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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mordus, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. AdennTM

    A small update to everyone of what is happening inside of =FU=

    We've begun implementing spec ops teams and they are resulting to be highly effective (managed to cap a tech plant on our own vs 50+ NC. It. Was. Hard.)

    Aside from this our air wing has finally found itself a wing leader (Kanstler) and it too is proving to be highly effective when used in unison with our usual infantry squads. Weather it being via air strikes or just scouting out enemy positions, I have to say I don't know how we lived without them earlier.

    Lastly, the largest FU operation to date (Operation SAM) is the 27th of April at 18:00 GMT +1. All NC and VS outfits are invited to come and put up a fight ^^
  2. Mordus

    and dont forget: Free bacon for those who sign up with the Freelancers Union today!
  3. Ulysees

    Dangnabbit no one can resist the free bacon!
  4. xZilez

    Great outfit!

    And I do like bacon.
  5. Mordus

    +1 manly points
  6. MajorZbug

    I already have an outfit but love bacon, is there a solution ?
  7. Mordus

    We might have some spare bacon for you during the next joint operation! Does vegan bacon suffice?
  8. AdennTM

  9. Ulysees

    TR outfit that's worth a bump from their foes? Definately these guys!
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  10. LowHertz

  11. AdennTM

    bumpity bump!
  12. allelujah

    Havent seen you guys out in force over the past week.
    Less zergish = win

    Yes I'm a tad bitter after facing you guys for a solid week while being out numbered.
  13. Mordus

    We have been running a lot of infantry and aerial bootcamps lately while also focusing on removing inactive and unresponsive members. We also cut down heavily on recruiting temporarly to further focus on the bootcamps.

    I hope we will meet on Saturday during operation SAM! ;)
  14. AdennTM

    We never zerged...

    Now you guys being outnumbered is a whole different story and not the same as facing a zerg.
  15. allelujah

    It is only ment light heartedly ^.^
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  16. AdennTM

    Our air division is up in the skies and dominating! join now and become a proud pilot of our epic air force! :D
  17. LowHertz

  18. MajorZbug

    You too, back to the top. I want my free bacon !
  19. Kantsler

    bumpazor rex.
  20. AdennTM

    You should be receiving the bacon within the next 10-40 years. We hope you enjoy :D

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