To Mattherson TR, from the NC

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  1. WyrdHarper

    I'm so glad at least part of this conversation was recorded--we had a blast running around with you guys; you can come play legos with us anytime!
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  2. Konstantinn

    People don't get AOD structure. Most bad things people say about AOD are completely false. Let me explain.

    First, AOD isn't nearly as numerous as you think. Having AOD tag in game is nothing, as a matter of fact every full member can invite anyone at any time thereby creating another person with AOD tag. It's a great recruitment tool. No questions asked, you are invited that simple. At that time you are the rank of Recruit. You have no access to Vent voice, no access to forums, no priority to get into AOD run platoons, and you will never lead even a squad let alone platoon.

    Once registration in forums is completed, person is granted Ventrillo access and can use forums. This is Cadet rank, full member, though still in a somewhat of an evaluation phase. You might lead a squad at that point if you really want to stand out. Which is a good way to get promoted based on Merit. Seen this many times. There is a special provision for Cadets to lead platoons under supervision of a Corporal and above. Also, all full members get priority access to platoons. Meaning non-full members, and non-members may be kicked to make room. (They are warned, often kick comes with apology and quick explanation, there's good priority list like kicking non-aod who aren't in same hex first to make room, only then starting to kick those who are actually following).

    Ranks of Private and above can lead platoons.

    So just because you see AOD tag doesn't mean they are a full member. Just because it's quiet in game comms, doesn't mean there is no communication or planning. There's a healthy amount of chatter in Ventrillo at all times.

    Unlike server favorites like BWC/903rd/VCO and whatever else, AOD has the guts to lead open platoons 90% of the time (except for ops, that one is for members only and its only twice a week). Anyone is welcome as long as there is room, sometimes you might be kicked to make room for full members. No full member will ever be kicked out of platoon to make room for anyone.

    So lets be real here, which one of the so praised outfits is so open to ANYONE for such a large majority of the time? (Am I hearing crickets?) So until BWC/903rd/VCO run open platoons and actually organize casual players, you probably shouldn't say bad things about AOD. They are performing a very vital function for the server. 1 for 1 member of any of your other major outfits on TR vs full AOD member isn't any better or worse. It's the more casual people within AOD run platoons that make it somewhat more difficult to organize. That's the whole reason why AOD is often lead, for the most part, on platoon level, as opposed to squad level.

    I hope it clears things up for those who are interested.
  3. VSDerp

    i would've got recorded long before but i was laughing so hard. 903rd are awesome !
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  4. Epic High Five


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  5. LibertyRevolution

    wow man... just wow.. I just don't.. wow..
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  6. VSDerp

    trial for it expired lol
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  7. Epic High Five

    Pubbie herding is the most thankless job there is, but it's absolutely vital because 4 squads of crack troops ain't gonna accomplish anything in an alert unless there's a wave of bodies behind them :D
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  8. Aeflic

    Lol have you played on the NC?

    As outfit lead for VCO we run open platoons 100% of the time. But unlike AOD we filter and sort out the playerbase through activity and if they do or do not fit in VCO. Again we do what AOD does but with better organization, structure and leadership. Are we BWC? No those guys are greats, but they also run a tighter show and have a lot more experience.

    To reiterate, VCO runs open platoons whenever we have leadership on. Yes we do this for recruitment but also to provide stability for the NC and a way to support outfits that dont run open platoons. We do our part and the other outfits do theirs. But dont come in here talking like you know anything about VCO when you clearly do not. Speak from experience.
  9. Traxiconn

    On the other side of this statement, people are unwilling to try new outfit squads. Take it from me, getting a squad of randoms together is a milestone on this server, when you are a new/unheard of outfit.
  10. IamCommanderShepard

    1. For over a year 903rd led the way with pubs I can honestly say. We actually rallied people left and right and preformed just as hard with pubs as we do with closed operations.
    2. Reason for being closed is due to the fact that we want to work on our game, we want to step it up, we want to preform and deliver a good fight for a great gaming experience... Let's face it... It's tiresome being overpopped 24/7 so we want to step it up for situation combat. However if I receive a tell from someone that wants to roll with us we open it up...
    3. Another reason for being closed is due to us finally getting team speak set up so we're handling that since in game coms are absolutely terrible...
    We love AOD, And as leader of 903rd I love working with the leaders of AOD. I appreciate how they try and the roles they provide in game. Yes, we all have things to work on (which is why we're closed), and yes we can all get better at this awesome game so we can all have a better gaming experience.
    903 is far from the best, but we want to be as good as we can be as a team to grow and expand upon that.
    As far as open platoons go we have been closed for about 4 months now but recruiting still. But, all of that will be changing in about 2 months. We will be opening our squads to the public once again but we don't tolerate players that play for them selves but we tolerate those that wish to learn to become better team players and GO BEAST MODE!
    I love Mattherson, not just TR but I personally take pride in our server, it's a great server and it's starting to come full circle with sportsman like attitudes and respect among players, not only top players but newer and lower battle ranking players as well, so for this I take pride in all of that... We aren't perfect and that's why I love this server so much and why I play almost daily.
    Looking back on the year in planetside, mattherson's community has come so very far... Hell, even when buzzcut came back to play a few weeks ago we were all positive and having fun, him self included. If we can provide this kind of environment for all players, this game won't die. Ever. We are the game ladies and gentlemen. There are no NPC's, there are no missions (yet) nor something you can do completely by your self. And that's why I love this MMO because it's special...
    Now. Touchy and feely stuff aside, who the hell wants to come play with my legos with NNG and 903!? WE GOT PEANUT BUTTER AND COOKIES!
    Cheers everyone, on behalf of 903, thank you for the shout out, it is most humbling!
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  11. Aeflic

    That is a good point. It takes time, commitment and dedication to get something started let alone running.
  12. Traxiconn

    Oh I know and I'm not stopping any time soon, it's just that if we want to start getting your normal day TR pubbie running in useful ops, they need to be more willing to step outta the comfort zone in the zerg
  13. Typhoeus

    Damn right. IAmCommanderShepard is the best commander we've got hands down. I've been outfitless for many, many months now but if I were to join one, it'd be 903rd for sure. Awesome group of guys and gals and when IAmCommanderShepard is leading, there's barely any stopping them.
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  14. Meeka

    I'll give it to the BWC, they know how to organize, plan, and fight.

    But, while I like a lot of members of the 903, can't stand that Sheppard guy at all.
  15. Konstantinn

    Actually yes, I have a BR 92 NC on Mattherson as well. I mostly ran with SG when I played, so had no need to join other platoons. It's kind of closed policy for SG. Makes for a very cohesive outfit, but lacks in recruitment/popularity. When I see them in game I feel like I just seen a unicorn and want to take a picture otherwise nobody will believe me. Sometimes I feel the same way about BWC.

    And sorry for saying VCO in my post that was by mistake, everything I said was meant only about TR outfits. Confused you with VG, though names of outfits didn't particularly matter, in every reference I meant literally every other outfit besides AOD.

    Whole point was that AOD is unique in that it is willing to lead and organize public platoons nearly at any time of day and night.
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  16. Darsh

    Konstantinn, I've joined your AOD open platoons in the past, and while some Platoon leaders and squad leaders were good, I'd have to say unfortunately that 70% or the time, it was terrible. There's more to leading a large number of players than simply putting a Waypoint on the map and hope that most players end up there. The lack of communication was terrible most of the time. No coordination whatsoever. they didn't organize an Air support squad or a dedicated AA squad. Its so bad.. we'd have 80% pop on a hex and still have 1 NC reaver come in and kill like 20 guys within a few seconds because everyone just runs around like headless chickens. No one calls things or assigns ppl tasks. Basically, running with AoD in my experience was just.. wait for the next waypoint.. and go there.. and do whatever you want. as Long as you're on that hex. And most of the time, the waypoint doesn't get updated until 5 minutes after we capped the hex.. BRUTAL..
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  17. Negator

    Can convince your regular leadership to:

    *Utilize command chat
    *Once in command, be a team player
    *Not leave Amerish/Esamir when an alert is over and population still offers plenty of fights
    *Be responsive in platoon chat/tells
    *Understand that ghost capping for the sake of territory with large numbers does nobody any good
    *Condition your folks to redeploy
    *Split your platoons where needed, rather then adhere to the '3 region rule' even when it is counterproductive for the faction

    What AOD does is a great thing, but its the HOW that is the issue. Lumping all the noobies together to keep them from getting picked apart by the wolves out there is fine, but being generally stubborn when it comes to teamwork and lethargic in the tactics department conditions new players in a bad way.
  18. Undeadfred

    As much as you may place barriers inside your own outfit between veteran and new members the fact is once that recruit gets an inv, once he puts on the AOD tag he in fact becomes AOD.

    I'm not arguing that it isn't necessary for an outfit to organize and lead the masses of TR out there. We need a open Platoons.

    What I'm saying is AOD is horrible at it. Laughably bad at it.

    Perhaps you have real talent inside AOD, it certainly is large enough to house such talent, but if it exist I've yet to seen this expertly run platoon or squad. What I see is mass foot zergs across open terrain supported by AMS's. Not exactly the epitome of strategy.

    Either two things come to mind when I see AOD open platoons. Either the AOD command dosnt care much about open platoons and so they let anyone lead, or that the ones leading these platoons are from the officer ranks of AOD and that AOD is just largely incompetent.

    If it is a case of the former then I plead the Command to please consider how this reflects the outfit, and how it hurts the TR as a faction. If it is case of the latter then I plead for AOD to instead stop leading open platoons so another may assume the responsibility.
  19. Wingman

    I feel I should say something here quick. I understand that people have issues with AoD, thats fine. Things in life always have a good and a bad. A pro and a con, yada yada yada. Know this: This thread is really the only thread I can think of that isnt a cry or complain thread about our server, or the VS overpop/ "pro"fits, or the Faction-of-the-Month NC, or TRs crap coordination. Instead, its one that out right gives props to TR for finally getting things together and pushing back. What happens? It turns into a point fingers thread... AGAIN. For the sake of this possibly getting locked, lets get this back on track.

    As an Officer of the 903rd I can say that many of our platoon leaders try what they can to do the best and be the best. TR in general has really stepped it up and done the same on all levels. It has been hugely entertaining to fight both the VS and the NC and to have both sides duking it out like its going out of style.

    From the 903rd to the rest of the server: Keep up the fights, keep up the fun.
    See you guys on the battlefield,
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  20. ColonelChingles

    Yea, seriously. Tell me about it.

    "Oh, what's this flashing thing? An outfit invite? Ummm... no thanks."
    "What? Another one? But I just refused the last one!"
    "Another blinky... gaaahhh..."

    I'm exaggerating a bit, and the most it's ever happened was three times during the course of waiting for a Galaxy pull. Still though the enthusiasm that AOD has when inviting randoms is a bit frightening.

    I can't say what happens in your external comms, but at the very least you'd think it would be reflected by the actions and positions of your members.

    You can tell a good squad from a poorly led squad with a quick glance at the minimap. If the colored dots are all clustered up in 1-3 blocks, then someone probably has things under control. But if the colors are all mixed together and spread throughout the hex, then the squad leader has lost all control of their squad, or never had control in the first place.

    Funny that you should mention VCO (though I know you later said that it was an accident). For the NC VCO is about the most pub friendly outfit there is, while at the same time their officers are professional enough to provide squad-level tactical instructions that even the greenest BR1s can follow. I was part of an air platoon the other day that was open to pubbies as the rearming/repairing ground crew. And the squad was run very efficiently, with people calling out threats and the squad leader directing us to engage specific targets and employ particular strategies.

    I mean it might not hurt to have your officers be required to spend 1-2 hours at minimum on their NC alt as part of a VCO squad, just to see how effectively you can lead pubbies. Or 1-2 hours cross-training with the more established TR outfits.

    Just for the record, I'm not part of VCO so I'm not tooting my own horn here. The outfit I'm part of, TAS, pretty much used to be like AOD and was a gigantic zergfit with very little direction. We haven't gotten too much better since then, only shrunk so we aren't as much the laughingstock of Matherson NC as we used to be. So I'm speaking from one former zergfit to another: you gotta realize what you can do better to improve in order to gain respect from other outfits.

    You really just have to have more faith in pubbies. True, some are completely new to FPSs and wouldn't know teamwork if it climbed down their throats. But other pubbies may have a good deal of experience, or be playing low-BR alts when their main is decently experienced. And even new pubbies like to win and to follow instructions (if they think the instructions will help them win)!
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