To Mattherson TR, from the NC

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  1. Schwak

    Just because you decide to play in easy mode 100 frames max settings doesn't mean we need to also! Toaster playing for life! (or just until I finally upgrade)
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  2. Epic High Five

    One of the GOKU players spent a long, long time playing with integrating graphics, with everything set to low and the render quality set to 20%. Whenever he'd post screenshots it looked like Planetside 64 :D

    Of course, now that his video card is better and his game looks pretty normal he now has the added advantage of extremely heightened other senses after playing blind for so long :eek:

    I will say, post-O:MFG, upgrading is a great idea. I've got a good rig and NEVER drop below 55+ frames (have it capped at 60) but even more modest rigs are pulling 30-40 even in big hectic fights. SOE really did a fantastic job with that update.
  3. Firefly

    This bashing of AoD is disrespectful and not at all in keeping with the values that BWC espouses. Whilst I am appreciative of the laurels you've lauded upon my outfit and whilst you NC and VS players are more than welcome to bash whomever you like, I find it distasteful.

    BWC believes in One Team, One Fight. That is our internal mantra and it also applies to the factions for whom we fight. Which means that when you trash AoD, you trash us because we are brothers in arms regardless of the levels to which we may interact with them in-game.

    Firefly, HMFIC of Black Widow Company
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  4. SilentUmbra

    AWWW Yeahhh Baby! Wildcard at Number 20 ( and in only 3 months time). Sorry just had to represent. Also really good fighting and cohesion laterly from both the NC and TR, hopefully this is the beginning of good things to come!
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  5. Kuldred27

    Yeah, I don't understand all of the AOD bashing either. I absolutley love these guys! Seriously, if AOD wasn't around, doing what they do, TR would be damn near gate camped on all maps.

    As Firefall said, One Team, One Fight.
  6. Aeflic

    A lot of people see numbers and assume and therefore AOD gets a bad name. Also they are everywhere and if they don't have leadership on people get a bad vibe. Does AOD highlight ops etc? Just curious as to what goes on. I will say you guys don't back down from a fight.
  7. Bape

    I don't recall ever seeing a chat command in NC lol.
  8. Hdgunnell

    1: Those top outfits are exclusive, very high BR, very competitive outfits. Hell SG is even a monthly pay outfit. 903rd is a public outfit and yet we are higher than Goku, Gotr, and Cml? Don't really see what you're getting at here.

    2: [IMG]
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  9. Devrailis

    903rd knows my only weakness. :(

    bullets, lots of them
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  10. BaronVonVirtu

    Not to ruin your hopes and dreams on the whole XP ranking thing, but we regularly have new players join the group. Not too good for gaming the XP averages ranking. ;)
  11. Konstantinn

    You know what's funny is SG also strongly encouraged but didn't require Indar Dry Brush camo, kind of an unofficial outfit camo. It's been that since last May or June. At least up until 3-4 months ago, when I still actively played NC, things may have changed since then. You guys do have a lot in common.
  12. Epic High Five

    I thought PSU excluded anybody banished to the grav chamber for training
  13. Negator

    I can personally vouch for the multiple platoons Goku is capable of summoning in order to drown a single TR squad defending a base.
  14. Schwak

    Pretty much. My friends always joke that I'll be the next Nivx when I finally get to get rid of the crutches. I've always been extremely proficient in the games I've played but the random frame spikes and whole areas where I cannot play efficiently because of low FPS make playing Planetside quite annoying.
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  15. Herby20

    You certainly did get some hackusations at Indar Ex and Coramed last night. My favorite was everyone basically screaming "SCHWAK NOOOOOOOOOOO" when you were about to kill one of us.
  16. Liberty

    I know until the O:MFG update I'd never see above 30 outside the warpgate and large fights especially in CQC (where you whip around a lot) would dip down to 10 - 15. Since upgrading I now cruise around 45-60 through most fights. Now all I have left is a connection that ensures about 7 out of 10 encounters end with all the bullets from my enemy striking me in a split second instance or having ping spikes so bad, I can get a kill, actually switch to a med kit and still die to the same person while trying to activate it. :(

    Watching streams from other players seeing how staggered the damage comes in and how crisp their hit detection is always makes me wonder what it would be like to play on a decent connection.