Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Serith6

    Well, bad news for the employees, no Idea if good for the rest.
    Sure they wanted to make as much money as possible before too, but out of personal experience such things too often end bad.
  2. Kazeraki

    Well, with the amount of bugs and everything that we have all had to endure over the past 2 years..I choose to be cautiously optimistic about this. On one hand, I'd like to see the bugs fixed, the game become more stable, and optimization to occur. However, the other hand holds a dark crystal that has a short life-cycle. We MAY see things like pay2win incorporated, or could even see one faction that outperforms based on changes (currently lookin at you VS). What I don't want to see is this game just disappear into the void. This would be the worst case scenario, albeit not too unrealistic based on previous acquisitions of other games I had participated in.

    tl;dr - cautiously optimistic
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  3. vittumitapaskaa

    Major server issues + after over 2 years of release it still feels like beta + new game owner = BAD
    Smell like subscribers dropping like flies SOON™.
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  4. Rhombus

    In the words of Jim Morrison, "This is the End, my only friend, the end...."
  5. Divenity

    Surly this investment firm knows that SOE isn't doing too hot right now...

    This means they will either try to squeeze them for as much money as they can before it all falls apart or...

    They actually want to help make the company be legitimately successful.

    I find the latter to be highly unlikely...

    "Daybreak Game Company", I would like to formally request that your new owners clearly state their intentions to the community.
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  6. CanadianHick

    What is important to keep in mind is SOE's recent news on putting all content on hold till they fix the bugs. You can guarantee that order came from these guys. Yes these guys are going be in it to make money but at least they are interested in trying to fix it to make money. SOE's limited budget didn't really allow for them to stop everything for bug fixes because they needed the content to keep money coming. These people bought this because they believe there is money to be made ( and I'm sure the world record match had part in that).The best thing the PS2 community can do to ensure the game stays is to help these guys make the game better so they can make more of a profit off the game. SOE had only started making profit off of SOE the last several months and not by much, without the budget to fix it the game was probably dead in the water, this will at least give the game we love a fighting chance. But as everyone said only time will tell, but doesn't mean we can't help decide its outcome.
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  7. Run And Bite

    Uhh, can I have a refund for all the things I bought in the past month. I really don't want to be playing if I will be stabbed in the back with a pay to win style game. I would like my 40 USD back in my steam account thank you very much. Also, don't even try to fight with my post, I am a lurker who visits this particular forum maybe once a week and could care less about what anyone says about me, specially now that this happened.
  8. Neako

    Will Planetside 2 stay a free to play ?.....What can we expect from your acquisition ?
  9. Keldrath

    As if they'd be honest. They'd only say what we want to hear, if they say anything at all.

    Their intention is to make money, a return on investment. They likely wont care how that happens.
  10. Flamberge

    So, according to Wikipedia, some stuff on Columbus Nova:

    Only 1 sentence description. Kind of odd, but whatever.
    An Asset Under Management of 15,000,000,000 USD. That is alot...

    So, with that AUM, they must be doing something...
  11. Tiedemann

    I don't think the "acquired people" do either in most cases, at least not if the plan is to get ugly ;)

    Edit: And I sent another mail to Smedley a few hours ago complaining about the lack of communication when it comes to "serious" stuff as bugs and server problems :p
    My PS2 life is becoming a big fat irony.
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  12. MasterDk78

    Ofcoz planet side will be free to play still.
    People have invested money on items and cosmetics.. no way they would lock people out like that.

    No one like a big changes, and it's only right to be careful and see what the company gonna do about this game. Coz for sure this game needs a helping hand and some love.

    Make the game run smoothly, and people will return.
  13. McHool

    Yeah, they are doing something. You can look into their company portfolio when googling. Thing is, they have no idea of how the gaming world works. It's new ground to them.

    I think this (SOE's) evolution really brings back to old question: F2P or abo-style. And for myself as a customer, I'd go back to abo-style if I can get something qualitatively superb out of it in the longevity.
  14. rexbinary

    All good things come to an end. :( Even the name 'Daybreak' sounds like fail.
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  15. Zoobe

    Some stats kicking about reddit show a subscriber base of half of what it was this time last year. Not sure how bona fida they are, but for sure many people have been cancelling subscriptions in light of the terrible performance of servers, no idea of roadmap, network and bug still needing fixing from a year ago, and a even bigger wave of cancels right now from EU customers who are not buying the PR spiel anymore about we are working on it.

    So in light of that, it is no wonder Sony dropped this division and bailed. However, there is a bright side - there is no way it could get any worse than it has been is there. For sure no VC owner will allow such malarcky to go uncheked. I mean, even turning it off would at least provide relief from the constant pain of trying to work out why it is so bad, or unplayable most the time.

    A VC owner will force change, and it is absolutely apparent change is needed.
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  16. Bindlestiff

    Business as usual is what we are all afraid of. Internal politics or not, the lack of communication this past month has been unacceptable. Next to nothing released for the game, no fixes that actually worked, servers that have had their performance degrade into a laughing stock, no update to Roadmap. Nothing.

    Oh and this past weekend as I'm sure you are well aware, SOE decide to finish on time as usual on Friday despite the EU issues, leaving an entire continent unable to play this game and possibly other titles too. Nice to see those in charge care so much about their playerbase.

    If this change of ownership will reverse this negativity, great. I seriously doubt it. Prove me wrong.
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  17. fatboyron

    Sad news that is.

    I've been a long time Planetside fan.

    What does this mean for the beta now?
    It was meant to be up to Sony entertainment Europe when the beta came to the EU. Hopefully they will make an announcement soon as to whether it will come to Europe.

    I personally don't have a problem paying for Planetside on PS4, I paid for Planetside on the pc for years.
  18. Utrooperx

    I foresee a return to a minimal-subscription based system and the current FTP people being either harshly limited and/or strongly prompted for a minimal "buy-in"...if performance is vastly improved at the same time, this could work to put the game the very least...a "break-even" business model that would actually be self-supporting while allowing some fresh content to be produced.

    Hopefully, this would allow the "QA" people to stop working in a broom closet in the deepest basement and actually fix the many bugs in the game...while also scanning for new issues in the updates/new content...and fixing them before they go live...(usually over holiday weekends when nobody is around to the Eternal Frustration of the player base...)

    Of course, the "coincidence" of this corporate takeover just as Planetside 2 is finally released on the PS4 speaks volumes that Sony Corp. lost faith in it...make no mistake, this was a corporate decision at the highest levels of Sony.
  19. Nemetis

    So sad Disney have the rights of Star Wars..

    It would be perfect a game the engine of Planetside 2 but in the universe of star wars..

    Just Imagine:

    Jedis VS Siths VS Mercenaries

    would be a dream! :(
  20. Bush82

    Bring Planetside2 to the Xbox one so i can play with all my Xbox friends. All my real life adult friends play on Xbox so this would be the announcement of the year for me.
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