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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mordus, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. AdennTM

    Back up to the top!
  2. PeaSum

    Well, let's say i liked the honey and camo stuff, so back to the top :D
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  3. AdennTM

    1 day left till our SAM Op, biggest FU operation to date! Hope to see nice fights with NC and VS ^^
  4. AdennTM

    5 Hours left till the op! I invite all NC and VS outfits to come over to Esamir and fight us ^^
  5. AdennTM

    Great op that of today! Thanks to RPS, DIG and EMLD for putting up extra hard fights on Amerish! :D
  6. Mordus

    It was great fun rolling with the armored platoon during operation SAM! Our siege and assault prowlers were put into heavy duty! Special thanks to [BMC] SNxxx for his ammo sundy and support!
  7. LowHertz

  8. AdennTM

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  9. Mordus

    Sign up with =FU= today and suit up for the next Operation SAM!
    Play as Infantry, Specops, Armor and Air - =FU= has it all!
    If you would would like to experience them all coordinated together - you join =FU=! ;)
  10. AdennTM

    And don't forget the Terminators squad ^^
  11. MajorZbug

    And the bacon !

    Great video guys :)
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  12. LowHertz

  13. AdennTM

    How did we get so low? I don't know how but I'm sure it was because of the 252nd, they're always screwing us over >.<

    Anyways back to the top!
  14. AdennTM

  15. AdennTM

    Don't know why I keep bothering bumping, no one ever joins trough the forums but anyways: BUMP!
  16. Mordus

  17. allelujah

    Adenn... mind asking Hadouken to stop shooting me?
    Out of all FU, he seem to kill me the most... stupid Heavy assaults and their over shields.
  18. AdennTM

    Oh you can't blame the poor lad, he sees blue and just goes nuts. however if you are interested in switching your colors to red we might be able to arrange something... :p
  19. Cowabunga

    I do honestly yell "freeze" through prox chat but you never seem to react - Oh well. :rolleyes:
  20. LowHertz

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