So ZOE Getting nerfed because OP? Then nerf Scats and Fractures.

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  1. Xasapis

    Well, while being biased is good and all, you are conveniently forgetting the state of the magrider post CU2 and the state of all the empire specific launchers introduced. Zoe is the only VS empire specific thingy that the developers didn't have to put into constant buffing circles to bring it on par with the other two empires these past five months.
  2. Yonasu

    still waiting for someone to notice that the real life numbers still have NC max weapons as the top 5 in kills/hour while wearing max suit.

    I havent tried the test server but i have felt that the strafing speed might be a little high cause we compete with light assault on that speed, which is wrong. But nerfing it further than that just means that SOE listens to whine threads...

    blueshift is down on rank 14. does this mean vs maxes idle alot? Or what other silly reason can you come up with?
  3. Artoriusaurus Rex

    NC here. The ZOE MAX is fine, why?

    Asymmetrical Balance

    Speed is a TR thing, versatility/mobility is a VS thing, power is an NC thing. Let it be.
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  4. Draf

    Yes I see.

    I never said, that anything is OP!
    But here is my thesis: If something that makes even a bad player good is OP?? (as in my video)
    If something kills you used by a skilled player - is it OP or is it the skill from the enemy? (as in your video)

    As I said - the problem isn't that ZOE is OP, is very strong in skilled arms! Actually it advances too much from the actual bad netcode of PS2 - thats why I said bring down its speed to normal infantry (on Tier 5) and tweak the strafespeed!

    What I hate the most, is the damn OP this, OP there - there are differences in all three factions but everyone wanna compare apple with apple... There are 6000! players on the server with different skill levels... The only way to balance this, would be to give all three faction common pool weapons, abilities, MBTs, ...
    But would that be fun?

    God, I only want to proof, that you damn shield isn't bad!
    I know that ZOE could kill infantry - my MAX could kill infantry also without ZOE!

    What's your point?

    Btw. next time please post a actual video that wasn't recorded on PTS a month ago!
    ZOE Speed got nerfed on PTS after that, and was going live with reduced speed
  7. SolidSnake

    To what power do you refer to in this last update? How is shield with very limited situational utility supposed to make our weapons more powerful? ZOE and Lockdown increased damage/mobility and ROF/reload/bullet speed respectively, while Aegis Shield does jack **** for our weapons. In its current form the Aegis Shield doesn't provide anywhere near the benefits that the other factions got from their new Max abilities.
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  8. Yonasu

    *edit* nevermind my failed post earlier actually made it through, look above :)
  9. ih8Darian

    Pro tip: Blueshift has 40 ammo, not 75. If your talking about a VS weapon you thing is OP, please at least know how much ammo it can have.
  10. Citizen H

    How does Lockdown benefit TR? It doesn't. It just makes MAXs sitting ducks. It's a boon to VS and NC Light Assaults and rocket HAs. I've never had more grenade and C4 kills thanks to these beautifully noisy, red and immobile targets.

    It's good for AA? Lock on missiles already kept the skies clear for less resources and certs.

    It's good for AV? Strikers do better for cheaper.

    It's good for AI? HAHAHA! No. In fact on the Enclave stream people were being told not to use Lockdown. This is coming from the Outfit that single-handedly got the Annihilator nerfed when it was already poor and lock ons were weak as a whole. If not even TE can make something work, it's utter garbage.
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  11. metrotw

    ZOE should have went to the TR like it did in PS1 but since the devs couldn't be bothered to give the VS their Jumpjets we got stuck with (as usual) lockdown garbage.

    TR = Speed = ZOE
    VS = Mobility = Jumpjets

    See how this was supposed to work?
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  12. phreec

    More like:

    Asymmetrical Imbalance

    Mobility can't be a "thing" on a class which biggest and only downside is its lack of mobility...
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  13. Yonasu

    dont set yourself up for a striker-nerf-derail :) you cant use the striker as a way to say something else is useless cause the striker does it better. My max dies of striker more often then anything cause every goddamn tr has one :)
  14. Beartornado

    Except he did EXACTLY THAT.

    He suggested outright nerfs to both weapons without actually explaining why they needed nerfs. If you consider "it's so broken" to be a constructive arguement then I wonder how you decided the ZOE nerf threads were non-constructive since they at least made a greater attempt to explain the problems with ZOE (even if inaccurate) before suggesting a nerf.
  15. C0L0NELH0GAN

    Since i read posts like this one:
    I can give you the Name, who created this post and the Thread, where it can be found as PM if you want (so you can proof, that this is a REAL post). Don't want to blame this poster here...
    btw. was one of your faction ;)
  16. zib1911

    If thats the case how come every TR special ability involves us deploying and losing all of our speed?
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  17. Beartornado

    That's still more effort that just saying its broken. I'm not defending the ZOE nerf threads, I don't really think a nerf is needed and many of the complaints came far too early. The point is that there was absolutely nothing constructive about the start of this thread. The thread starter could've at least made a ridiculous story to go with his complaints so I could have a laugh.
  18. Kumaro

    At the cost of movement speed we get Firing speed. -w- not that hard to figure out.

    And on to other whiners on here about MAX units.
    NC shield. Seen it in biolab crush a lot of resistance. Seen it be used to push out from spawn rooms to. Extremely useful to move a battle forward.

    VS ZOE. Makes them very easily defeated on open ground. However it allows them to support infantry in combat actively. Seen it used to clean out buildings and fend of other Maxes during defence

    TR Lockdown. Extremely deadly in defence. TTK equal to NC Shotguns. Very useful for bottlenecking buildings. Recommend using with flack.

    So for the tactically incompetent. Which i believe is a lot of people playing this game. Each of these abilities are situational.
    Have backsides. And require some know how to play as and against.
    And finally ZOE IS NOT OP!!! especially since you can pretty much take them down with one mag of a HA machinegun -w-

    And as for the SOE team. I hope you don't go with one of your utterly ******** and stupid buff+nerf combo in any of this ever again. do one at a time and see what happens. 5-7 failures with that **** should have thought you something. -w-

    felt good to get that of my chest. =^.^=
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  19. loleator

    ZOE is op. Fractures 4 shot infantry whereas most av options 2 shot them. They are fine. ZOE is not, you're biased.
  20. Myka

    I noticed. I also noticed:

    Fractures top the list by a wide margin. These things need to be nerfed, they are pinpoint acccurate and useful against everything, infantry included. A clear imbalance is indicated in the numbers.