Tomcats (a2a locks) op and fun-breaking

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Mar 15, 2015.

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  1. Jawarisin


    For those of you who are unaware, the Server smash between cobalt/Emerald had a gentleman's agreement not to use any tomcats. The agreement was respected and, if you go look at the reception on either side on reddit, or simply asking around, you will notice it's a lot of "The most fun I've ever had".

    The reason they were overly used before was because they were overpowered and they are game-breaking weapons, simple as that. So, considering how two servers basically agreed that fights with no tomcats were way more fun, isn't it time for a change?
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  2. DashRendar

    Preach it, brother. G2A locks are lame too.
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  3. Baracuda

    Cry more. The tomcats are there for people who aren't 'ace pilots' but still want to be able to compete in the same airspace as them rather than just getting blown up 30sec into their flight. Don't forget you have a DIRECT COUNTER to all lock-ons (flares).
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  4. \m/SLAYER\m/

    but you must understand how low skill players feels, while and ace-pilot don't let them leave warpgate, not everyone can handle with reverse maneuver. pro-players farming noobs with no respect, so why other players must have respect not using lock-ons?
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  5. DashRendar

    Except what ends up happening is that the ace pilots use them anyway to gain further advantage. Flares are also not a direct counter unless you are <1000m from your warpgate. Flares give you a window of like 5 seconds to run away before the next lock comes, and if locks come in pairs, or there is someone else shooting while another dude is locking, no contest.
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  6. LodeTria

    I won't talk about tomcats, but I find it strange that a server smash, normally THE place for abusing anything decided to not have tomcats. Did they say no grenades too?
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  7. sustainedfire

    I barely see anyone running Tomcats.

    If they were good, or fun, more people would use them as an option- but they are not good, you give up all useful utility that you receive from choosing anything else for the second slot.

    Any dumbfire capable missile is a better option. Fuel tanks as secondary are a better option.
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  8. Jawarisin

    Naw that's the thing. Good pilots respect each other minimally. Think about having a 5000dmg damage sidearm. Fun for the first day, but would you honestly like a game like that? Same thing for pilots, having something completely broken doesn't make it more fun. But you clearly don't have a clue.
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  9. Xind

    Was there a gentlemans agreement not to use A2G weapons constantly? Or is this just more 'We Pilots bluster bluster superior rabble ground peasants rabble" crap?
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  10. sustainedfire

    A fictional 5000 dmg side arm has nothing to do with Tomcats. Hyperbole at its worst.

    "Good" pilots do not even use Tomcats. You're defeating your own whine with every word you post.

    I will not contribute to your post any further, since you care not to hear anyone else's opinion. It's clear this is simply a whine.

    Have fun in your soon to be populated by crickets, empty thread.
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  11. vanu123

    The Tears of sky samurais are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, they aren't OP, a nosegun has greater DPS anyway. Besides if these "ACEMLG" pilots are going to keep ganking me in 5v1 dogfights, then I get to use whatever "cheese" I chose.
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  12. CNR4806

    The perceived power of the Tomcat and <insert lock-on weapon> is due to how well they scale with population (which is in turn a result of their easy-to-use nature). One Tomcat user isn't a major obstacle to elite Skyknights. Three Tomcat users ganking an elite Skyknight, however, is a completely different story.

    If anything they're in the right place. On their own they won't do much against a pilot more skilled than the user, but since they stack in numbers nicely, it allows lesser-skilled users to overwhelm ace pilots with numerical advantage, thus preventing said ace pilots from dominating the battlefield.

    And in any case, this is the 162367345624623423563734565345345th thread on the Tomcat. E-bushido tears are still as delicious as ever.
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  13. DashRendar

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  14. Auzor

    How about:

    remove tomcat,
    but give me mouseyaw?

    Also: once tomcats are removed, won't same people start whining about the coyotes?

    Suggest a different A2A secondary instead of "nerf tomcat"; no fun etc.
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  15. Jawarisin

    The tears are real...

    On the side, like the other guy said, pilots can probably farm with whatever the want. I'm far from being the best pilot, although I can hold my own. But I'm sure that even if I'm a pilot, I'm drastically better on infantry, and my farming power on there is just as great.
  16. Jawarisin

    Good points worthy of a reply.

    I personnaly think that controls should be 100% customizable. I don't understand why one would want yaw on mouse, but it should be possible.

    No, coyotes are a bit cheapish, but they are supposed to be the weapon that "closes the skill gap". And there's an actual trade off with the loss of AB. Tomcats are infinitely more powerful than coyotes simply because there's fail-proofs way to use them.

    I suggest coyotes as the a2a secondary.


    I seriously wonder what goes in people's mind when they try to compare DPS. But here, I'm ready to make bet and donate 10 000 station cash if I lose the bet. If I win, I expect 5000 station cash.

    Simple enough, I'll be recording and flying around facing the person. Your goal is to go full auto on me with whichever default nosegun you prefer, and you must NOT miss a round and not stop shooting. Cause DPS you know.
    Any takers?
  17. Calissei

    Exactly, there is nothing worse then having a great duel and seeing LOCK/A. Boom, farmed by lazy BR100 king of the air.
    People really want to learn to dogfight and usually run with fire suppresion (like 95% of time?)

    People say it's there to be helpful for new pilots it's a part of the game etc. Well, it's obvious A2A lockons wont magically dissapear as we cry on forums, just make them an ADDITIONAL weapon, not THE MAIN GUN!
    (recently i was blown to pieces by BR100 scythe using PPA and tomcats. 2 rockets hit me before i could even get close enough to him (vortek)).
    Tomcats damage should be REDUCED by 30%40%50%? Pick a number.

    I was a **** pilot too, everybody is when starts with air. Took me a long time to learn, reverse manouver is very helpfull, but not necessary. Most important is to learn to lead. After you start getting some kills, you feel absolutely incredibly satisfacted, proud, and start believing in your skills. Suddenly the things seen on aces youtube channels are doable, so you start to practice more.
    You get better, win more duels... until encounter lockons.
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  18. Demigan

    Hey about your signature. How about this one; With a total of 0 hours and 2 minutes of AA, they say stuff like AA is OP?

    I mean seriously, how much of a hypocrite do you want to get?
    Also, who's the one with the salty tears, complaining about Tomcats? Boo-hoo, we get killed and we didn't bring Flares, oh boy.

    Everyone should understand that the problem with both AA and Tomcats, or any other lock-on or weapon that requires little skill to use but can't become any better either, is that the one's getting shot at don't think it's fun, and the one's doing the shooting feel low-powered and don't have fun either.
    so both AA and Tomcats, or the entire air-game for that matter, need changing.

    How the hell can everyone keep complaining (me included) about "balance this" and "balance that" if everyone agree's something needs to change. The reasoning doesn't matter, as long as we can all give a clear signal that it all needs to change to make both AA and Tomcats fun for all players.
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  19. Computiverse

    Ah, air game arguments. My favorite kind of argument.

    Instead of repeatedly slamming our heads into each other with neither side giving up a single inch of ground, how about we have a civilized discussion about what needs to change to make the air game more fun and open for everyone?
    I'd like to see the air game itself receive a large overhaul.
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  20. DashRendar

    I believe we are. Removing lock ons WOULD make the air game more enjoyable for everyone. BR1-BR100 alike.
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