
    -Greatly increase hover
    -Give it some brutal AA direct fire option
    -Instant afterburner acceleration
    Let's turn the scythe into the high-g, neck-breaking fighting machine we all want it to be.

    Finally, the Mosquito.
    -Increase acceleration by a HUGE margin
    -Increase decelleration by a HUGE margin

    -Increase pitch turning rate (that's tilting the nose up and down)
    -Slight increase yaw
    -Increase afterburner acceleration
    -Increase yaw
    -Increase max ammo capacity
    The Mosquito would become a jumpy machine that can re-position itself in the blink of an eye.

    Universal changes

    Alright, so, now we get to the harasser. I don't have any specifics for this, but I do know what I want it to become; A pack vehicle with extreme adaptability. So here's what I propose; let it decide its own role. Want to hunt tanks with your friends? Slap some armor on that and a (more powerful) halberd. Infantry murdering? Better AI option.

    But let's make it have to adjust for its choices. Heavier weapons on the Harasser would cause decreases in speed; vice versa for light weapons. Same goes for armor; the less armor, the faster it goes. You could turn it into a ridiculous speed machine by decreasing the armor with a cert, going with Racer, and slapping a Kobalt on it. Or you could turn it into a tank hunter designed to work in packs with lots of armor and a Halberd. Or maybe you decide to make it a support vehicle, with infantry ammo dispensers and a sight cert that marks any enemy it hits. All in all, let's make the harasser more unique.

    Also, let's bring back the scary Lib. I propose the opposite of what most people are; Keep the ammo change, but make the weapons dangerous again. Turn the Lib into a short-lived support vehicle that circles the area, dumps its ammo, and then has to run back to safety to re-stock it's weapons. Before, it was an end-all killing machine that could never die. Now, it's a joke of an aircraft. I say we meet in the middle; A killing machine that has to plan its attacks, or be punished with a dangerous blinking 0 on the ammo counter and a bunch of ESF's chasing it down.

    Here's the big one though: More empire specific certifications. Note these wouldn't go in utility, like the other ES abilities. These belong in Defense. Brace yourself, again.

    Harasser - Twin Rumble Seats
    Doubles the amount of riders in the rear; however, decreases armor and repair rate from engineers by 40%
    Prowler - MBT Carrier System
    For the price of decreasing rear armor by 20%, allows the Prowler to carry 6 infantry
    Mosquito - Rumble Seat
    Allows two infantry to sit on the sides of the Mosquito; however, they can only use their primary weapon
    Flash - Lightweight Systems
    Increases flip resistance and decreases vehicle gravity, allowing for crazy jumps
    Liberator - Target Acquisition
    Marks MBT's and lightnings for the pilot only, and only while near the center of the cockpit
    Galaxy - Fast Drop Systems
    Infantry who jump out of this galaxy are propelled towards the ground at a much higher rate, and under cover from many Galaxy Deployed smoke grenades.
    Sunderer - Firing Ports
    Infantry become completely exposed, but can now fire out with allweapons. Reload times doubled. No repair from riders. Decrease in overall side, rear, and top armor.

    Harasser - Rear Shield
    Structure over the rear now provides the passenger greatly increased safety without decreasing firing angles
    Vanguard - Landcruiser Systems
    Increases all armor by a small margin, roughly just 10% of equivalent composite armor levels, and greatly increases traction. Decrease in rear armor. Decreases reverse speed.
    Reaver - High Altitude Bombing Equipment
    Max speed while flying downwards increased, max speed overall increased at extreme altitudes, acceleration while facing vertically increased
    Flash - Safety Harness
    Structure increases rider resistances by a small margin
    Liberator - Tail Harnesses
    Allows 2 riders to be housed in the tail, and can safely jump out. Exposed. Upgrades increase amount to 4 and add more resistances to riding infantry. Infantry hurt by rocket damage.
    Galaxy - Double-Decker Capacity
    Increases galaxy capacity by 25%, can be upgraded to 50%
    Sunderer - Automated Defense Systems
    Armor decreased by 25% while not deployed, increased by 20% when deployed

    Harasser - Hover Systems
    Decreases maximum speed but replaces wheels with hover units
    Magrider - Magjump
    Allows the Magrider to perform a small jump.
    Scythe - Rapid Gyro Unit
    Pressing a button allows the vehicle to turn a full 180 degrees to face the rear, only usable once every 45 seconds, does not change momentum, decreases armor by 5%
    Flash - Magnetic Wheels
    Increases traction by a huge margin.
    Liberator - Bombing Systems
    decreases all turning speed and acceleration, but greatly increases afterburner duration, slightly increases max speed, and gives the liberator a small armor boost while traveling at max speed. Very slight armor decrease at minimum speeds.
    Galaxy - Ambush Launcher Unit
    Allows the Galaxy pilot to launch it's users a great distance, allowing safer deployment. Users are partially invisible for an extremely short duration. Only usable above a certain height.
    Sunderer - Stealth Unit
    Allows the sunderer to be 50% invisible for a very short duration, and gives it a slight speed increase during so. Decrease in armor during use. Cannot be used while deployed. If pressed while deployed, the sunderer packs up faster and gets a slight increase in use time.

    Last but not least, INCREASE THE EFFECTIVE RANGES.
    Or more specifically, MAKE THE RANGES DEFINED.

    The HE is a short-ranged slugger? Make it short ranged.
    The AT is a long-ranged murder device? Give it more velocity and less gravity.

    Honestly, I have NO F*CKING CLUE why they're increasing drop AND decreasing velocity. It's downright dumb!

    Alright well THAT BIG *SS RANT IS OVER.





    Finally, help support all the other threads that go along with this series! They're on reddit, too! (Or at least, most of them are). Remember, your posts keep this alive! If you're going to like something in it, don't forget to post! Just check my signature, yo.

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  4. Foxirus

    No. Do not want. Majority of what you have said or recommending has already been done, undone and broken in one form or another.

    Also shielded paper mag, No thanks.
  5. MrNature72

    For one, it wasn't a paper mag. It's equipped with an automatically recharging shield that is capable of eating a few rockets or most of a vanguard AT railgun blast. It would have the second highest speed, be able to strafe in any direction at almost max speed, and would have the least drop (save for the Vanguard Railgun) with all its cannons to make up for the lower damage. Not to mention it could magburn in any direction. Not to mention it would have the highest rear armor, allowing the pilot to swerve however he d*mn pleases.

    The Magrider isn't supposed to be the tankiest tank; it's suppose the be the most manueverable and agile one. What I've reccomended would turn it into a ducking and weaving beast of a machine. The speed and maneuverability changes would raise the skill ceiling, while the shield would drop the skill floor down closer to the other, more "basic" tanks.

    Also, I don't see where almost any of this has been done, especially Step One and Step Two. I have never seen any concept of in-base systems that can be destroyed by vehicles. Step Two has just flat out never been attempted. And I covered almost everything in Step Three.

    While I appreciate you attempting to argue, I don't see where it's based. From what I could see, you probably saw the Magrider bit and didn't really think on much else.

    But let's not start an argument here; that's no way to kick off a thread.
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  6. NCDaniel

    Transform the Vanguard into the Landmaster, SOE.
  7. MrNature72

    "do a barrel roll"
    Nah, just kidding.

    Honestly, I was aiming to make it feel more like the Mammoth Tank from Command & Conquer. Slow, big, meaty, cumbersome. Hard to maneuver and position and impossible to hide. But once they open fire, everyone runs for the hills.
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  8. NCDaniel

    But it can fly. :c
  9. psychoninja

    I signed into the fourms for the first time in months just to reply on this thread.
    This is exactly what vehicles in planetside 2 need. The only problem i see right now is with the adaptive vehicle prices and timers, most armor zergs are made up of public platoons with a large amount of new people with uncerted vehicles, so that may not help that part. People that the timers would really effect would probably use their vehicles for some more strategic battling instead of mindless zerging. Besides that, wonderful thread
  10. MrNature72

    If you're looking for that jazz, the Nature's Magrider would be your best option.

    Omnidirectional Magburner, and a handy little Magjump.

    Sorry, no flying juggernauts for us NC. Can't go making us OP if I want to gather support :D
    (just go view my ELECTROMAGNETIC MURDER ACCELERATORS thread if you want to see some NC love, link should be in my signature)
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  11. MrNature72

    I would hope that the power of upgraded tanks would be increased, but I know that I didn't explicitly say that. Nonetheless, it wouldn't be such a huge decrease in base price that Zergs could spawn easier; it's just to give more breathing room for price increases with purchases.

    You also have to consider the new Resource Revamp, where if you want a zerg, you need to feed it. I hope to couple that with structures that supply more of a certain type of vehicle.

    Nonetheless, I do see your point. I believe the system could still be implemented, but what you've said would have to be taken into deep consideration during the balancing process. I GREATLY appreciate that input, man!

    And as always, thanks for the support!
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  12. Greiztoph

    I'd be okay with this
  13. Jaedrik

    Dude, glorious, perfect.

    But more strategic options and metagame choices for tanks is a no-no.

    The way I see it, Higby and Kevmo are FIRMLY set in the stance that vehicles are force multipliers and nothing more. Their only purpose is to kill in the current design direction.

    I hate it, but that's what they think so I have the impression.
  14. Silavite

    Whoa. This is amazing.
  15. Verviedi

    Higby can go get rekt.
    The OP should use VANU TECHNOLOGY to infiltrate SOE's headquarters. There, he will use VANU TECHNOLOGY to hack Planetside, and implement everything!
    It's foolproof!
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  16. CNR4806


    Too bad SOE is probably gonna ignore it and keep nerfing vehicles until they die to an infil holding a Beamer.
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  17. toastybanban

    I like the Vanguard railgun idea, a lot actually, but I have a few questions:

    1. Is it powerful enough to one to two shot most vehicles? (Galaxies being a three to four shot)
    2. How long is the reload?
    3. How decreased is the turret turn rate, is it halved, one fourth, etc.?
    4. How long is the trigger delay? (I'm assuming this is while it's charging up the power needed to put enough 'oomph' into the shot)
  18. MrNature72

    You're signature made me happy.

    Right, yes, I know. But it's not just tanks; it's all vehicles. And it would be a force multiplier, just not in the stereotypical MORE DAKKAsense of the word.

    Bringing vehicles to the battlefield would allow for the battlefield to change and adapt. Vehicles would be able to actively change the flow of battle by doing something as simple as shooting something besides infantry. However, it wouldn't be necessary to do in order to take a base; they're all optional objectives that can change the flow of battle.

    Here, let me throw a BRAND NEW ONE AT YOU.

    VEHICLE BUNKERS - Pads that, when driven on top of, can be lowered to only the top of the vehicle is visible. For the magrider, it would change the projectile firing point to somewhere higher so it could still be lowered. Turn rate would be increased, top armor would be increased, and reload speed would be increased. However, once destroyed, the bunker would become inoperable for either six minutes or until the base changed possession.

    INFANTRY PILLBOXES - Special infantry pillboxes that take little damage from infantry rockets and grenades but higher damage from vehicle weapons and C4, they would provide heavy, omni-directional cover for infantry with small outward firing ports that were just big enough to toss a grenade into if you get close. So, in one run, you have a new way for infantry to hold locations, a new way for infantry to counter zergs, and a new target for vehicles (if they get close).

    I am nothing but amazing.

    Not with that kind of attitude they wont.

    Add this and my other threads to your signature; Spread the word of these threads when you play the game; Tell your friends; Tell your enemies; Tell all these semicolons I'm improperly using.

    We need to get word around if SoE is going to take not of these.

    1. Probably just less than twice the strength of a Vanguard AP, so around 3,750 damage.
    2. Approximately 5.5 seconds. Max upgrade to 5.
    3. Turn rate wouldn't change; If it did, it would be very small
    4. Enough to be painful. .25 seconds. Could be upgraded to .15 seconds.

    Also, to give you some numbers, this weapon would have unique resistances when it comes to other vehicles, to help balance it out. For starters, before you other Tankers get your whine on, this would put the Vanguard AP at a 1 second faster TTK than the (un-anchored) prowler (both uncerted, and basis off damage against the Prowlers armor), and that's not including the trigger delay, which would bring it down to about equal. An anchored prowler can still flat-out have a faster TTK. However, the higher alpha would greatly reward side and rear shots, and would allow the Railgun to set a prowler without any front armor or side armor in fire from 2 shots, from whichever side, and kill them in two from the rear.

    It could set Harassers on fire in a single shot.

    Sunderers would take about the same damage as a tank.

    However, as a unique catch, I was thinking about making it less accurate the faster the user is moving, in case of balance issues, requiring the driver to stand still to properly fire the weapon at optimal ranges.

    However, the long reload and painful trigger delay, combined with generally smaller ammunition supply, would force the user to make every shot count. Smart tankers facing one of these would learn to use cover and trick the Vanguard; however, in a slugging match, they would most likely lose.
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  19. TheChippewa

    yeah I'd have to agree with OP the planetside 2 developers have seriously lost sight on any kind of vehicle type combat. with putting a base every 10 feet and making it so vehicles can't do squat other than sit and protect a sunderer or care bear stare at infantry plugging at them from towers while being held off by a shield generator that once blows allows you into a little tiny court yard of some sort. Seriously pathetic. We have a tremendous amount of infantry only capped bases we should really have some vehicle capped bases which you could cap on foot, but you may get run over.
  20. Foxirus

    I am not going to tear your entire post to pieces to prove my point, don't have time and don't really care. I have yet to see any post like this even remotely considered by SOE, They are going to do what they want.

    As for the Mag, We have 2000 health and a 1500 shield. How the hell is that not a paper mag? Even if we got 90% strafing speed, That would be what, 37 KPH? It isn't going to make a difference to anything within 200m range, Which majority of battles happen.

    In your post, The Vangaurd has 6000 health and has a 2000 health shield, Even if it is not recharging, Its still vastly superior to the mag in your way.

    If anything, This game needs less to do with vehicles, And more to do with infantry. That is what this game is about whether you like to accept it or not. A vehicle can't capture a base, A vehicle can't revive a player, A vehicle can't hack a point. Its about INFANTRY, not vehicles. What you are suggesting with all the vehicles goes against the exact reason the vehicles are getting all the nerfs you are trying to undo, They are obliterating the infantry portion of the game, The primary role of this game.

    This game revolves around infantry, NOT vehicles.
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