So ZOE Getting nerfed because OP? Then nerf Scats and Fractures.

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  1. asmodraxus

    Yeah lets just nerf everything...

    Lets make the Aegis shield take 1 bullet from a beamer to destroy it
    Lets make a Lockdown max take 30 minutes to unlock
    Lets make the ZOE completely useless

    Or we try to make balanced comments, but then no VS wanted ZOE, the mobility is nice and all, but it isn't jump jets.
  2. TeknoBug

    LOL Fracture... I've only been killed by that thing ONCE, it takes 4 volleys to kill infantry with it and I've been killed more by Comets and Ravens which can kill you in 1 volley. If I'm getting hit by Fractures, I'm not sticking around to let you hit me with more rounds.

    PS- that strafing nerf on PTS with ZOE is necessary, players has been abusing the movement speed.
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  3. DjUnicorn

    NC Aegis Shield

    - Disadvantages:
    • Inability to use weapons
    - Advantages:
    • Receives no frontal damage
    • No delay during activation and deactivation
    TR Lockdown mode:

    - Disadvantages:
    • Can't move
    • Reduced field of fire
    • Delay during activation and deactivation
    - Advantages:
    • Increased damage output
    • Incresed RoF
    VS ZOE module:

    - Disadvantages:
    • Receives more damage
    - Advantages:
    • Increased movement speed
    • Increased damage output
    • Increased RoF
    • No delay during activation and deactivation
    And you still cry for fractures to be changed into pounders and scatcannons to become snipers?
    ZOE isnt suppose to be used for all situations, learn when to use it or the other ability would be better off removed from the game.

    God damn, couldn't pick a better time to give up on this game.
  4. DeltaGun

    Just played a few hours of TR yesterday. Fighting the ZOE max was no wrose than fighting a Fracture MAX or or Scattermax. I'd much rather have to deal with a few ZOE then a few impossible to kill and One-Shotting Aegis Shield NC MAXs.
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  5. LT_Latency

    ZoE was getting nerfed everyone knew it.

    They left it powerful to help boost VS pop and are now bringing it inline
  6. Artoriusaurus Rex

    Faction abilities mostly apply to vehicles if you haven't noticed. The infantry on all sides are pretty much the same with extremely minor differences that don't affect much in the end.

    I'll repeat myself.

    "The TR is about using speed to gain a superior position with which to then dig in and unload massive [and sustained] firepower."

    And when it comes to vehicles (read: where faction abilities really count), ROF sure as heck is a TR trait.
  7. Hands Down

    I guess you NC should use your own medicine for a change - i.e.:

    - "Live with it"
    - "Learn to play"
    - "Stop QQ-ing"

    It sucks, doesn't it?
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  8. Hands Down

    Said the person who plays NC... Irony here I come.
  9. zib1911

    Ok so are Max's get into position with speed. No your wrong try again.

    Now were changing it to vehicles are the only ones that matter gotcha, why the **** you posting in this thread again?

    I hate when people post TR is all about speed when the post of this thread is how the ZOE is so fast. You claim to understand our faction trait but your full of ****.
  10. Badname0192

    Bad forum thread by crybaby is bad.

    Please forum mods shut down.
  11. Benton!

    ZOE strafing maxes don't warp, neither do regular infantry. It's never been proven to exist. Ever.
  12. Dr Toerag

    No, no, no. You don't understand. The ZOE needed changing in the name of BALANCE.
    For the last six months, Vanu MAXes with the honourable exception of Bursters, have been a laughable joke.
    For nearly 2 weeks they were competitive, therefore not in balance with the previous 6 months. They may need further work after this patch, there is a risk someone may still use them.

    In all things, BALANCE is king!

    (If anyone believes Vanu MAXes were a match for NC or TR MAXes over the last 6 months, I'm afraid I have to respectfully laugh in your deluded face.) :)
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  13. Jrv

    It's a shame, when I was notified of a response, I was hoping for an actual argument.
  14. SolidSnake

    No actually I haven't. I'd love to see one when I'm playing my TR toon though, so I can throw a couple of bricks of C4 in there and rake in the exp, 'cause that's about all you're going to accomplish in your attempt to recreate a scene from 300.

    Let's assume for a second that we do this. If there are teammates shooting from behind the shield that means they can be shot at as well, so all you have a is a slow moving glob of infantry, begging to have C4, rockets, mines, etc. thrown at them or place in their path. This stupid Hollywood stunt you want to pull will accomplish nothing.

    Do you really play NC man? I'd hate to have someone like you on my side. "OK guys! we gonna form a wall of shields and move up to the point, ready? go! BOOM BOOM BOOM" uhhh what happened?
  15. SolidSnake

    I agree with you that VS Maxes weren't very good in the past, but what you're implying here is that because they sucked in the past the devs should let ZOE stay in its current OP form? Kinda like a make up referee call in a ball game? lol. No.

    ZOE will still be viable even with a movement speed reduction. I get the feeling it will not stop the purple tears from flowing though, kinda like that spoiled kid who has a bunch of toys but you take one away and it's all "BWAHHHHH I can never have the toys I want!"
  16. SolidSnake

    Fracture bullet speed is much higher than Ravens so even if it's two volleys it takes about the same time to hit with them. I do agree that AV weapons shouldn't be effective against infantry. That's why they nerfed Phoenix launchers, then they should go ahead and do the same to all AV weapons used in this manner.
  17. Caydn

    lol you made me laugh scat max was nerfed ages ago now they a waste of certs
  18. SgtBreastroker

    I am inclined to agree with OP, provided they only nerf the AI capabilities of those two weapons. If you compare those two to the Vortex you will find that the Vortex is miles behind.
  19. Artoriusaurus Rex

    Damn. You're a bitter little guy, aren't you? Any particular reason you feel the need to be an ******* about this? Speed is speed whether its movement speed or ROF. Every TR vehicle (including the MAX, which I consider a vehicle) has a speed advantage of some sort or another.

    No need to get so damn emotional.

    You too with the condescension? Yeesh.

    Yeah. Good luck approaching a group of NC infantry ducking in and out of their mobile Aegis shield cover as you run/float in with your C4. I'm sure that'll go fantastic.

    And since you seem to question it, perhaps you should try it. (No, I don't mean in an open field with tanks and rockets flying everywhere, goof). I saw it kick the ever-living snot out of a VS platoon the other day.
  20. SolidSnake

    You seem to be missing the point. Why do we need to use our "uber" shield in these highly elaborate and very situational schemes of yours? Does the VS need to coordinate a bunch of ZOE Maxes to be effective? no. You turn it on and go about your business with added damage and mobility. Does the TR need to coordinate a group of Fracture Maxes to effectively destroy armor? nope, deploy lockdown proceed to own said armor. See my point?

    Just because it's remotely possible to do, which I still believe you're bullshatting us, doesn't make the ability A OK balanced, good enough, end of story. If fools like you want to take any crap ability SOE hands down and be content with it, by all means. I will call it for what it is, a subpar ability, with very limited uses. Lol "owned a VS platoon the other day" yeah right.