The Dervish Heavy Fighter

Discussion in 'Official News Feedback' started by Mithril, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. MichaelMoen

    I can already see this thing only having to nose down at a hover so the giant top gun can farm ground targets.

    Also huge bummer more fancy things I'll never use cause I only ever play NC.
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  2. Khyron1

    Looks great! Can't wait to C4 one! :)
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  3. Asic

    DV = Dervish
    T = top gun
    L = lock on
    X = Experimental
    A could be Air?
    E could be energy?
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  4. Alilua

    It kind of clashes with the overall visual themes of planetside 2. Old NS used to be kind of a cross between generic NC and TR with nothing fancy no frills and new NS is generic sci-fi that isn't vanu but all prototype looking.
  5. Srazor

    Awesome! Can't wait
  6. JustGotSuspended

    I mean lets be honest, AA is the least of a pilot's worries. I get that it might be an easier target, since from what I understand it's a bit like a faster valk. But valks are already pretty fast and this one has an afterburner too. On top of that from what I understand it's going to have more health and resistance to AA. So I doubt that AA is going to be the biggest issue, even if the pilots decide to go on A2G runs. It's also not going to be one-shotted from daltons, decis, and AP rounds.
  7. JustGotSuspended

    True, but they can't give such vehicles only to one faction, otherwise people would complain. By giving it to NS, it ensures everyone, every faction will have access to them, so they only need to design one of these prototype vehicles instead of focusing on how to balance 3 while still making them seem somewhat unique.

    I do hope it encourages the devs to have another look at vehicles in the future though. I would seriously like some faction specific reskins (reskins, no need to change the weapons/abilities) just so we at least appear to not be fighting each other with identical vehicles. Also maybe take another look at the role vehicles currently play in the game.
  8. JustGotSuspended

    You can! You just need to ask a robot on your faction to borrow his ride!
  9. Googly_Laser

    AA is definitely a large concern for pilots, even sky ceiling fights can be thrown by a Skyguard below. Most pilots upon getting jumped will drag you into friendly AA if they can. A lot of the time I have to bail out of a fight because there's some AA hidden somewhere. The Dervish is also a big pancake, it's gonna eat a lot of AA even if it isn't a direct threat to ground cuz it's gonna be pretty easy to hit
  10. Drgnx

    Basically a flying A2A MBT.

    Obviously, This means that the nso don't have a single player ESF
  11. Hotthorns

    I would caution on the speed aspect. Making it as fast as an ESF would be a problem as a more armored and well gunned vehicle would be able to keep pace with a fighter that put its greatest defense in maneuverability and speed. You wouldn't want an MBT able to out speed a harasser. With ESFs being around 200 kph I would make it 150 to 170kph
  12. Drgnx

    Make a proper one person ESF and make this available to all factions.
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  13. TR5L4Y3R

    i sure as hell don´t mind NS being all bout proven AND experimental stuff
    the use some mix of all 3 main faction but then also use stuff the factions necessarily don´t ...
  14. Arkanakaz

    I like the design and the way it will bring an easily recognisable profile to the skies.

    I thought it was going to be the return of the Phantasm from PlanetSide 1 when I first saw it.

    I hope that it becomes a Nanites Systems vehicle at its launch or some time after. I feel that the vehicles that are being added, Bastion, Colossus ect. are only available to a small percent of the player base. I know Nanite Operatives is being expanded out, but it would be good to have new vehicles that can be pulled as easily as a Lightning can be so the whole player base can be involved. There is a bit of a lack of variety in vehicles in game at the moment particularly in ground combat. Only 3 to choose from when you are at the vehicle terminal for vast majority of people (empire tank, Lightning and Harasser).

    When balancing this into the game I anticipate it could get tricky. Reason is as it is a two man air-to-air fighter centrally, the expectation would be that if it is going to be worth two people getting into it, then it will need to beat the one man (ESF) fighters. If it came up against a Valkyrie or a Liberator then again the expectation would be as it is not so useful in other ways it should win the duel in the air more times than not. That's fine but if it is as fast or faster then them they will have no way to escape, which could lead to frustration for others in the air.

    Anyway, nice to see a new vehicle coming. Thanks.
  15. Blue_Lion

    Really the first question is answered in the write up.

    *It is air superiority intended to be good A2A but bad A2G. Basically counter the a2g farmers and possibly help drive off bastions..*

    I like the concept.
  16. Sumguy420

    You said that its considered a heavy fighter. You also said its more like a liberator or valk, which one is it more like in regards to taking small arms fire? Does it take some damage like the valk or none like the lib?
  17. Drgnx

    Lib and esf counter
  18. Blue_Lion

    They said it handles like more like a liberator or valk. I would think a heavy fighter means it is more durable than a esf.
  19. Sumguy420

    ah yea i guess it will take small arms fire then
  20. VV4LL3

    I'm pleased to see a two seater, but don't feel this really adds anything to the game dynamics. Very little value added to changing how air combat will be conducted. This opinion is strictly based on not knowing the utilities are. I would certainly like to see how the long range weapon works out, while dismayed at the nano rockets if they're similar to what the excite-bike brings: Ultra slow, weak, mini rockets easily dogeable.

    Get creative: It would make sense to have the option to remove one seat in place of an AI module (like an R2D2 unit that shoots, targets, and repairs), shield module, ...

    What would impress me is if the new content literally added a new, NSO only feature(s) system. E.g. an ISR module that had a high sensitivity, air deployed sensor darts, air EMP, ability to listen in on enemy comms, or even transform to a ground walking artillery biped unit w/ siege mode.

    Demo the utilities and the weapons, let's see something unique and not just another fighter with an extra seat.