"There was an error completing your request. Please try again later."

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Malsvir Vishe, May 3, 2013.

  1. CommanderMichael

    I'm going to take a shot in the water here and say that I'm not the only one who has paid nice money into this game Who is worried that someday.. just someday.. (Oops, make that today) We won't even be able to Launch the game. And what will be the case for refunds? We'll be screwed.
  2. Sparrow

    We are about to start "Drunken Ops" on Woodman with a couple of outfits. I hope this wont ruin our plans. I also can't start the game.
  3. Tasche

    aww and today i come home from work early, and now this :(
  4. iller

    Launcher problem only.... game wasn't crashing for me yesterday like it was for everyone else here.
    Did someone at SOE change the DNS's and forget to tell the launcher?

    It's not my computer/cache, shoulda refreshed by itself since it's 11am and I just started it
  5. Madwico

    Same here.
  6. DrackoreUSAF

    SOE never does refunds...so don't even waste the bandwidth posting that you want one.
  7. Sparrow

    I was able to play 2 hours ago. So something must have break recently.
  8. DeChe

  9. SSouljah

    Getting this error as well. Worked fine before patch.
  10. TheHolyDuck

    same problem here.... i want to play :(
  11. FoeYongHai

    Same error here, but I also couldn't login into SOEs cp too. Now I can so I guess they're about to have it fixed.

  12. notw2

    Same...i was able to log in to get the bundle however....I didnt see anything that the bundle was suppose to give me..logged out to make a post about it....then went to log back into the game to play and BOOM That message popped up and now i can not play..........Awesome.
  13. Santiainen

    Has nothing to do with the patch nor anybody's PCs I do believe, just a serverside problem.
  14. Culled

    Same issue on the Public Test Server. Something wrong on the front end authentication and not the necessarily the servers themselves.

    And the Server Status page is in Cyrillic for the 'State' column.

  15. sockeye101

    Yup, same problem. hope those camos don't expire on me D:
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  16. Fox1983

    99% of my outfit in game right now, but some people, including me, have this problem with launcher. WTF???
  17. Wayfairer

    Same error message.

    Worked OK last night. Didn't notice an update since.
  18. Czuuk

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  19. Regnighc

    Same issue was online just 1 hour ago
  20. Torok


    good luck fixing this asap :D