The Average PS2 Player is a Lemming

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Recca, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Recca

    Just think about it, they rush in head first, don't think, die, then come on the forums and cry about it.
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  2. Clloser

    Lemmings can't use forums. FAIL
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  3. Daiyousei

    This is true.

    Related story: I've watched the zerg rush into a base then stand around while I snipe all of them. They are oblivious to the fact that people are dying around them. Even worse, the medics show up to revive them and stand still as well. Shoot the medic, then shoot the guy that was revived. Too easy.
  4. Otleaz

    To be fair, thinking often is a waste of time. Since capturing and defending bases is completely pointless, the only real goal in this game is to farm certs. I often drive my tank into a deathtrap to get the 6-10 kills that come from the guys hiding behind cover, since I can get right back into the fight two seconds later to keep earning points.
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  5. ZenTao

    Shhhh ! don't tell them !
  6. Recca

    In rare cases, there are a small amount of lemmings that learn to put sunderers in horrible places and post on forums. ;)
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  7. TangoQD

    Lemmings don't jump off of cliffs, the documentary crew used a rotating platform to push them off.

    OT: This is just a symptom of no official tutorial for new players.
  8. k4el

    Hold on gate. Gate is red. Hold on Gate.

    F*$k! Who Jumped?
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  9. Freyar

    Why yes.. they are. I can see them "jumping" to their deaths from my ESF.
  10. rabidquokka

    I WISH they'd rush in...even when our guys outnumber enemy they stand outside on hills/behind walls etc waiting for enemy fire/grenades to clear them out 10 at a time instead of going for the objective.
  11. medbot544

    I am comforted in the knowledge no one will even care years from now how awsome 'l337' were in X game.

    Suppose you could try braggin to future generations later on and remaniss to them how you prawned newbs but I am fairly certain they will get bored and or say things like this....

    "Shut up Uncle Bert, u suck! This is why girls don't like u and yer single!"
  12. TheGroggyOne

    I perfer to be thought of as a zombie look for brains.:p
  13. AtomicGerman

  14. Vibe

    Shh, I like farming countless lemmings jump-pading on the camped biolab flight pad. It's awesome certs.
  15. Leesin

    The most annoying thing for me is seeing 50 of my team mates in the enemy base standing around with no enemies in sight yet the only capture point has 1/6, it seems like a majority of players have no common sense, do they think the -/6 number is meaningless or something?, makes me rage lol. 6/6 FFS WE WILL CAP IT SO MUCH FASTER!!!!!.
  16. Liquid23

    hey you always need someone to take point and draw fire... it just makes it easier when tons of people volunteer to do it instead of having to trick a green pvt. into it
  17. medbot544

    It is not common knowledge that you have to be right by a term to convert a point. Seriously, I just happened on it by mistake one day and was like oooooh now I understand. /smack forehead
  18. Jourmand1r

    Are you from Mattherson? If so thats because Mattherson is:

    A.) the official server on redditt
    B.) The Server Enclave chose.
    C.) The Server GoonSquad Chose.


    Also if you arent on Mattherson, they to remember that this is an mmo, which means for the first 1-3 months there will be ******* from Fantasy RPG mmos coming in and out trying to see what the hype is about.

    Thats why people seem so stupid. I bet at least 40 percent of this games playerbase has never played an FPS before.
  19. ImGladUmad


    The majority of Planetside players think this is a tactical game.....They think walking around while ADS is a good idea.

    They think moving slow around a corner while ADS like is Rainbow Six is a good idea.

    Sorry but this is a fast paced hipfire/ADS game.
  20. Marka Ragnos

    They often come here and cry that the TTK is too low. They want to survive a mindless rush into opposing gun fire.

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