The Average PS2 Player is a Lemming

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Recca, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Mahakar

    I will happily throw myself in front of a tank if it helps to capture a base.

    K/D ratio doesnt matter, the objective is to capture territory.
  2. Otleaz

    Capturing bases is pointless.
  3. Otleaz

    There is no permanence. You only capture it for the sake of it.

    A base being captured is completely inconsequential, almost like a round of call of duty. Only here, the teams are without fail, completely uneven, and the rule set is often extremely stupid.
  4. Ultrahorsey

    Because, er, you get almost no xp for them, they cannot be defended, they are essentially big deathtraps for tanks and planes to fire into? (Oh, and for grenadiers to play in.)

    No-one tries to defend bases because the economic and social incentive is not there. You get nothing, not even honour. Which is one reason why this game is so kcufed, the game rewards farmers, not objective players. As has been pointed out over and over again by other people, you can earn 1000 xp by killing ten people. So just jump in a lib, buy the Dalton (no P2W? ahahahaha) and farm the idiots trying to play the game that PS2 says it is, rather than the game that it has been designed to be. It`s basic economics; people will do what earns them the most reward. The kind of dopamine junkies who min-max RPGs and obsessively check their KDR, rather than the map, are most susceptible to this kind of crude behaviourism. Just one more hit, just one more level, one more kill. Look, the game says I`m a good boy! I now have external validation, I`m worth something, just look at my KDR.

    I really cannot believe that nobody at SOE has understood that their experience rewards system DIRECTLY UNDERMINES the point of the game. So much of the game design, that they`ve borrowed from round based TDM FPSes is completely inappropriate for a supposedly tactical, strategic game. If you lost certs and xp when you lost bases, the statpadders and killwhores would soon change their tune. They said that the game would be about empire-wide co-operation, in fact the game is about forum bragging rights and, essentially, money.
  5. DirkDeadeye

    Love the attitude. Lemmings, because they don't understand what they're supposed to do. I had to feel out the mechanics. I searched around google for 15 minutes on how to use the chat commands. I had to sift through crappy videos and wiki pages to learn how to seige some of these bases.

    I did all this because I'm a fat, out of gas no life having video game enthusiast.

    There are a lot of people who aren't going to bother. Why should they. It's a video game.

    There is no common knowledge. Only a select few, who are complete jerks and insult people who are genuinely curious as to how to be helpful. And then we got people like in this thread. Who don't understand that. Instead of being proactive on /re, or /orders just sit at their desk and scream at their monitor. "STOP BEING SHEEP!" Or make unproductive posts/threads like this.

    I'm gonna complain about ignorance, rather than help dissolve the ignorance!

    That makes you ignorant.
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  6. Tikayyan

    The average player of every game is a lemming.PS is no different.
  7. Otleaz

    Clearly I know more about it than you do.
  8. Liquid23

    since you think capturing bases is pointless you clearly have no idea...
  9. Tikayyan

    And this is one of my favorite gaming forum quotes in a long time. True gamer, that is!
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  10. SKYeXile

    What makes you think so many players are lemmings?

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  11. SKYeXile

    Capturing bases is pointless, welcome to death match.
  12. Ch3v4l13r

    Really? This is probably one of the first fps games where i don't use hip fire. Guess i will have to check hip fire out again.
  13. ImGladUmad

    Srsly?.....Thats a horrible idea for close quarters.
  14. Badmethod

    QFT! Hahaha classic!
  15. Liquid23

    you apparently missed the entire point of the game as well... capturing bases IS the one and only point of the game... you kill other players to earn certs, you capture bases to earn certs and resource and the only thing certs and resources are good for is buying things to make killing other players so you can capture more bases easier... that's the entire game

    if capturing bases was pointless and no one on your faction did it you just shot other people you would be gate-locked on every continent with nothing to do but stare at it's walls because the second you walked out to try and "team deathmatch" you would be slaughtered by all the nice tanks and planes everyone else who has bases can afford and you can't

    if you don't find capturing bases amusing than this isn't the game for you and if you expected more than shooting people and capturing bases you should have done better research on the game before downloading it
  16. SKYeXile

    Cool show me the leaderboard for owning land, meanwhile ill be winning deathmatch.
  17. Ch3v4l13r

    Seems to work pretty well for me with x1 cqb sight. i might use hip fire when i am in a jam and someone is standing right infront of me like 1-2m but anything beyond that and i will use ADS.

    If you are using a 3.4 or 4 x scope its a different story of course. But i don't see why you would use those anyway.
  18. SKYeXile

    yea, hip fire beyond 4m, no, just no. Only time i use hip fire if is somebody gets the jump on me and i need to rely on movement to win or like you are at real close range.
  19. ImGladUmad

    Not sure if srs......You will never beat me like that.
  20. Recca

    Loved that video Skyexile. What server are you on? I'm on connery.

    I mainly made this thread as a joke after seeing countless friendies and enemies run into their death. Skyexile video is a perfect example of that, you can't shoot into the shields, why are you running in front of it.

    I'm not an elitist, I regularly give out advice and commands while I play.

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