Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. McHool

    CN's technology partners: . Broad spectrum with Daybreak Game Company being their first forray into the gaming world.
    I'd say expect a P2W experience in about 6 months time. On as many platforms as possible.
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  2. Crashsplash

    where's the profit in killing quickly when all the assets are digital?
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  3. sjtw_w_stot

    I work for a Venture Capital Investment firm. We take over weaker corporations.
    Not fully sure what to make of this...
    Sony trying to lose it's bad name under a 'restructure'? I'd say Pump & Dump but that doesn't fit this picture. There really isn't enough information in this announcement to conclude what exactly is going on. Still, taking into account this company is a Capital Investment firm, I have to bet that no good will come from this for the players.
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  4. doombro

    That's extremely out of the blue. I have a bad feeling about this.
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  5. Crator

  6. Jac70

    Well I got the impression that money wasn't exactly flowing at SOE but didn't know it was this bad - the vultures circling. Feel sorry for RadarX who had to enter that PR drivel under his account.

    I've got my money's worth outta the game anyhow so whatever happens I am not too worried.
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  7. Valok

    On a more serious note, this is deeply worrisome. Time will tell what happens I guess.
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  8. XenoArby

    Just so we're 100% clear. I am happy you received a financial boost from this, congratulations. Your hard work clearly made an impression on others and they feel you have room to either become stronger or as a whole improve yourselves financially.

    Here comes the bad news. I completely disapprove of this. Everything I have ever known about acquisitions firms destroys the communities they corrupt, whether it be workplace with layoffs / restructuring or in your case publicly. Admittedly I know nothing about this specific firm, as a whole they have horrible reputations in any industry, much less one that a reputation is important for. While this may put a well desired / needed financial infusion, I think this will hurt SOE (I refuse to call it Daybreak) in the long run. I will still continue to play PS2 while the community is strong, but I think I will hold on to my money until further notice while this irons out.

    I liked SOE the way it was, as a veteran of original Planetside and long time sub to that game and PS2, I was of course disappointed from time to time on certain updates, but at no point did I think any less of you. Your coders, modelers, and designers made mistakes sure, but you made FUN games. That alone demands respect beyond measure. Problem lies when you are under pressure to make money from another party, one that does not have your interests, or your customers interests in mind...

    The shortest comparison I can make here is BioWare / EA. Bioware made wonderful games, pre EA acquisition, then pressure to meet deadlines became more important than quality. Resulting in Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 horrible HORRIBLE disappointments. Think about that.
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  9. Solrax

    Damn, and I've got a bunch of station cash sitting... I trusted SOE, I don't trust some random financial types...

    Next question is cancel All Access now, or wait?
  10. Gallant

    If this change doesn't spell great success over this year...
    going to call this Sunset Game Company.
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    Woah, easy there, I just blinged out my Prowler.
  12. Thokar

    Yeah, cool. But can you fix lag now? Me needs good ping.
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  13. McHool

    I'm open to constructive critizism, so you may as well just tell me where I was wrong.
  14. Nulgath

    ByeBye Fun... It was sure fun to have fun, till these idiot Pump And Dump guys came and bought SOE
  15. MrFancy

    Not only that, but it may immediately lead to many people unsubbing and refusing to buy more SC. I will personally think twice before buying anything as of now, since it may soon be gone. Or I might be, if they mess it up badly, which I hope they do not.
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  16. Rraymondo316

    Now they will waste even more time porting the game to wait & see :rolleyes:
  17. Stormpaw

    Maybe we'll be really lucky and given that this investment company hasn't really done games before, they might listen to the old team or even give them autonomy with more resources to make the community happier... I hope.

    My inner cynicism makes me very worried here, but I need to hope.
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  18. Valok

    I'm not sure I understand Sir, I didn't said you were wrong on anything.
  19. Nulgath

  20. McHool

    Uhh, ok. I got you wrong then. Sorry, comrade.

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