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  1. Riddlley

    In all seriousness though, spent the better part of the night using the new TR ESR. It performs much better than I expected.

    The 3 round burst is useful up to ~50 metres, but makes the 2 round nessesary outside of that. Overall I love the feel. It sounds great, and feels TR. Loads of bullets downrange putting the hurt on TR's enemies. Well done SOE.

    That said, whether you agree with me or not... Thoughts from other TR infils? Thoughts from other factions?

    (Please keep discussion to the TRAP, and not the other ES rifles)
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  2. GoyoElGringo

    I would like to buy it, but I get the feeling that it's going to be nerfed in a month. It seems like it's a beast at close and medium range, and probably better all around that the SAOS.

    Personally, I like the sound and performance, but the gun is pretty ugly. Looks like something from Mass Effect. Also, the semi-auto mode seems unnecessary.
  3. Dragonblood

    Everything is better than the SAOS. That doesnt make it OP.
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  4. Baccano

    It seems like the ultimate maneuver and fire scout type weapon. No appreciable trigger time with it to make a complete judgement pass but I like the time I spent with it.
  5. GoyoElGringo

    The SAOS is good, you just gotta know how to use it. It's beat out by ARs and LMGs head-on, but you are supposed to get the drop with it to make it fair. Same thing with SMGs vs shotguns and carbines.

    But now the TRAP is taking the job of the SAOS and possibly doing it better(seems like it would, but I haven't used it outside the VR trainer), so the SAOS might be useless. It's all speculation though, I'm just waiting to see what the general consensus is. I might trial it in the meantime, but it's hard to get a good feel for a weapon in 30 minutes, imo.
  6. Dragonblood

    Errr no.......the SAOS crap because you have to get the drop on someone just to have a chance at all. BTW the new NS-Rifle is also better than the SAOS.
  7. GoyoElGringo

    Did you really just compare a semi-auto rifle to a full-auto? lol

    You have to get the drop on someone with SMGs too. That's what I was saying, that's why you need the cloak to make the weapons effective.
  8. Dragonblood

    You said the SAOS might be useless because of the trap. You did exactly the same by comparing these two.
  9. GoyoElGringo

    Are you saying burst and full-auto weapons aren't comparable? I do not think that is the case at all, especially with the TRAP's 3 round burst compared to the SAOS.

    But whatever the case, if the trap has a comparable TTK at close to medium range, and and has decent long range capabilites, it will beat out the SAOS. The SAOS is pretty awful at long range.
  10. RockPlanetSide2

    The TRAP is stupid good right now. I mean like rofl-silly good. Even with the silencer, you can just burst fire down heavies less than a second. :p It is bumbling easy to use, and gives almost nonsense TTK with some basic aiming skill.

    Yeah sure it looks H O R R I B L E, but that is sometimes just better when your victim has to look at it on the death screen.

    "You just got killed by my 7 foot long pipe that I welded some random rounded metal pieces to... own."

    And the vanu got the el-charg-o turd gun... makes me sad.
  11. Kociboss

    Yeah, TRAP is fine. I'm really enjoying its sound along with killing potential.

    Using it in 3-burst mode 99% of the time~
  12. GoyoElGringo

    Well I did a trial on it, and couldn't get a feel for it in 30 minutes. I think I'm gonna wait on this one.
  13. Vikingo

    You need to play it like the semi-scouts or low optics semi-sniper rifles, thats where this beast shines. If this is a playstyle you havent gotten in to before then yeah, I would imagine that the TRAP isnt your cup of tea.

    I really love that ugly gun :)
  14. OldMaster80

    Soas is the easiest auraxium I got after smg. And I'm a very mediocre player. Just saying...
  15. Iridar51

    Trialed it just now. I don't know how to play infiltrator, so I just ran around biolab shooting people with 3 shot bursts. Felt like it requires too much bullets to kill 2 bursts of 3, and that's all hits, which doesn't always happen, so even if one bullet in those two bursts misses, it becomes 3 bursts of 3.

    The gun's model is weird and clunky and seems impractical. Love the side mounted magazine receiver, just wish the magazine would've been bigger. On all TR weapons, in fact. None of them (except maybe for drum ones) look like they contain that many cartridges. Wish TRAP would look more like this:[IMG]
    That's FG 42, German paratrooper automatic rifle from WW2.
    And for the love of god... TRAP? RAILJACK?!?! Those names are just horrible.

    In live combat, I can't say TRAP is horribad, but it's not spectacular either, and I really can't imagine a situation where it should be used.
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  16. Sworaven

    First of all, I think this gun looks awful. I get it. TR gun-design is focused on being round. But this is too much. This does not look functional at all. It's like someone grabbed a couple of bananas and other random pieces of fruit, taped them to a broomstick and said: "Close enough". There, got that off my chest.

    I played with the TRAP all night and got about 200 kills with it. So far I'm not that impressed. Of course, it's only been out a very short time and I'm still figuring out what scope I prefer and what kind of playstyle fits this weapon.

    The fire-modes are interesting and even the semi-automatic mode has its use. It's good for plinking away at people at longe range but I wouldn't expect to get a lot of kills that way. Unless they are AFK or running in a straight line for an extended period of time, you'll have a hard time landing all your shots. The 2-bullet burst is what I've been using the most. It's accurate enough to consistently hit targets at medium range and the recoil seems pretty controlable too. I would only use the 3-bullet burst for close range. To me, the recoil feels a bit too much to consistently hit targets at further away distances. Overall, the 2-bullet burst seems to be the most versatile firing-mode.

    In my opinion medium range is where the TRAP works best. Plinking away at targets at long range feels like a constant struggle and it's not very reliable in CQ because of the high hipfire acc% and small magazine-size.

    I get the feeling this gun wants to be a SOAS-20 and a BASR at the same time. It underperforms compared to both those weapons at their optimal ranges. When spawning somewhere, I pick a loadout based on what range I plan and expect to be fighting at. There seem to be better alternatives for every range and that exactly why I'm not a big fan of the TRAP at the moment. But, like I said, I'm still experimenting with different scopes and playstyles. So I might change my mind once I get a better feeling for what works and what doesn't.

    Also, is anyone else a bit annoyed with the smoke coming out of the barrel obscuring your vision?
    I'm not going to reply to any further comments since it's off-topic but the SOAS-20 (not SAOS) is a little beast. I highly suggest you play around with it a bit more to get a better understanding of the weapon.
  17. Dragonblood

    Nah, I gave up on SOAS. It feels like doing no damage with it, followed by out of ammo.
  18. salembeats

    Finished the Auraxium about an hour or so ago:

    I'll probably make a "highlights" video from all of the capture I did while getting the medal... but not tonight. Too tired.
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  19. Dragonblood

    uuuuhm well done?!

    Anyway what optics are best for the trap? So far I tried nightvision, 2x reflex, 4x and 6x.

    -The nightvision optics suck against other infiltrators; the gun is actually quite precise under 50m, so it benefits from zoom.
    -6x optics are overkill are not necessary under 50m, you can't hold your breath long enough
    -Both nightvision and 6x zoom aren't influenced by the stealth cloak.

    So 2x reflex sights or 3,4/4x optics?
  20. salembeats

    In pre-primetime, when fights were more "medium-sized", I ran TMS (4x) with foregrip, using 2x round burst.
    I tried to keep my distance from targets and aimed exclusively for the head (as though I were using a BASR, but slightly shorter than the ranges I'd pick for the TSAR).

    During primetime, the battles grew larger and it became more difficult to flank and kill targets without having everyone else react and kill me. I finished the second half of the medal using mostly MH2 (2x) with foregrip + suppressor, using 3x round burst.
    I would close the distance to about the SOAS' effective range and would (again) aim exclusively for the head.

    When running low on ammo during a killstreak, I'd switch to semi-auto and keep my distance, using more use of cover terrain than usual.
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