So ZOE Getting nerfed because OP? Then nerf Scats and Fractures.

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  1. Bolticus

    Just so you know, dual VS quasars/blueshifts are no better than a standard HA LMG.
    An LMG kills in 7-8 shots at 650-800 RPM.
    A Quasar/Blueshift/Cycler kills in 7 shots at 300-400 RPM.
    So 2 AI MAX arms for both VS/TR are no better than an LMG.
    The only advantage is a larger mag, bigger ammo pool, and a sturdier platform.
  2. c0r3

    Ah the situational argument. Probably has merit, certainly did for the scatmax. But forum tears got that nerfed.

    If half of you guys spent as much time playing as whining, you might see how things really are situational, and people should adapt instead of balancing on situation. Like balancing scatmax on the basis of people trying to hug them in biolabs.
  3. treeHamster

    Thank you for your logical post. Most of these NC and TR want an ability that will directly increase their ability to steamroll infantry. The TR and NC got defensive abilities while the VS got an offensive ability. In terms of vehicles, the NC and TR have the offensive vehicles (Maggy is a sniper tank you use from long range and not up close pushing, the Scythe just plain sucks as well as the least mobile).

    The defensive potential of the Aegis and Lockdown are insane, except nobody in this game wants to defend. They want to sit their butt down and farm free certs or attack. Rarely do you ever see people want to sit around and just defend something.

    In the past week since I started using ZOE I see plenty of people turn and run when they see a ZOE MAX. When I see NC MAX's, most of the time they try and fight the ZOE out right. Only a few times have I seen them shield up and back off around a corner. Their advantage is when you get close. Instead of forcing ZOE's to get close, they try to run them down without charge.

    TR MAX's use LD in the places they should but then whine because they don't get a TON of certs. Part of that is because they sit in groups of 3-4 and have to share certs vs what they used to do which was run without other MAX's around.

    Like I said, I'm sorry you guys got defensive abilities while the VS got an offensive ability. However, it doesn't mean that ZOE is OP or your stuff is terrible, it means you're probably not using it correctly. It's funny how everyone thinks they should use one thing for something entirely different. Prowlers for farming infantry when it's suppose to fight tanks. ESF's using pods for farming squishies when they're suppose for be for fighting vehicles. Reavers using airhammers for A2A instead of Vortek because it also does AI. TR and NC MAX's using AV weapons for AI because they work as all around weapons. The list goes on. Learn to start using your stuff the way it was designed to be used and you'll find it's quite good. It just so happens the VS immediately started using ZOE for what it was meant to be used for while the TR and NC are taking forever to do the same.
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  4. KodiakX

    People always bring up the speed garbage, it's how you can tell they have no idea what they're talking about.

    NC and VS both have guns with equal or near equal speeds and in some classes of weapon faster speeds than TR. On vehicles it means nothing because there's no virtually no open ground or rolling hills in this game that doesn't turn into stop (lose all speed) and shoot. The one area it does give us an advantage is in the air and most pilots agree the Mosquito is pretty damned good.

    Ignoring comparisons to Lockdown or Shield, ZOE is stupid good. People know it's stupid good. Devs have the data pulled from the servers and see all the people using it and how stupid good it is. Doesn't take a forum crusade or forum whining to figure out when 25% of your infantry is now MAXes in ZOE that something is probably up. If you didn't expect a nerf you're just choosing to be ignorant and stupid of reality.

    The funny part is I'm willing to bet they released it being so stupid good because they probably got a crapload of people to spend a ton of money on MAX weapon upgrades (dual comets, dual quasars, etc) and nerfing it shortly after.
  5. USD

    False. Strikers don't lock on to maxes. Or turrets.

    Nice try though.
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  6. Lagavulin

    Spout more cr@p, why don't you.
  7. Flukeman62

    I don't
  8. Scientiarum

    Knew it would get nerfed and planned on buying that stuff anyway (but yes I did buy them after GU09 lol). Honestly from what I saw on the test server it wasn't nearly as OP as I thought it would be. I thought it would be completely game breaking and it wasn't. In the big fights against big infantry zergs it really does turn you into paper while equipped. That being said it IS indeed the best of the three MAX upgrades and appears to be a straight upgrade over charge (basically does what charge did better plus other advantages). I do expect some balancing adjustments I just hope they don't go overboard with it. The main thing is the strafe speed, although a slight strafe speed adjustment seems logical it should not be nearly what it is currently on live. They should tone that down first and see if that does the trick. If it is still OP then by all means ''nerf' it again but please don't completely screw Vanu over.

    The Ageis shield is pretty nice and I'd say pretty spot on although I wouldn't be surprised if it got a bit more HP. It is situational but I have seen it been used VERY effectively while playing my NC char in like a roman soldier formation to advance an entire platoon forward down two separate corridors to surround and completely steamroll vanu in a biolab, even overcoming 6 vanu ZOE MAXes in the process.

    The TR really got shafted though, and I think their MAX lockdown ability needs more of a buff than ZOE needs a nerf. It takes way too frickin' long for the lockdown to engage and disengage and save the effectiveness to bursters (which, lets be honest, with their striker and super fast, hard to hit mossie the TR already controlled the skies like no other faction could) I really feel like there is basically no difference in real world effectiveness when using lockdown for anti infantry weapons. It just makes you a friggen sitting duck and it sucks.

    Fun fact: GU9 gave a huge nerf to the Vortex's damage versus infantry/MAX's, instead of Fractures/Ravens.

    Scatter MAXs aren't OP, they just piss people off with the insta killing, I actually believe they're UP compared to the versatility of the other 2 MAXs weapons. I want them scraped tbh. I want the Scattercannons gone and I want heavy machine guns. Slower fire rate than the VS ones with more dmg. Fits the NC. Stop giving the NC shotguns, people just QQ about them, they get nerfed to hell and the NC gets shafted while people still believe they're OP.
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  11. Stew360

    PRO TIPS blueshift as 60 amo exetended magazine ANY maxs users who have braincells will use those

    Protips Quasar extended mag as 75 amo count so yeah i see a nice talk from a guys that saw lol

    Here is good players playing with VS maxs extended magazine Vanilla and ZOE

    LOOK CLOSE A OUR amo count AcceleratorPrime use a dual quasar extended mag 75 each

    ANd i use a blueshift/quasar extended mag 75 quasar 60 blueshift so yeah

  12. Loegi

    Sounds pretty childish, and you're reasoning seems weird. Obviously if something is OP it needs to be nerfed, no need to be surprised about getting ZOE nerfed.
  13. Slaidd

    Anyone who tries to say fracmaxes in lockdown are at a "disadvantage" because they can't move, is just not being honest or don't know what the **** they're talking about.

    Fracmaxes don't NEED to move, because they're killing literally everything in front of them. Flanking them is nearly impossible by any class that can actually try to kill them. And not to mention an engineer can hide behind a locked down max and be nearly completely protected from incoming fire, while they repair them.
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  14. Holomang

    The ZOE in its current iteration is blatantly unbalanced compared to the other factions MAX abilities

    A speed AND damage buff with a completely negligible downside is absolutely overpowered and it will be brought back into line with the other MAXes next week.
  15. XDDante

    6 months and 1 nerf later and vs can't figure how to keep the distance with the NC Max... *sigh* yeah ZOE is still OP after nerf give a cool down time and it will be balanced...
  16. Eclipson

    So instead of reducing the damage to infantry, you want to split the magazine size in half, making it less effective against what it is meant to be used on, vehicles. Well, i'm certainly glad you are not on the SOE balance team :rolleyes:
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  17. Klondik3

    No need to nerf anything. Just make Aegis shield work like Vanguard shield and allow MAX to fire while shielded.

    We will nerf Fracture and ZOE MAXes ourselves.
  18. Whargoul

    All I see in those videos is a decent MAX player against a bunch of noobs with really bad aim. If I tried that on Connery I'd be dead in 5 secs.
  19. WarpNaccele

  20. MilitiaMan

    I love these threads..


    That isn't how balance works bro.....

    I thought for a long time Fractures to be OP, while they are not weak they are also not OP.

    The are very effective against idiots that stand still and vehicles....