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  1. Emitz Devil

    What's that I see over the hill, looks like a TR armoured zerg carrying a MASSIVE BUMP
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    The video above is fresh of the battlefield showing footage of the Freelancers Union platoon in action during the Alliance operation last Saturday.

    Join us now and become part of one of the best TR outfits on the Miller server!
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    bumping, just so BRTD isn't at the top ^^
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    Ooooops, I think I broke it!
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    Don't worry I'll fix it up!
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    Darn it! How did you know the counter!?
  8. AdennTM

    Good ol' Terran Republic training, comes along with how to shoot smurfs and barnys in the face!
  9. IMTasty

    You employ tactics designed to be used against hostile anarchist and heretics and use them against fellow Terrans!? You better have a good explanation!
  10. AdennTM

    Ah, it's the giraffe camo you're wearing, made me think you were a dirty spandex lover for a moment.
  11. AdennTM

    back to the top!
  12. IMTasty

    I am, how else did you think their population managed to increase last week?
  13. AdennTM

    It also explains how the TR capped Indar ^^
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    I feel this thread is getting a bit stiff
  19. Mordus

    Due to discipline problems in our outfit we have agreed to make a gradual migration to the Woodman server. Our goal is to transfer 25% of our outfit members over to that server during the first week of April and each following week an additional 25%. We will disband our outfit on Miller during May when only disorganized players are estimated to remain in the outfit.
    Woodman presents us with great opportunerties that we simply can not find on Miller. First off we will have an outfit that only consists of devoted members who have migrated from Miller and secondly we will create a new alliance involving all 3 factions.
    Woodman also has a significantly smaller server population which should reduce our problems with queues and fps drops.

    All members are to create a new character (TR, NC or VS) on Woodman. We will not delete our miller character yet since we might need to reinforce TRAM from time to time.

    We are all looking forward to the opportunerties Woodman presents us and our dominance shall be great!
  20. AquaKiller

    Son, I am disappoint.

    Yesterday's evening - NCTO operation on Indar, WASP fields ~36 members online. You call that a zerg?
    I here by, as a WASP officer, invite you Adenn to play a short session with us. I'm sure you'll change your opinion.
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