The next patch! What would you like to see?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vepo, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Vepo

    *cough* Add air to ground lock on rockets *cough*
  2. Vanus Aran

    I would like to see more Spawnplaces in big bases.
    Because they are supposed to be BIG bases, arent they?

    - 2 Spawnrooms and 2 Spawnunits, for every room its own.
    - Also another floor in Biolabs under the current one. Not very big in height but with lots of leaves, blocked view, branches to crawl over or beneath and 3 Teleporters just to enter in this forest.
    Because Biolabfights are the most lowclass one's with the most camping and need for zerging to overcome the situation.
  3. Craeshen

    Sky guard round velocity and cof fix because imho atm they are quite broken.
  4. Vepo

    The skyguard does need a buff in my opinion! Also I think the Max units need more cert abilities as spawn and an extra clip is a bit **** in my opinion.

    Give us the ability to use infrared/zoom optics etc etc
  5. Vepo

    No other pieces of information that we can throw to the developers to make the game better for everyone?
  6. Brusilov

  7. MasterD

    Walls. Doors. and Ceilings. Base design in this game was God Awful.
  8. Yeo-Yin

    A good game !
    Ok, this is never gonna happen, i'll have better chance if i ask for a solution for the hunger in the world.

    So, i will be happy to see "massive combat on a epic scale".
    yeah, it means:
    1) no render issue.
    2) ttk higher than 0.5s
    3) no "battle-breakers" like "trololo-bomb-all-the-battlefield" libs.

    Ok, this is also less likely than the solution for the hunger in the world.


    The solution for the hunger in the world.
  9. Noxx(ia)

    The infantry render distance is the biggest issue by far.
  10. cardboardbacon

    Everyone else listed the most important suggestions, so here's a few low-priority ones:

    - Fix for the Flash's handbrake. It currently functions exactly like the regular brakes.
    - Eliminate the bullet delay if possible.
    - Individual sensitivities for each vehicle type and seat type.
    - Option to adjust ADS sensitivity when zooming-in with weapons that aren't equipped with high-magnification scopes. Currently the "Scoped-in" sensitivity slider only applies to high-mag scopes; weapons with the plain iron-sights or red-dot sights are excluded from this option for some reason.
    - Optional radial menu (L4D2-style) for using voice commands instead of number keys.
    - Additional voice commands ("Need a ride? Get in!", "Stop! I can heal you!", "Ammo here!", "I can repair your vehicle!", etc). A "laugh" taunt would be pretty awesome as well.
    - A bit more information at the death screen. I'd like to know if I was headshotted or how many shots I was hit by from x player.
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  11. LittleDi

    Lets see... In order of importance to myself:

    1: Increase in AA damage or decrease in aircraft health. Right now both are pretty bad. When you overheat an AA turret firing on a single target and it remains alive after 15 hits it's pretty sad. Either the guns are so horribly underpowered or most aircraft are nearly immortal and can only really be countered by aircraft. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Liberator? Rock smashes Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper, Paper wraps Rock, Liberator shells them all from above with no fear because nothing can hit the Liberator from that distance. When did Anti-Aircraft become Anti-Acceptable?

    2: Actual purpose in defending a base. It's nearly non-existent if not for a cert meat grinder. How many people (self included) keep thinking "The Crown" only.

    3: More difficulty in getting air/vehicles into play or ability for infantry to actually be able to make a dent vs them. Preferably the first part due to the current method of the game being get tank, siege target, abandon tank, claim target, get new tank, continue. Same problem with aircraft exists to a lesser degree. Vanu do this more than TR's, and NC doesn't bother because their tanks usually aren't worth it compared to their MAX units.

    4: A purpose for actually joining an outfit. Often times I do just as well if not better alone than with a pack of people. I had a 4 man biolab capture once and between the 4 of us we had no effort in doing so due to it not being the crown or on the same map... Did this to 4 bases with no effort because low and behold only two people had attempts to defend it. Of course this was before I learned about "The Crown" as well.
  12. Vetron

    • Allow vehicles/aircraft to change loadout while deployed. E.g. drive up to an ammo tower or land on a landing pad and by pressing a hotkey your loadout would be switched. It could incur a small resource cost for doing this.
    • More customization - espeically for vehicles. E.g. don't lock customization to a choice between custom tires or custom front bumper or whatever... different types of customization that don't conflict should be able to be applied at once.
    • Air to ground missiles, secondary cannons and varying types of rocket pods. E.g. A2A rockets (faster, acts like flak), Anti Armor rockets (small explosion radius, but more damage against vehicles) and HE rockets (current ones). Most people use rocket pods simply because there is no alternative... A2A missles are considered lame by any decent pilot and the extended afterburner just isn't useful enough.
    • Apply decals to composite armor.
    • Camo preview before purchase - could even be a camo trial like with weapons that would expire after 30 minutes.
    • Fix M30 Mustang AH. Its pathetic...
    • Adjustable mini-map. Zoom (not the current enlarge map option) and filter (remove terminals by hotkey).
    • XP for damaging vehicles. XP would only be granted when the vehicle is repaired (you get XP for the damage you caused which is repaired).
    • Vehicle weapons shown on stats - weapons page so can track kills and progress to next medal.
    • Anti Tank Mines cannot be placed on stationary vehicles or be used as a form of C4 by shooting them. Use C4 instead.
    Obviously I've left out a few things like the render issues... no point repeating whats already been said.
  13. RasFW

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  14. Xirg

    Ability to place multiple squad/platoon waypoints.
  15. PresidentFreeman

    Voice lines for when engineers place ammo down, something like "dropping ammo".

    Relying on the Q menu to let people know you're giving them ammo is tedious, so many accidental friend requests.
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  16. ChooseYourSide

    -Redesign landing pads so that infantry is less vulnerable; maybe enclosed hallways and staircases; shielded domes perhaps?

    -Add trenches in front of bases with destructible and repairable elements; these trenches should lead to a shielded base entrance for infantry

    -Create tunnels or trenches that lead underneath base walls into bunkers to aid in base defense

    -Grant bonus certs for capturing and defending three or more bases within XX minutes when at least 25 unique attackers or defenders are defeated; additional certs for 50, 75, 100, etc. attackers / defenders

    -Grant bonus certs for aiding in the repair of three or more bases within XX minutes that have been recently successfully defended from at least 25 unique attackers; additional certs for 50, 75, 100, etc. attackers

    -Grant bonus certs for capturing a continent within XX minutes after it has been captured by another faction

    -Add shielded windows and doors where needed

    -Add the ability to "deposit" a vehicle into base storage

    -"Add a generator in Facilities which controls the benefit given by said facility. Kill the generator == kill the benefit" -MrK ; additionally, this generator can only be disabled once all other in-base generators have been disabled

    -Create/Add a forest region with an impenetrable canopy, accessible from the sides; canopy is open on top in some areas; aircraft should have an extremely difficult (but not impossible) time navigating due to number and thickness of trees; jump pads placed for quick travel; catwalks added throughout allowing for defense against vehicles; a tank column could effectively hide from air in this region
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  17. b0ru

    The infantry draw distance needs to be amended.

    It's frustrating running up to a point, only to see 30 infantry appear 10 feet from you and mow you down.
  18. Kameho

    I'd like to see?

    -VANU weapons getting much greater damage drop in long range

    -New prowler design.

    -New turrets for all tanks.


    -Improoved and better minimap.


    -new continent.


  19. SilentSalvo

    For me the 2 most important things are:

    1. Optimization: Each week the game is becoming more and more unplayable for me. Crashes, random crazy fps drops, stuttering. This needs to be addressed before anything else imo.

    2. Fix /re: FIX. /RE! Jesus! I don't know why this channel only works 1/4 of the time I try to use it but it's function is vital and I'm tired of dealing with it.
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  20. Securion

    1) I want AA missiles, the Skyguard AA gun and the Vanu Lasher weapon to actually do some damage.

    Why give us weapons that are completely useless?