The Dervish Heavy Fighter

Discussion in 'Official News Feedback' started by Mithril, Jun 14, 2021.

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  1. Mithril Community Manager

    One of two vehicles being released with the NSOverhaul update is the Dervish Heavy Fighter, an air vehicle available to the Nanite Systems Operatives faction.


    Unlike its Empire Specific Fighter (ESF) counterparts, the Dervish is a two-seat vehicle that sacrifices agility for durability. The pilot operates nose-mounted forward guns, while a secondary top-gunner can deal with threats ahead, behind, and above. The Dervish is meant as an air superiority fighter, and has limited ground support capabilities.


    Both the nose-mounted and top-mounted hardpoints will have three weapon options available during the initial rollout.

    The standard DV-22 Raycaster nosegun uses photonically propelled tungsten slugs that remain effective even over long range. The DV-22T Lightweaver top-turret maintains similar functionality, and in combination with the Raycaster, creates a well-rounded aircraft capable of taking on any threat.

    Dipping into the expanded arsenal, the DV-21 Lotus is a close-range gatling nosegun that will shred light aircraft, and the DV-LAT Pixie turret can lock onto aircraft to fire a stream of small, yet deadly air to air missiles that excel at dispatching heavily armored aircraft.

    On the more experimental side, researchers have developed charge-up particle projection weaponry in the form of the DV-XE and DV-XAT. The DV-XE fires a six-round particle projection barrage that can, with careful aim, dispatch enemies at any range with a burst of damage. The DV-XAT is a top-mounted particle projection cannon that can decimate targets with a singular, heavy blast.

    The Dervish is thusly named due to its flat profile, and dual rotors that assist in maneuverability at low altitudes. Its pilot can circle-strafe to avoid incoming fire, while the secondary gunner lands shot after shot. An in-built afterburner is capable of re-engaging forward momentum after slowing through a turn, and can help escaping firefights where you've bitten off more than you can chew. The heavy nature of the chassis has a feel more similar to a Liberator or Valkyrie than an ESF, and with more speed and less VTOL strength than either.



    We'd love to hear your thoughts about this news update!
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  2. TruenoCraft

    Lovely design :rolleyes:
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  3. JibbaJabba

    Looks fun! Fantastic model. Can't wait to see how it handles!

    Also glad to see that it has an A2A focus rather than A2G.
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  4. LagLight

    Looks cool. I'm very happy there is a forgiving dedicated Air-to-air fighter now where I don't need to be a sweaty reverse movement try-hard to use. Hopefully a different cringe worthy meta does not develop from how it moves.
  5. blackboemmel

    Wow, looks and sounds incredibly good! Can't wait to ride that thing.
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  6. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah I'm quite happy they chose this route, and decided (from what I understand) to make flying this thing a bit more easier than the other fighters.

    Design looks pretty neat too!
  7. Tython

    This looks like even more of a nightmare to play against than the current "2-man lib is an ESF" meta.

    As a casual solo player I dread the idea of yet more ways for air superiority mains to knock my aircraft out of the sky before I get a chance to react. I'm sure the Dervish appeals to lib teams and ESF mains who love farming unskilled pilots, but I for one am not looking forward to it.

    Will we at least be getting better G2A capabilities to counter this new aerial nightmare? And before you shout "it's not an A2G fighter!", it absolutely will become one in the hands of dedicated cert farmers.
  8. Kris Patel

    Can we remove some assets from the shattered warpgate so we can actually fly this on esamir?
  9. Hagloping

    Uh, you know planetside community, of course new meta will appear
  10. Liewec123

    Only odd thing is the decision to make NSOs vehicles require more teamwork than their main-faction counterparts,
    (2 person esf, 3 person mbt) When NSO is primarily a system for lone wolf players.

    That said I love the new design, though it could use a few more moving parts it looks like a fancy static model ;)
    Interested to see the new weapons, the experimental turret sounds like mammoth cannon in the sky,
    and the experimental nose gun sounds like burst fire lancer, both will be interesting to see!
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  11. Ledess31

    That's so cool omg, the sounds effect, the vfx effects, the flying sensations too, I only play ESF to go from A point to B point but I still so ecxited :D
  12. ThatSeanKid

    Oh yea, This will be cool. Now do we have an expected release date for PTS or Live?
  13. Aysom

    Damn that thing looks good.

    You gotta tell us... what do the acronyms of the weapons stand for?

  14. LetMeBeClear

    Looks very cool! Hopefully this will be a greater deterrent to libs, speaking of - can you add code to libs: if ALTITUDE >0, then F1 cannot switch to F2. That would be greeaaatt.
  15. Wolfuprising

    The lack of a tail is interesting, as well as the fan rotors instead of the usual jet propulsion, but I love the model more than anything else in the game nonetheless! Whoever drew that up should get a raise because that’s a big improvement over the earlier designs that the dev team came up with for NC, TR, and VS vehicles! As someone who loves the single-seat ESFs though, I’m kinda disappointed… Hopefully, in the future, NSO will get their own single-seat fighter. Also, there’s a potential issue that could be prevented by making the model’s primary color the NSO’s assigned faction’s color, instead of white. For the sake of less confusion, white shouldn’t be the primary. White as secondary is fine, but the faction colors should be more distinguished for players.

    While I’m on the topic, if you ever made a single-seat fighter, it could use the noseguns of whichever faction that NSO is currently assigned to — NC, TR, or VS — in addition to it’s own default nosegun whose projectile color would correspond with it’s assigned faction’s color — yellow/blue, red, or purple — and just be yellow-white in VR-training… A unique way to recycle that players wouldn’t frown on, don’t you think? That fighter could be similar in design to the Dervish, but instead of being wider than it is long, it’d be longer than it is wide and have a tail – a V-strut tail, perpendicular to its main wings in front that are tilted slightly down… But I digress. I will give the dervish a chance before making my final judgement and demanding a proper ESF…

    ESF lives matter too
  16. Glykool

    I like it! Happy that you guys add more veichles with cooperation in mind!
  17. Horst1375

    I just hope they won't nerf it to the ground if the A2G mains start crying

    (I really like the Design, hit box and weapon placement)
  18. Myxomorph

    I feel like it would have more personality if the rotors were a smidge bigger but everything else is 10/10
  19. Googly_Laser

    What is the role of this? How do you see it being implemented into the game? I know it's classified as a "Heavy Fighter" but how does it compare to what we already have?

    Is it primarily a threat to libs, valks and gals: serving as a slower but superior method of killing heavy air? Do you intend for it to be better, on par or worse than 2 esfs doing the same role?

    How do you want it to compare to an ESF? Is it designed to win the fight with just the pilot or would a gunner be needed as well? Is the Dervish with a gunner going to be capable of going toe to toe with 2 enemy ESFs, 2 solo libs or a gal with 2 gunners?

    Is the gunner the main source of damage like on the Liberator?

    A very cool design, just curious what hole you envision this filling
  20. JohnMcCreedy

    I love the design but I have grave doubts as to its performance. On one hand the idea of a weapon with perfect accuracy over any distance capable of melting ESFs in a bust seems ridiculously OP (a flying Sniper Rifle in other words) whilst on the other hand its lack of manoeuvrability and lack of armour, coupled with its lack of air-to-ground attack capabilities sounds like it's going to be an easy target for ground based AA. Whilst it might dominate the skies, I believe it's going to be deeply unpopular when you can easily be shot down by a HA with a lock on and lack either the weaponry to deal with the threat nor the speed and manoeuvrability to outrun the lock. Proof of the pudding will be in the eating of course.
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