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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mordus, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. LowHertz

  2. Retrieverr

  3. allelujah

    bump with much love to Adenn and FU.

    Cant wait to see you guys in the field
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  4. AdennTM

    Thanks Allelujah, a shame I'm going to be stuck in England the next 2 weeks. I'll dearly miss shooting you in the back :(
  5. allelujah

    Stuck in England! dude we are amazing... ok we are mediocre...
  6. BIC456

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  7. MajorZbug

    Bump, because.
  8. LowHertz

  9. MajorZbug

    "GOON we're holding the bridge" "FU will drop the eastern gen" "DEIM will drop the western gen" "ok let's go" *server crash*

    Too much awesomeness, even for Miller
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  10. Mordus

    Dat teamwork is too damn high!
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  11. Chyper

    Reminder to everyone that we still have an event August 10th! Come fight us, ye scoundrels!

    Also, bump :cool:
  12. MajorZbug

    Winning the Octagon 48+/48+ with 49% TR ? Teamplay is OP. There wasn't only us (thanks to all other TR who helped) but god did we sacrifice for it. Always nice killing stuff with you FU.
  13. huller

    Will FU be present on the 11th for utter Hossin liberation (eeew, dirty NC, bleugh) and as the final nail in Woodman's and ceres/cobalt's coffin?
  14. Oenisbjoern

    =FU= will be present with 2 squads AFAIK.
  15. Mordus

    we will bring 2 squads to Hossin :D
  16. AdennTM

    I'm back and ready to kick NC ***! :D
    (and VS)
  17. ReformerTR

    Bump! for the fun I had with you guys yesterday.
  18. AdennTM

    Today had one of the best sessions of my entire planetside 2 experience. 5 hours of leading and with it the best fights I've had in months!

    Join FU today to take part of these epic victories against the odds!
  19. AdennTM

  20. Cowabunga

    Screens from the latest OP V video coming soon! :)
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