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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mordus, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Mordus

    The Freelancers Union was founded in 2006. =FU= is a community aimed for mature gamers that focus on the social aspects of gaming. We take our gaming seriously but without stressful demands on your activity as a member. Everything you do and participate in is on voluntary basis.
    Why you should join us:
    • An experienced community provides superior stability and rich content both ingame and on the forum.
    • Open leadership where every member can freely participate and develop the community.
    • We are an all assets/all playstyle outfit. You will not be tied down to always playing the same way.
    • Integrated training. You will be taught tactics as we play and learn to master them in the battlefield. Anything from infantry basics to higher level leadership.
    • View our outfit stats at
    Requirements to join us:

    • Minimum age required to join is 16 years but we will review players who are 15 if they live up to our standards.
    • Teamwork oriented
    • Understand, write and speak English.
    • Use Teamspeak. You dont need a microphone but you must be able to log on to TS.
    Ingame contacts:

    Mordus (Outfit leader)

    • See the videos below containing real, unscripted, gameplay from our events.

    Go to our webpage and sign up!
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  2. Thazer

    Most organised and most loyal outfit I ever had the pleasure to work with!
  3. AdennTM

    The bestest outfit on Miller server!
  4. Flukeman62

    makeing an impact at last
  5. AdennTM

    Another great ops tonight!
  6. kaarecool

    Great outfit!

    Also their website is really nice in my opinion. its well organised and its easy to see new posts people make and also the latest reply's.
  7. Chauma

    Good times, good times...
  8. Aciada

    We heartily require more people who enjoy playing mostly tanks and such for our armor division, that forum section isn't feeling the love it should be what with the air and infantry stealing their thunder!

    (And for good reason, they've got me in their midst).
  9. AdennTM

    Another great ops last night guys!
  10. MaxCrax

    Greetings from [RO] Red October. Today when TR were pushing the traitors back, our squad planned to drop on Palisade but you were already there capping the base ^^
    Good job.
  11. Mordus

    It was a tough battle tonight and we are proud to have fought by your side!
  12. AdennTM

  13. AdennTM

    After the op:
  14. AdennTM

    VERY old RL Meeting:

  15. AdennTM

    Us tryin' to act all serious and schtuff

  16. AdennTM

  17. Mordus

  18. AdennTM

  19. AdennTM

    bumping again!
  20. AdennTM

    Come on! Join FU and get free bacon! :D

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