"There was an error completing your request. Please try again later."

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Malsvir Vishe, May 3, 2013.

  1. Jezs

    Someone tripped over the login server's power cable, patience.
  2. Regnighc

    Made my day :)
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  3. DkwF

    I just managed to log in and found that i had the 3 premium player slots unlocked ^^

    Then the game crashed and im getting the same error message again..
  4. Czuuk

    It's my goto linkie when I feel like /nerdraging.

    I mean, it's such a great chop. And the source material is priceless.
  5. Santiainen

    Nice K/D.

    Sorry, just had to say it. ;-;
  6. Czuuk

    No worries mate. CzuukSucks@Planetside2.

    Good thing I have [H4TZ].

    Also, it's a good way to avoid /reports for hacking when you get a few good kill streaks with Dalton AA. :D
  7. Valok

    Was inside the game, got the new bundle, game crashed, can't login.

    EDIT: Just got in
  8. Robag

    Finally managed to log in here, at least... Same Error as well.
  9. jsnipy

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  10. Izriul

    SoE's professionalism at it's up-most finest.
  11. Odan.be

    Well nog gaming for me then today...
    It took me 30 minutes to login to the forums... and in 10 minutes I have to go to work...
    So no Passaive certs for me today ... I like me 6 month payement plan already !!!!
  12. Sashaa

    Same here, get the error message. My account is gone.
  13. ent|ty

    These error messages SOE uses without any clue as to what is going on, is really bad and unprofessional.
    Since there is no message as to what could be causing the error... checks firewall, internet connection, hardware, etc..


    So I logged out of my launcher account, tried to log back in, says its an error... didn't i input the correct password? now locked out of launcher as well..
    Well ok, reset password then..

    Do you know your secret question /answer? Didnt remember there was even one? Ok, if so, here is the answer I would use. NOPE doesnt work.

    Now what lol... hopefully its just on their end and I actually havent' changed my password yet.
  14. Aszrayel

    Sooo, the launcher says the servers are up, but nobody can login. /sigh
  15. ENGTX

    when this happen ? i played in morning after the hotfix and server maintenance. everything good .
    what happened now .?
  16. Sparrow

    Funny thing, half of my outfit mates can play because they logged in before the problem occurred.
  17. Malsvir Vishe

    Higby or someone said that the login servers aren't working properly right now and that they're being worked on.
  18. ikillyou1990

    boogie is the best!
  19. Worph

    *rant rant*
  20. anaverageguy

    While looking through the Players Beta Site, I checked my TR char that I've been playing and found that there were a large number of max level unlocks in the "Incoming Messages" section that, I would've eventually gotten to, but in no way had the certs for.

    Maybe you guys could check the characters you also played last, see if there's anything like this as well.