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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mordus, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. pnkdth

    Bump for awesome jump lift duels. :D
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  2. Mordus

    Footage from our latest OP against the NC. The next OP is already in the planning!

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  3. Surt

    One of the best PS2 Videos i ever seen. Really nice.
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  4. huller

    FU sure makes some nice videos
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  5. AdennTM

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  6. Mordus

    If you have not seen enough of our videos, here is recently released footage from our OP GBGE (prior to OP V)
    The footage is in 1st person, no observer cam was available. The video features the FU infantry platoon, aerial support, armored support and the Huntsmen corp.

  7. Surt

    FU, your Videos are so ******* great.
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  8. AdennTM

    25 killstreak this morning, a shame I had to leave.


    Was originally 3v1 but one of them rage quit. The other 2 kept fighting and was fun. As for my solo lib I landed it and got out because I didn't want them to rage quit on my fight :p
  9. LowHertz

  10. Chyper

    The Freelancers Union is still swinging punches left, right and center at any and all who oppose us! While we might not be able to field a full platoon at the moment, we are still doing solid work with what we have. Just today we severely diminished several Vanu tank colums in the ravines of south-east Indar, as well as attacking and taking multiple bases from the NC.

    On a sidenote, our next operation is on November 2nd. So watch out, be ye Vanu or NC. The Freelancers be comin back with a vengance!
  11. Chyper

    Our outfit leader Mordus finally had an evening free from his farm, giving him the opportunity to lead the Freelancers Union once more! Platoon-strenght was quickly reached, and havoc was unleashed on Vanu heretics and NC terrorists. The night ended with us capping up to the NC Esamir Warpgate, blasting away at WASP's Reavers and Liberator(s). All in all a lot of fun during Prime Time. And better yet, Friday and Saturday is lining up to be more of the good stuff.

    If there ever was a time to join the Freelancers Union, it is now. Do not hesitate to contact anyone bearing the FU tag about information on the outfit. Outfit admins will send if you an invite if you want one when they are online. And to ensure your spot in our squads, join up at today!
  12. Mordus

    Our next big operation will be on Saturday 2nd November! Join us now and sign up for this event!

    See our previous event videos in the first post of this thread.
  13. Mordus

    Next big operation sceduled for 30th November!
    Sign up with us now and be part of something greater!
    See first post for past event videos!
  14. AdennTM

    Wow why the hell are we down here? Sheesh a guy can't even take a break without having his recruitment thread be on the 2nd page?

    Up we go!
  15. Mordus

    Operation Saving Private Santa (SPS) will be launched tonight!

    Our Infantry platoon is already full but there are spots open in the armored support group! (of which I am personally part of) Just send me a message ingame tonight and if there is room I´ll invite you! Spots will be prioritised for FU members.

    Fight along side us (or against) and experience those unforgettable moments in PS2!

  16. Mordus

    Footage from our latest OP - Saving Private Santa (SPS)

  17. Notiz

    so since we had a rough start with our first Scrim vs JNJ ^^, I remember we wanted to fight agaist you guys and the other way around in a scrim since quite some time.

    we started to form a competative team and I would like to hear if you have still interest in a 12vs12 scrim any time soon? We are organizing our next scrim against RUSL and after that we could set it up (maybe early Feb.).
  18. Mordus

    I will forward your message on the FU forums.
  19. Mordus

    Independent scientific studies have shown that if you like coordinated large scale combined arms gameplay, The Freelancers Union is the outfit for you!
  20. JOups

    Always nice to fight along you guys
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