Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. McHool

    Wow, can you confirm this? I didn't look it up by myself for now. What are your sources?
    If that's the case, it gets very shady.

    Posting reason was "Why is the launcher still saying Sony Online Entertainment" after a month after the the takeover?
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  2. user101

    Ya they really should take all the SOE logo's off the launcher... and web pages.. yup the mob is running day break.

    There are 3 ways to look at this. 1. the mob wants your credit card number to sell 2. you are paying for protection of your PC and credit card number. 3. the Russian government wants access to all american PC's to install hidden software.

    We could say the same thing about all Nvidia card since the software is written in china.

    If I messed anything feel free to add what I missed. .
  3. Thrones

    Seriously?! Their mercs get AK-47s and we are stuck with Assault Rifles with sub 715m/s. Simply unacceptable, Vanu ain't Smiling.
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  4. McHool

    Your argumentation is very fractalized. At least to me. What are your sources?
  5. McHool

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  6. drstrange2014

  7. Webbyx01

    Well, that certainly is interesting, isn't it! But more importantly, as long as they keep making this game, I don't care in the slightest if it's owned by Russian mobsters, i just want to derp around and occasionally do something cool.

    Besides, they don't have my credit or account information.
  8. KGdio

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  9. drstrange2014

    Fair point for some company's. Though the difference is that here we do actively watch some of them.
  10. Opapanax

    The information on this acquisition just get stranger and stranger.
  11. FreedomNeedsHelp

    Regarding the Kind of frims they've got, I can say that because they are investing, they will probably use acquired ressources to fix/solve or improve Problems/Stuff, in order to either save money and increase the Valor of the rotten game, regarding the fact that they got companys that program autopilots for example #automated_turrets
    -The probability that they let the game rot is low, because it would mean that they would make a big loss.
    -Planetside 2 will probably first keep as it is that slowly improve than slowly begin stagning, which is the Moment in which they will resell it, whilse they will make big selling promos.
    Tell me if you agree.
  12. Yuki10

    Anything owned by Russians gets pilfered, sold off to third parties multiple times and eventually closed due to losses. Besides weapons used in every armed conflict around the world, sold around weapons embargoes through "black" dealer they can't produce anything useful to the society.

    Can anyone think of 5 Russian brands that are known around the world and are not weapons or hard liquors (do it without Googling or using Wikipedia)? Probably not...
  13. Reyj21

    Won't happen.
    Never seen a F2P title that was well supported.
    Look at S4League.
    It takes them 6 months to add another super skimpy skirt but who gives a damn about haker prevention?

    NFS World needed one and a half year to fix the chat function, just to break it even more and generally just leave it broken.

    They just let the players pay them lots of money for some shop items and let the money flow.
    There's always someone who's got way too much money, so why even care?
  14. Liquidrider

    Actually F2P games like Smite & League of Legends are doing very well. Not because they are MOBA, but because of their competitive player base. They practically do the advertising for the Companies through twitch, social media and so on.

    SOE DBG missed a major opportunity in creating an e-sport / competitive side to this game. Even Server Smash & Community Clash made headlines and that wasn't even for any money.

    After looking at the wishlist & now the forced change in flight mechanics, I am truly disappointed with the direction they are taking this game.
  15. Nalothisal

    Did I sudden;y stumble into an episode of Archer?
  16. pacikalus

    Buyed by Columbus Nova, which owned by Renova Group, who's owner is Viktor Vekselberg, who is russian billioner :)
    For Mother Russia! :):)
  17. Kirppu1

    That Barack obama is actually a reptilian?
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  18. Nalothisal

    A nu chiki briki i v damka!

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