"There was an error completing your request. Please try again later."

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Malsvir Vishe, May 3, 2013.

  1. DrackoreUSAF

    Leave it to SOE. Same boat here.
  2. Flacks

    Same issue
  3. martane665

    same ( cries )
  4. Pikachu

    I tried to log out but the game froze and crash. The fact that it happened while someone was driving a harasser nearby didn't make it better since the sound of it kept looking. Anyway now I get the same issue when trying to start the game again. Hopefully it's a sneaky hotfix.
  5. pmurgs

  6. Brentonious

    Astounded at the fact they manage to break a different aspect of this game every patch/hotfix. Seriously, get your **** together.
  7. Tamonize

    same here
  8. starlinvf

    Someone else had mentioned the age requirement flags causing a problem. So after messing with account settings it started working (I think).

    Possible fix
    On the top of the web site is a link to your account info (looks like a head), click on it, Personal Details. Check the date of birth. If its blank enter your birth date (once entered this is permanent, and can not be changed without billing support). Wait a 30 seconds and then try logging in again.

    Scratch that. The system is just screwy, probably from the load.
  9. Gary

    Higby just tweeted

    Matthew Higby ‏@mhigby1m
    We're experiencing an issue with our login servers, stand by please, we're working on resolving it now!
  10. Malsvir Vishe

    Huh. Anyone know how to contact an admin to get my birth date changed? I did enter it incorrectly.:oops:
  11. macaronijedi

    yea add me too
  12. Andy79

    cant log into game, I couldnt log into the forums anymore too, I had to reset my password and get a new one, now I was able to log in here but cant log into game still,

    update on third attempt it worked now

    update but it now hangs at "
    Game is starting, please wait..."

    which led to

    There was an error completing your request. Please try again.
  13. Venomoroth

    same problem here.
  14. Arkespore

    I also got this. Wanted to log in to check out the Loyalty Camo. But NOPE!
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  15. 3asyD

    Same here, Wtf is going on SOE???
  16. heyturnkey

  17. RSphil

    same here. want to play soo bad. wont be on all day tomorrow either :( need to shoot people.

    lets hope they sort it soon. time to hot fix the hot fix
  18. StanFor

    have the same problem and my bro is playing PS2 nect to meeee WTF SOE!!!!!!!!
  19. RexKramer

    Its across other SOE games as well, specifically DragonsProphet (closed beta) has the same login error
  20. EvilPhd

  21. Kaminski

    Same issue here, and there was an alert just about to start :(