Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Yago

    I think Smed is still on the payroll, I quote a statement of his saying he looks forward to making XBox games with DayBreak.

    Would be very refreshing for him to actually join the forums and speak truth, but Satan might have to get out his ice-skates again (still makes me giggle that mental image).
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  2. Pfundi

    Good to hear, that the EU actually has a sense :)
    But, since when is England part of the EU? :p (just kiddin)
    Man that thing here wont let me calm... still reading Wiki pages about that company. I invested too much time here to just watch :(
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  3. Yago

    Well I for one would rather the game end with a bang, look at how they left the best game of all time PS1 to fester and rot.

    If they announced a closing date, we would all make sure we partied and pew pew while it lasted.
  4. vincent-

    I was going to spend money on some weapons but now I rather not, seeing nothing on roadmap and soe getting bought out scares me from trusting a company looking for only a profit. I came here for fun and if they think keeping us in the dark no update no new content or fixes and keeps saying they want to make great games well than yea I got dota 2 and so many more who can take my money.

    I've seen what happens to companies that get bought out, it's EA all over again except death and nothingness is what happens with small name companies.
  5. iller

    With any luck, these CNTP people will N.G.E. his level of influence....if anyone catches the reference...
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  6. AlterEgo

    Such a magical video. I have high hopes for our future generations.
  7. Yago

  8. AlterEgo

    Satan is bad. Smed is good. Therefore, Smed is our lord and savior.
    Satan= 5 letters.
    -4 letters, Smed.
    Smed -- 1 letter equals three letters.

    Battlefront 3 confirmed.
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  9. LordTankT9

    Well Vanu always can go back to disco/electric-party and make some "shake it baby" to earn for living.
    Cheers up, NC supposed to be very handy people prior to contract service - you can go back prior to your resistance fighting jobs, there is a lot of mess you made that needs to be cleaned and rebuild.
  10. Zoobe

    Ah man, I am so over that hurdle lol. Best bit for me is I brought TOXIKK, awesome game. Get in there.
  11. WarmasterRaptor

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  12. siiix

    as you might noticed in recent years more and more international companies do not want to get involved with US companies either, its just to risky so close to the end of the empire (AKA USA).. the 1960's the bright days of the empire are over ;)

    hopefully eventually some decent and honest European company will buy SOE/daybreak
  13. MuNrOe

    So let me see if I get this correct, SOE sells company and assets to Columbus Nova. SOE now acting as an independent company known as Daybreak Game Company an asset of Columbus Nova.

    Yeah I have a few questions.

    1. Why was it sold ?
    2. What is the new investment's firms goal objectives with planetside 2 ?
    " It will be business as usual " can mean allot of things. Some strategies within business lack ethics entirely but its still considered business as usual.
    3. Was this move brought about through receivership ?

    As a planeside 1 vet and avid PS2 supporter it concerns me the future of the game.

    This either will go one of 2 ways.

    PS2 will be milked for all its worth and then scrapped.
    PS2 will be re-invested into to create a truly epic game.
    PS2 development team will be scrapped or expanded based on the above 2

    With most gaming companies today the main priority seems to be milking as much money as fast as possible from its customers before creating the next big piece of sht. For an " investment management firm" I really fail to see them moving outside the box on this.

    Its a shame you know when it takes indi game developers and crowd sourced funded companys to make amazing games before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon to copy. Only to release cr4ppier versions of what the original games were now with "Things you can buy".

    When will you guys realise that its making amazing games with the focus on the game itself instead of the money that long term games that are not only good but flat out change the gaming industry are made. Its then you will make the money. Not microtransations and paying for updates.

    For me it seems like this past 2 and a bit years everyone here including the entire player base has been playing paying for an unfinished game. Testing it out so that you could port it over to the PS4 incomplete to make a quick buck.

    The original developers of planeside 1 would look to this now and shake their heads.
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  14. Yago

    Daybreak is already "owned" by a capital investment management company worth $15 billion or so called "Columbus Nova"
    I linked that info on the last page.

    That in itself does nothing but make the future look short.
  15. Leer

    It's fun reading these comments. Many people don't understand much about running a business or investing in a business. Just like most of the nerf and buff requests that don't look at the entire game and just the way that that person plays (and gets owned).

    It also seems like a number of people don't know that Sony gutted the SOE dev group to save money and then pulled a large number of the remaining people from existing games like PS2 and put them on new projects like H1Z1, PSonPS4. That forced choices between new content and optimizations all on a much slower schedule.

    Nova won't walk away, they bought SOE to make money, not lose it. FYI: PS2 has recently just started making money. If they are able to bring back some of the old devs this game has renewed potential to grow quickly.

    So many people on these forums seem to have had their brains ZOE nerfed.
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  16. Yago

    Sounds to me like Columbus are going to buy up several games companies, cream off what they can and concentrate this into one resource. What ever is left will be flushed down the can.
    It's a matter of percentiles now.
  17. sjtw_w_stot

    I'd have no problem paying a subscription to play IF they fixed the game and got quite a few more redundant servers to get rid of all the lag and latency on their side.
  18. Yago

    But, but, you actually didn't say anything here!!

    PS2 and h1whatever, their number is up, just a matter of time.
    They will take the best staff, ideas with a view to the future.
    PS2 and H1thingy will be kept running to keep the wolf from the door for now, BUT....

  19. Leer


    1. Sony needed the cash and saw SOE as not a key part of the company. or They had a great cash offer because the directors at Columbus Nova are TR and liked the OPness.
    2. I think RadarX or Smed said that they are expecting new resources so I assume PS2 will be bug fixed, polished and have a new marketing push to see if it can regain some traction with players. Milking it doesn't make sense, with modest (my guess) amount of work they game can be rounded out.
    3. I think they need to declare receivership before any forced or encouraged transactions are made. Sony might have done this for some capital to help it restructure the parent company.
  20. Alarox

    More of the community is on Reddit. You're not special snowflakes because you choose to stay solely on the forums.

    They still read this forum, but you're the ones choosing a feedback medium that you know is less likely for the developers to engage in.
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