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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mordus, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. LowHertz

    Here it is!The so called *bacon*
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  2. Mordus

  3. Kazzah

    Although classed as 'mature' I have to admit the Outfit abbreviation appeals to me, there's something about being a part of 'FU' that draws me in.
    How strict are you about people having to speak via voice chat? I understand needing it for listening to instructions, my computer isn't really in a position that allows me to talk freely though.
    (Currently downloading the game to check out all the fuss - was a big fan of the original so I'm familiar with the concept and objectives etc from a theory point of view)
  4. AdennTM

    If you can say at least 1 word so we know you have a mic, then you're good to go ;) Most members never speak anyways!
  5. Mordus

    We require that you have a microphone to pass your trial membership but in special cases we have made exceptions as long as the member is regularly on TS, show good cooperation ingame and cohersion with the community.
    You will need a mic to complete our different bootcamps but they are voluntary to participate in.
  6. Chauma

    We had a nice platoon going yesterday, thanks to all of those who joined in!
  7. Mordus

    Yesterday was really good! We tried a mixed asset platoon with 2 infantry, one armor and one air squad + a 5th squad that worked as rapid response to enemy flanks. We also had fireteams within the infantry squads which improves the coordination significantly!
    On top of that we had BMC coordinating with us! Awesome!

    Tonight (16.2) we will run an outfit event again so I hope to see both friends and foes in the battlefield!
  8. AdennTM

    bumping! I may not be able to play ingame cause of rl but I can still be forumside!
  9. LordMondando

    Amusing fight last night. See you next time.
  10. LowHertz

  11. Chyper

    Bumping in the name of the Freelancers Union! 'Cause ya can't go wrong with the greatest outfit there is on Miller ;)
  12. AdennTM

  13. Mordus

    The bacon offer is still valid.
  14. LowHertz

  15. IMTasty

  16. Mordus

  17. AdennTM

    No one breaks Bio Lab farms quite like us!
  18. IMTasty

    I assume the voice talking is actually an authentic FU voice chat. :p
  19. Chyper

    Pretty much ;)
  20. AdennTM