To Mattherson TR, from the NC

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  1. Epic High Five

    You guys have been doing pretty great lately as far as alerts and battles go. Hopefully the dark times of terrible pop and a command structure that tends to avoid fighting VS are fading away. Seeing TR throw their weight around and beat people up on both of their fronts simultaneously again is fantastic (and makes my job when I'm platoon leading much easier haha) and hopefully will do wonders for your player retention.

    Props to 903 and IAmCommanderShepard and whoever is leading those BWC platoons because it's always those two outfits at the forefront of whatever push is becoming a thorn in my g*ddamn side. Been seeing some VG throwing their weight around too!

    Also, a special shout-out to Aeflic of VCO for being the shaman that binds the world of NC Mattherson with the world of NCC command comms, and moving huge numbers from fight to fight far better than I've ever been able to. So glad to see VCO back.

    Also, so weird to see pop this weekend. VS below 30% almost the entire time? wtf?
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  2. repairtool6

    What is this...

    Are you condesending or are you genuine? Sorry, i cant tell :p
  3. minhalexus

    Its usually NC 35%, VS 35%, TR 30%.

    How it has been lately:-

    NC 38% TR 32% VS 30%.

    VS quitters maybe? Why leave the winning faction?
    Too bored of winning?
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  4. Epic High Five

    It's sincere! Usually the TR show up on Friday night then are a total non-factor the rest of the weekend, but starting Thursday you guys have been truckin'
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  5. Ghosty11

    It's the INWG (Indar North Warp Gate) effect. Once they rotate again all will be back to normal.
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  6. EliteEskimo

    BWC and the 903rd also had a joint operation this past weekend where we were coordinating/taking directly with eachother and I must say it worked out well and was a lot of fun. Now that our outfits are able to coordinate more together things should steadily get better for Mattherson TR if we keep up this trend.:)
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  7. Paragon Exile

    I've fought against the TR 903rd on multiple occasions, and they are always an uphill battle to dislodge/repel.

    I'm surprised to be frank; with the TR having such sucky equipment compared to the Conglomerate and Sovereignty, it has to be hard to consistently perform so well. Not to mention us Vanu are always outnumbered recently :C
  8. JudgeNu

    Yeah it is quite enjoyable fighting TR, they don't talk trash all the time.
    Sure we all like to have friendly rivalry. No need for strife in chat.

    It's nice to see NC getting focused a bit more, I have grown very cynical concerning anything the NC does and I am sure everyone is tired of my voice in proximity....

    I am a team player.
    But I have to have something to work with.
    If I see a hole I will fill it!
    No no, not that one.

    *IAmCommanderShepardNC KOS* lol
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  9. Calisai

    Population & Command communication trumps any perceived or real imbalance in weapons. With equal pops, communication is better than a small imbalance in weapons. Population can overwhelm everything though.

    Really, imbalance in weapons can be a pain for a squad v squad if everyone is using similar weapons, but overall it really doesn't affect much. However, the perception of imbalance can affect population dramatically... and thus performance for the faction as a whole.

    Right now the biggest FOTM thing is liberators, which are NS. All the Faction specific perceived OP stuff have been "balanced". So probably the biggest factor on population swing is back to the ol' Indar North WG. The sad fact is population imbalance is more a public relations issue than a technical one. SOE has to keep everyone thinking each faction is equal, in order to prevent those that faction jump from flooding to an OP faction.

    It honestly doesn't matter if each faction is or isn't balanced... as long as everyone thinks they are.
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  10. Undeadfred

    The real issue is TR still lacks an outfit that can competently lead the masses, or heck even a notable Server Personality.

    The closest thing we have is AOD, but the tactics they use is hilarious. I mean it It's funny. If I'm playing my TR guy and see AOD attacking a base I will switch over to the other faction and fight them. The strategy they always use is deploy a sundy out in africa, and then foot rush a base. They just have swarms of people running exposed for 15-20 seconds (an eternity in a game whose ttk is less than a second).

    The worst part is AOD is our Defecto PUG outfit. They gobble up all the new TR guys (and on Matterson TR we have a giant influx of low BR players) and are utterly ineffective.

    The issue with TR isn't the major outfits. It's not the BWC's or the 903's. Those guys are as good as any and better than most. It's everyone else. It's the lack of direction that plagues TR more so than VS or NC.

    We'll have a biolab alert and I'll take my guys and rush to defend a biolab because I know the NC or the VS will attack it asap, and sure enough it takes them only moment to zerg it. As a faction they go for it, It'll take the TR 10 times longer to start trickling in. This is only a problem I've encountered on Matterson TR. It's not just that we're out popped as a faction but also out popped in most fights bc we spread ourselfs too thin. Often attacking multiple lanes or both factions at once.

    TL;DR we need an outfit to corral the masses into doing something useful.
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  11. Aeflic

    o7 to GOON and Igrow. We had a rocky start with GOON but our relationship between outfits has grown into something amazing. So shoutout to Igrow, Obi, and Snuggles to getting GOON in the right place.

    903 and BWC are some of the craziest bastar** around, but they get the job done and a lot a lot of respect is given to them. The TR have been getting their stuff together more often and its fun to engage in fights with both fronts.

    I cannot say how awesome it is to have finally taken back our command comms for the NC. Oh this guys a troll I will mute him and not the entire command comms... works nicely. Seeing a lot of old faces back in command comms. SMG was there last night and it was great to hear you guys. The outfits are actually working together as a faction and not warlords. Its fun and amazing when you ask for reinforcements and you get them from multiple outfits or when you are able to provide support to another outfit and they know if you say we will be there in 30 secs you will have support in 30 secs.

    o7 to TR VS and especially to the NC!
  12. ColonelChingles

    I was running around with my TR alt, in an AOD platoon. So naturally the squad was deathly quiet, and all we could get out of our SL was "okay, move to the next point guys". After a bit of this and watching our colored dots dispersed all around the map, I decided to give the SL a hard time (not like I cared, because it was the TR anyway :D). So I put on my headset, and started asking things like "well we got the point, where do you want us now?", "how do you want this done?" and "who's the officer in charge of this platoon?". Eventually I started to make fun of AOD, saying that I had heard "stories" about how disorganized they were but I didn't think it would be this bad.

    Really I expected to get kicked. But who cares, AOD, right?

    But lo and behold, a bunch of other people on the squad also started using their mics to complain. And before you knew it they had switched out our officer to someone who was actually half-competent. And then our dots started coalescing into a bouncing black blob.

    It was beautiful.

    So I guess that even AOD has some officers who have some grey matter behind their ears. Why they don't have those officers lead without prodding I have no idea. Maybe those guys only lead at a platoon level while they ignore squad control. Our squad had to drum out 2 officers before we got a good one. I think they just need to reform their internal command structure, and either kick out or retrain their incompetent officers (which you always seem to get unless you specifically ask for a good officer).

    So if you're ever on an AOD squad, you can always try heckling them to get them in working order. Worked for me!
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  13. Pandorf

    Whenever I run an AOD platoon, I'm one of those leaders that's constantly barking out orders and having squad specific assignments. I believe in coordination and teamwork. Especially when herding pubbies around, you gotta keep telling them what to do and hope they listen.

  14. ColonelChingles

    Do you mind then if I ask you how you guys pick squad leaders?

    I think at the platoon level AOD is usually ok... at least all the squads are in the same hex most of the time. It's at the squad level where things start to fall apart.

    And if you are giving out squad specific assignments, there may be a break in the chain of command because squad leaders are not transmitting it to squad members.

    If you mean that as a platoon leader you're trying to command squads directly and skip squad leaders, then you're probably doing it wrong.
  15. Pandorf

    Squad leaders are picked based on who volunteers and who is currently online. So we have a lot of variation, certainly. As for platoon leaders, we don't allow everyone to lead, just those who want to and are qualified to do so.

    Whenever I give out squad assignments, I make sure I pick a squad lead who I know will follow orders and is constantly in communication with me in vent.
  16. LibertyRevolution

    I prefer to kill TR on mattherson than the NC.
    NC seem to pull way more maxes and defend bases a lot better.

    TR will attack howling pass with a squad while we have 2 squads defending it. o_O
    TR attacking is like \o/ free certs!! :p

    TR seems pretty much hopeless on mattherson, they have only 2 outfits in the top 20 (48+ members).

    This screenshot tells me that TR need 3 times as many players to be as effective as a VS or NC outfit...sad.
  17. ColonelChingles

    What sort of minimum training/qualifications are AOD squad leaders required to have?

    What are your expectations for how much a squad leader should communicate to their squad? Is it something like "okay squad, capture A point" or something more detailed?
  18. Epic High Five

    Squad/platoon leading ain't hard. Put dem points down, put dem beacons down, and trade up squad leads if their squad is all over the damn place or beacons aren't getting dropped.

    Platoon leading is pretty much like squad leading, except you're relaying orders to everybody in general and squad leads specifically and these orders are recieved along with many headshots because you're sitting typing in what you had assumed was a safe spot but no there was just that one guy who spent 20 minutes just waiting for a shot and iofn3oinfoknrklgnelkneg

    VCO and GOON coordinate with crazy great results fairly regularly, and pretty much the extent of the coordination is "hey this looks like/looks like it's going to be a spot where we're needed" or "X is secure, if you could shake up Y while this ticks we'll reinforce" and of course "HEY LET'S PULL 2,000 MAXES AND OVERRUN THIS BIOLAB BECAUSE TO HELL WITH THE VS/TR!" :D #SLUGLYFE #o7

    It's easy and a lot of fun, and as the TR are discovering there are a bunch of squad leads of smaller outfits who really want to come along to help out and respond in force to something like "need 2 squads to reinforce X, can anybody respond within Y minutes?" There just needs to be that overarching operation for them to join in on in the first place!
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  19. iller

    The real cause of the VS overpop was "Unearned headshots". That issue was recently patched out b/c apparently someone in charge got wind of it from the forums where this was pointed out ... or some crazy **** like that. ( I still don't believe it ... it probably just showed up in the datamining too many times; come to think of it, there's no way they got the idea to cross-check those statistics just b/c a couple people on the forums figured it out a month earlier. Right?)
  20. VSDerp

    I love you mattherson TR had fun last night
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