The Average PS2 Player is a Lemming

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Recca, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Jourmand1r

    Who in their right mind would hip fire in this game.
  2. ImGladUmad

    I do and do very well...Hipfire is amazing for close distances.
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  3. Rue

    I have a K/D of 0.8. Colour me lemming. I love rushing in (and perjoratively, being mindless), primarily as it's the complete opposite of my actual day job.

    It might be a generational thing - I play to have fun and this kind of casual shooter thingumajig is just the ticket. I appreciate that it's a serious business for some folk. When I played Eve I was a very canny fellow indeed - getting killed can cost you a fortune in that game. Here? I may have to walk 100 meters from the nearest Sunderer/Respawn point.
  4. Jourmand1r

    0.8 is probably about average.

    Don't let the people on this forum convince you that anything below 1.0 means you suck. I guarantee you like 1 out of every 20 posters here is actually any good at Planetside.

    Hell I am pretty mediocre at this game.
  5. absolofdoom

    Probably just like somebody said, tons of people who haven't played FPS games before. A lot think it's supposed to be like some kinda mmorpg. You can see the evidence in the people that keep arguing about certs needing to last for years because "it's an mmo, they need to last years or you won't have anything to do."
  6. Rue

    I had a micro-stroke around five months ago. I never played shooters (they're for kids, right?). My physio reckoned fps games would help me recuperate (being told to play games by a medical professional is a memory I shall cherish until I'm pushing up the daisies).

    I joined the beta of PS2 and started running around in Blacklight: Retribution (this is a great tip for FPS noobies - it really improves your aiming skills, and it's both intense and F2P). The reason I quoted my K/D ratio is simply because I don't care, which seems to put me at odds with many. If you mainly play as HA (as I do), you have to put yourself in harm's way.

    I can rack up many kills sitting in my magrider, but that's (a) not much fun (b) not much good as a physical therapy.
  7. Jourmand1r

    Well I'm glad you appear to be ok and recovering.

    Also Blacklight is just terrible.
  8. Jourmand1r

    Because Planetside 1 was an MMORPG with actual MMORPG elements.

    This game is BF3 with "upgrades".
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  9. Thardus

    I wish they'd rush in and die more. Waiting around doors doesn't accomplish anything.
  10. Chubzdoomer

    I wish I could disagree, but even I'll admit that I've seen some incredibly idiotic things. I like how players in vehicles almost always drive on the road, for example, right in clear view, rather than going off-road and attempting to either surprise the enemy or get a "high ground" advantage. I've never understood why they prefer taking the clear, obvious path rather than being creative with their approach. I see this constantly and it just bugs me. I've also noticed that players don't often look for alternate ways inside a base if they're attacking. They'll spawn, then "Zerg" in one direction towards a base rather than going off to the left or right, then attacking the base from one of its other sides to infiltrate where there's less chaos. It's almost like a trail of ants. I guess it's just the "lemming" mentality at work. I recall being astounded by the stupidity in Battlefield 3, too, and in fact even made a lengthy post complaining about it over on the official forums. After having played online shooters for many years, I've just now started to accept that there will always be quite a few bad players -- not just bad as in aiming and shooting, but thinking -- in these games. There's really no way to get around it. My advice is to find a good Outfit with individuals capable of thinking, squad up with them, and communicate constantly. It's a far better experience and you'll see a whole lot less stupidity.
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  11. Bejita231

    the game promotes spam, its even in the lore, why not run into 20 guys and throw a grenade if you can just be reconstructed again
  12. absolofdoom

    I don't think I'll make many fans for this but I'll go ahead and be brutally honest here: MMORPG's are probably the most obnoxious, stagnated example of a gaming genre and I really don't want any of that **** getting mixed with such a great game. Other MMO's need not mimic their troubled cousin.
  13. Noktaj

    That's why coming from UT, Quake, RTCW and Enemy Territory experience it's a killfest in those buildings. I usually can rack up 6-7 kills in 1vs1, sometimes even 2/3 vs 1 They keep coming, no matter what, just straight at ya.
    Only tip: avoid open spaces when possible, you tend to be wasted by rockets :p
  14. Jourmand1r

    You are totally justified in coming to Planetside 2 and demanding it be nothing like Planetside because you have issues with WoW.
  15. Freyar

    As much as I loved my time with PS1, it's mechanics are severely out dated. A more... fluid approach to shooting is what helps PS2 feel much better overall, on the ground and in the air.
  16. ImGladUmad

    Yeah I love fighting in buildings.....I try to avoid open spaces/Stalemates.
  17. Tuco

    In beta we had a 30 zerg tank roll out of the Indar TR warpgate heading east. I was like in the 10th tank. The first tank took a shortcut and skillfully went down a steep incline. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th tank followed directly behind at full speed flipped and crashed.

    One player yelled out, "What is wrong with you people?"

    Was hilarious.
  18. FluffyM

    I have a K+A/D of 3 (K/D of 2) as (almost exclusively) infantry, rushing in and drawing fire is not the issue- doing it stupidly is. :p
    You have this problem in every objective-based game- without a proper tutorial or even game-mechanics that promote team-play (apart from "I'll stick to the zerg so I can spawn on Sundies") the amount of lemmings you will find in a F2P? Dear lord, better get used to it right now. :)

    And then, of course, there's the fact that lots of people who play this come from MMOs and have no FPS-experience. Global Agenda had the same "problem"- it was ridiculously easy to beast on 90% of the playerbase, and that just gets boring after a while. At least in this there are some BF (for example) players.

    Lastly, most people are just incredibly stupid and have no common sense. I know I often do incredibly stupid things, and I definitely see how others around me act in game, so I think that's a fair assertion.

    Don't start with that **** again, there are a plethora of very valid reasons for asking for a higher TTK, none of them have anything to do with wanting to dumb down gameplay, rather the opposite.
  19. Radian12

    I looked into PS1 certs and got responces from PS1 players. From that I have that in PS1 you had small amounth of certifications that obvious. From this point PS2 wins in depth and player specialization. Yeah you have everything but everything is average. You become efficient by specialization .And no neither Ps or PS are MMoPRG, they are MMOFPS in pure form. And as for Rpg elements PS has more customization and specialization. You rant about the remowing the invertory system. It´s the same as the loadoutsystem. But in PS2 you have to specialize a lot harder to be good and you cannot be a jack of all trades.

    And regarding lemings. Please stop being elitist . I wonder have ever wanted to charge into batle ? Just for the sake of the moment.
    Most of you here to be farmers. Huray for farming ! Great. In fact you the guys who ruin the game and emersion . Just get used to it that different people want differnt stuff to do.

    Yeah and wait till you get pub-stomped by a outfit. Then you will be the nooby lemings farmed.

    This is starting to look the same as in Tribes Ascend. Non stop whiner all over the place. Time will solve the problem as more people will join outfits.

    And regarding the medic stuff. I like to run everywhere and to revive . That my stuff and I do not care if i get killed that a medics thing. Once again if you don´t like it fine ! Farm away. I will still roleplay a recless medic that is trying to take care of his fellow soldiers and you have no right to tell me i am wrong and especialy if you are taking shots on my.
  20. absolofdoom

    Last time I checked Planetside wasn't an rpg either. I like how Planetside 2 is right now, I'm not demanding anything.

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