To Mattherson TR, from the NC

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  1. Aeflic

    Roger I just defend my outfit. We had gone through the stage AOD is in. You guys are just too big atm and are spread too thin. You are burning out your leads, IM GUESSING, faster than you can replace them. Shrink down a little bit.
  2. IamCommanderShepard

    This pleases me, I'm just misunderstood <3
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  3. ColonelChingles

    If it helps, here's how I, Joe Q. Pubbie, pick a squad:

    1) I prefer platoons over squads. This is just because in a larger group you can usually get more done.
    2) I prefer larger squads over smaller squads. While certainly small 4-person squads can be fun, they usually can't operate by themselves without close coordination with a bigger body. One trick to platoon recruitment is to stack your squads so that one is always 10/12 full. Those fill out quickly so you keep transferring people out of that squad to feed your other squads.
    3) I will join a squad, then look at the map. If the squad is spread out and not in the same place, then I switch squads.
    4) I will join a squad, and then listen for voice comms. If in the first three minutes it's completely silent, then I switch squads.

    If you do these things, then it will probably increase your chances for recruitment!
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  4. Dalek

    I can't believe someone from AOD would actually have the temerity to turn up and defend them...

    This is almost a 'you serious' moment...

    Everyone who isn't part of you and knows anything about the server wants AOD to disband. Full stop. You've lost your right to improve and exist ages ago. The only thing keeping you alive is the inability of server players to forcefully disband you.

    You ruin Mattherson TR. It's that simple. Disband.
  5. Herby20

    Praise? I... I don't know how to respond to this.
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  6. Epic High Five

    The TR would be in way worse shape if AOD up and disbanded. From where I sit, it looks like all AOD really NEEDS to focus on right now is making sure to stay plugged in to the command chat hive mind so that forces can be moved around, spread out, or focused as needed. It will also make things a good deal EASIER on each platoon lead.

    Everybody here needs to realize that AOD has move ACTIVE members than any two other outfits on Mattherson COMBINED, so strokes need to be a bit broader. Back when GOON was 2-3 platoons during prime time ever platoon ran as a completely separate entity in all respects, mostly because trying to manage the location and purpose of almost 150 people ends up doing more harm than good

    Awww he's just a wittle scamp!

    I accept SC and complements

    To contact me for further information just check your local /yell chat :D
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  7. DOOdooHEAD

    QUACK QUACK QUACK! NNG, you are all epic. Mad Props.

    As for the AOD guy with the 40 paragraph long research paper:


    That was funny.
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  8. Devrailis

    Leverage /yell chat more. The more you share, the more you are loved. <3
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  9. Latrodectus

    Reposting this from another thread:

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  10. Epic High Five

    Pretty much this, let's keep this constructive everybody! I feel like it is for the most part but there's always that habit of sliding :D

    Fact is, if AOD has really been doing as bad as people are saying this last week, that's bad news for NC/VS because as they get better the TR are going to become dominant :\

    This should be emphasized as well. I remind Aeflic constantly what wizards he and his outfit leaders are to be able to do what they do, with the numbers they do it with. I've never worked with a "hammer" that was basically made up of 7-8 dual squad "swords" and thus is able to be split up if needed without losing much power. During alerts it's not uncommon to be assaulting a position only see it get reinforced, put out the call for reinforcements, and 30 seconds later VCO gals are overhead. While they're doing this at our base, another base on the other side of the map is also receiving a fresh injection of Voodoo freedom, all at the same time they have a platoon+ hammering away at a key base/forcing the opposition to divert troops.

    They really are a study in how to effectively manage masses of fresh meat. During most of WDS 2.0 VCO was doing limited operations (in retrospect I can't blame them, yeesh that got nuts) and the NC was getting our faces pushed through the back of our head again because of it.
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  11. Undeadfred

    I'm onto you AOD
  12. WaaWaa

    I love AOD! Keep recruiting stay alive!
  13. Vanon

    The TR and NC are a lot more organized now. I know NC as a whole have worked really hard to get in shape, and it shows that the TR are as well. I am really enjoying the massive amount of good fights during prime time.

    Not sure why everyone is ragging on AoD though. I thought they quit, The only AoD tags i see are in really bad PuG Platoons. I at least hope they are PuG platoons, otherwise the outfit really has gone downhill.
  14. Undeadfred

    I must say when I play my VS char I love AoD too, but we have to admit we love them for entirely selfish reasons.
  15. EliteEskimo

    We have operations almost every Tuesday and Friday night during prime time with Friday night being the big one. If you're on during those times you should definitely see us. Just look for the Indar Dry Brush armored convoy :cool:

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  16. Traxiconn

    When I get 10 guys it starts rolling. The problem is getting those 10 guys.
  17. Epic High Five

    Okay now that Amerish alert was just damned impressive. Excellent synergy between AOD and the rest I thought, with AOD forcing the VS to commit to their south and not let up and everybody else jumping around capturing bases and putting out fires.

    That pop, hahaha

    Was on my TR for this one and it was a lot of fun, with good fights all around. Wasn't so nice to get reminded of how much I hate going up against NC weapons though, especially the X11 yeesh that gun in the hands of a semi-skilled operator will just pulp everything
  18. SparrowTail

    I can understand why AOD gets so much trash but they do the job that no other outfit really manages to do on TR.
    When a regular pubbie logs on for a few hours of pew without wanting to be in anything commited, he looks up the squads to join, sees an AOD platoon going, joins in, uses the spawns available to the squad and is another warm TR body present in the field where AOD is operating.

    I honestly think that TR on Mattherson will be worse off without AOD. What happens once the regular pubs want to join something random and kill stuff? We have no way to keep track of them. At least AOD PLs are, for the most part, on the leaders chat and we know where they are going and I have seen several examples of them winning us the alert.

    Sure it's frustrating when an AOD tank runs you over or some other accidents happen but their structure means that the tag usually means nothing.

    That being said, is there room for improvement and refinement? Absolutely. But will we be better of without AOD? I don't believe so.

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  19. Herby20

    That looks more like Ground Control rather than Planetside. You need a better PC Eskimo!
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  20. Meeka

    Don't take it the wrong way, we just don't mesh. :p
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