The Average PS2 Player is a Lemming

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Recca, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Marinealver

    Ah, I see you have finally met the Zerg!

    Welcome to Planetside, just follow the leader now (aka the ID10T in front of you)
  2. Marinealver

    That is the problem with the FPS in the world today. All these modern military shooters are nothing but a run n gun fest because weapons are so accurate on the run not because the TTK is so low.

    Try running at a full sprint and see if you can hit the broad side of a barn? Your bullets wouldn't even hit the screen.

    Also the engagement range in MMS is too short. I mean you need a sniper rifle with a scope to hit someone from 100 yards. Heck a rifle can hit anyone from 500 yards. Snipers are up to 1,000 yards.
  3. Sir Lemming

    Wrong. :)
  4. HadesR

    Some times I wish people would rush more .. Time and time again on the attacking side when you run into a stalemate people just sit there and seem to expect the enemy to just magically disappear.
    Been a few instances when I have said Fk it .. Shielded up > charged > naded 3 people > killed two more before dying to create a breach ... look and no one has followed, they still sit pinking pot shots at each other. :(

    Game > Death is cheap > Don't be afraid of dying
  5. Playful Pony

    I would kinda agree, but I don't see how the game favours other tactics! Lemmings are effective!

    And I litterally see you and your ilk jump to your deaths from our fighters as they are hit by my squads AA missiles! Unless you have flairs... And ESFs always have flairs... And if only 1 of the 3 AA missiles fail to lock with it's considerable locking time, and hit, you get out with enough HP to repair and we are left we NO points for denying you the pleasure of destroying our friends for about 1 minute... Which makes my squad about as useful as a housemaid at the Chernobyl incident... OOOMG AA is OP! I'm sorry, it's not right to bring this up in this thread!
  6. MobileAssaultDuck

    Fixed that for you.
  7. Flarestar

    I've come to view the majority of Planetside 2 players the same way I view the creeps in DOTA or LoL.

    They're going to spawn, rush forward into the obvious attack channel in front of them, get into a slugging match with a bunch of other creeps, and mostly cancel each other out.

    The much smaller number of us that understand tactics and target priority will be the ones that actually carry the push forwards.

    It's the inevitable result of F2P. And it works, as annoying as it can be at times.
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  8. Xizwhoa

    The game is fun. If someone runs in and gets killed why should you care? You're getting that kill or not the one dying... This game has 0 reward for doing anything but killing people. Most of the so called pro players just farm kills all day and don't do anything objectives based. I'll run in sometimes and die just because I want to know where the enemy is, because I'll spawn 10 seconds later and know where to go. This is a game and the k/d ratio only players would **** bricks without the cannon fodder.
  9. Pax Empyrean

    For every kill there is a death. The average is exactly 1.0 minus suicides. If 20% of a person's deaths are self inflicted, they shouldn't be allowed to play with scissors, much less firearms.
  10. Urban_Scorp

    Not everyone is Sgt York. Congratulations on this discovery. No one knew that mediocrity existed, much less in a great quantity.

    I do have to dispute the results of your study in one regard. I'm under the distinct impression that most of your discovered lemmings do not post on the forum at all and certainly not to complain nor to receive tips of any kind.
  11. Shendo

    i run in head first and my KD is 1200 kill with 400 deaths so what does that make me?
  12. Flavo

    A lot of the time the game design forces you to be a lemming. Tech plants and bio labs, anybody?
  13. SKYeXile

    This is on briggs, and its not a rare occurrence, while I havnt had a farm like that for afew days, with people you know...running upto the sheild to shoot me... i had an epic tech sheild one last night.

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