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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mordus, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. AdennTM

    bumpity bump
  2. Aciada

  3. AdennTM

    Bumpity bump!
  4. AdennTM

    bump...again *sigh*
  5. AdennTM

  6. Cowabunga

  7. IMTasty

    Fail Hadouken, FAIL, Adenn>Hadouken. I trust FU practice execution for failing the Empire.
  8. LowHertz

    FAIL FAIL we all know random tree>Thazer>Adenn:cool:
  9. AdennTM

    But if we kill Hadouken who will do the awesome Commissar voice :eek:
  10. Mordus

    We dont execute those who fail the empire. We force them to join the VS.
  11. MorteDeAmgelis

    It seems my shells are taking a liking to your pilots.

    (Beware lots of TR dying, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

  12. Cowabunga

    Bah! Adenn does stuff too quick (that's what she said).
  13. Mordus

    Thats a nice aim you got there. I also enjoy using tanks a lot so I´ll see you in the fields of Esamir. Bring your friends, you´ll need them ;)
  14. AdennTM

    This was all an elaborate ruse, while you are distracted with our mossies we stick C4 in your behind ;) (Wish I had recorded when I did that :p NC tankers are dumb ^^)
  15. MorteDeAmgelis

    Is that a challenge I hear!
  16. Mordus

    Its an open invite to all NC to come and experience miserable defeat!
  17. Emitz Devil

    We need to do another fight at Scarred Mesa Sky dock, the last one was immense - however I do think it is your turn to defend!
  18. AdennTM

    Always a pleasure to fight with you guys, even in Scarred Mesa where scat maxes reign supreme!
  19. AdennTM

  20. Cowabunga

    What you do to our Mossies we do to your infantry ;)