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  1. Mordus

    FU elite airforce in action!
    TL; DW

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  2. huller

    I stole the gif in my sig from you :D
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  3. huller

    I had an Idea for a post but I forgot it :/ Could've been on the merc recruitment post tough
  4. LowHertz

    I don't like people who steal our gifs :(
  5. huller

    all ur gifs are bellong to me
  6. Mordus

    The Freelancers Union has made some changes recently.


    1) Our recruitment policy now requires players to register and fill a trial application BEFORE being allowed to join the outfit.
    2) Our outfit ranks now display the level of training a member has completed. The default rank is "In Training", the next rank is "Trooper" which includes basic discipline, structure, certs and tactics to be trained. The final rank is "Jaeger" and is optional and can be obtained through more advanced training especially in tactics and leadership. The "Veteran" rank is held by admins and bootcamp instructors.
    3) Basic training is integrated into gameplay to avoid tedious separate bootcamps and is held depending on the need. Advanced training is arranged in a more traditional way with set dates and signups.
    4) Wednesdays is default outfit ops night for FU. During weekends we usually have other events.
    5) The outfit has been purged of inactive and/or unresponsive members. From 450 members to 215.

    Next FU OP: Saturday March 29th
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  7. PastalavistaBB

    All hail or Glorious Leader! :eek:
  8. Spooonguard

    Join FU if you want to shoot internet mans!
  9. Bvenged

    Complimentary bump for being good sports during our scrim!
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  10. Mordus

  11. Epoch/Eep

    Excellent scrim last night guys.

    Your start tactics completely shafted us and the win was well deserved. I had a great night although it was really high pressure in the WASP platoon :)

    I should apoligise to Shredzi and Muffin. I was pretty short with them when Shredzi ganked me whilst i was setting up the outpost. We had had some TR screwing up the set up for the last 30 mins and i assumed he was one of those. When i saw the tag i went into Welsh rude mode. I was told a few minutes after that the rules were being changed and you were given that outpost. I felt a total ***

    Anyway well played.
    Hope we do another soon.
  12. Mordus

    Apparently my poster wasnt good enough for the sensitive eyes of the FU members. Here is a new one.

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  13. Sovereign533

    Congratulations on the win btw FU.
    And nice poster Mordus ;)
  14. Mordus

  15. Gunmonkey

    Just a bump
  16. Mordus


    Membership now comes with a 5 min break for every hour of play.
  17. Funzhine

  18. PastalavistaBB

  19. Mordus

    FU is very much active and recruiting but our gaming style has developed more towards tactical outfit only. We run regularly 2 squads and we have scrims sceduled. If that is your cup of tea visit us at and we will sort out your membership!

    If you are newer to the game or simply like more casual but well run public platoons you should definitly join the UNIT which is an outfit I run parallell to FU. The UNIT is dedicated to new players. I always run a public platoon for the UNIT when I am online and we run basic training every wednesday and advanced training if time and interest is enough. The training suits everyone and will help you understand how the game works and how you can be an effective squad member. Leadership training is also possible but more sceduled according to demand.
    The UNIT is not intended as a permanent outfit. Once your training is done I will advice you on good outfits to join depending on your gaming preferences. Naturally I primarly look for suitable players to FU but if you are looking for something else I am happy to assist.
    I will run the UNIT for a limited time so hurry up and join while the program is still running!
    To join the UNIT ask any UNIT member for an invite or add Sudrom as a friend.
  20. JOups