So ZOE Getting nerfed because OP? Then nerf Scats and Fractures.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Timperium, May 31, 2013.

  1. Timperium

    ScatMAXs and Fractures have been broken for far too long.

    Reduce the mag size of Fractures by half and increase the effective range of ScatMAXs but lower the instagib damage.
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  2. KAHR-Alpha

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    I'm thinking, that teaking on the ZOE Strafe speed IS necessary as long as SOE has the Problem with the ADAD-ing!
    But jep, Fractures are horrible - with lockdown, they are the new doorguards of BioLABs and also as AV weapon
    ScatMAX's is Strong but not OP because of its only hard CQC strength... If you wanna take their Instagib-Power, then you have to give them also a medium range strengh

    Wow, why there are so many "constructive" ZOE OP threads on here????
    And by the way, his post IS constructive because he gave a suggestion for solution - not only crying OP without any reasons as many others done in those ZOE OP threads
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  4. Dragonblood

    Yeah, so effective that no one tries to do that on Miller. Sorry, but lockdown sucks at defending a point. It's better to be unlocked, so you can evade incoming grenades or rockets.
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    Saw something different on Miller on Saturday about 1am on the Saurva BioLAB...
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  6. Dragonblood

    Nope, never seen it. I see a lot of Maxes guarding Doorways, but 4/5 of them stay unlocked.
  7. Vralof

    Do people know at all what balance means anymore? Max abilities and now are as balanced as they can be. If you nerf one, it goes to unbalance. I say keep Maxes now as they are and deal with it.
  8. Stew360

    Sorry but the NC get a useless shield as a ability , the scatter maxs is exactly how it was in the past and the Vanilla VS maxs still kill in 7 shot whiouth ZOE that mean 3.5shot per arms with a blueshift its actually below 0.25 sec ttk on infantry and if you aim for the head its actually 0.15 sec or something like this so yeah gimme a break dude

    Since you have 75 shot per mag 2 arms 7 shot kills ( vanilla ) you can kill around 21 infantry in the body before you reload once and 37 if you headshot them alll with a dual blueshift or even a quasar both will be pretty similar but at the very least 15 to 30 infantry lol while even if you dont miss a single shot it actually take 4 shot of scatter maxs to kills 1 infantry 2shot per arms and 2 shot 1 shot per arms in the head at its best thats mean around 3 to 6 kills Maximum before you need to reload

    both maxs as the same amount of healt and the scatter are more limited in range and amo capacity as soon as a scatter as to reload it is highly vulnerable to c4 rockets and so on the scat maxs isnt forgivable while its the opposite for vs and tr maxs

    so your arguments is base on nothing

    the ZOE should have never ever been implemented ever thats is the problem

    aegis shield isnt a issue at all

    lock down isnt a issue at alll

    ZOE is a huge issue it create a huge imbalance agains infantry since all the balance between maxs and infantry as been design around speed and they have break this rules with ZOE givving them more stopping power instead of less and a negligeable minus armo ...
  9. Vralof

    People cry ZOE is OP because they get killed by it. Same goes for pump-action shotguns and so on. This is just pathetic.
  10. SteelMantis

    Well in a way this suggestion makes sense. VS have the worst MAX weapons, if our new suit ability gets nerfed (and it is going to) maybe the other MAX weapons should be brought in line.

    Except of course even nerfed ZOE will likely still be the best new MAX ability.:D
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  11. Stew360

    VS as a freaking 7 shot kills quasar or blueshift you know whats that mean ?

    yeah it mean 3 shot from 1 arms and 4 shot for the other you know how long it take to kill a infantry with your maxs ? 0.25 sec ;) and less if you shoot in the head

    the bluesift as 366 round per minute thats mean 6 round per second it take 7 round to kill so you have dual blueshift how long it take to kill a infantry in the body ? yep it take 0.5 sec or less :D like any weapons in this game

    Iam sorry but , you obviously have no experience with all the maxs i do , ive play plently with VS , TR and NC maxs and i know whats they are capable of the dual blueshift is a infantry nigthmare ( whiouth ZOE ) ;)
  12. Fenrisk

    I see some Vanu are using up their daily quota of silly threads.

    I haven't seen such forum anguish since the daoc zerka nerf.
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  13. C0L0NELH0GAN

    Shield isn't useless - on a skilled MAX player they work very well! There are videos on YT, where you can see OP ZOE run away in a BioLab

    You forgot one aspect here - named accuracy!
    Please compare the accuracy of a shotgun weapon to an automatic weapon and redo your math...

    There the shield shines! Go up to closerange while your 20k HP shield protects you from damage and then instagib your enemies

    Yours also not that fundamental...

    Well, if we get the Jumpjet instead, there also would be heavy QQing because on the first look, ZOE or Jumpjet were "cooler" then the other two abilities. Fact!

    What I said prior - bring ZOE down to normal Infantryspeed and reduce Strafespeed as long as there is the ADADADing problem
  14. RazerKilll

    nerf scats haha again srsly now?
    you know zoe is op.
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  15. Stew360

    Your video is a horrible exemple of a horrible player here is a good player with a VS maxs suit and a NC maxs suit same playe same skills

    As you can see he destroy tr maxs anytime whith a VS maxs dual quasar but also nc maxs if the nc maxs cannot reach its most efficient range ;)
  16. Jrv

    Scatmaxes aren't OP, anyone who says so is blinded by faction bias.

    Dual Blueshifters with ZOE kills infantry up close JUST as fast, while also having massive clips, faster reload, and medium-long range capacity. That's not even taking into account the maneuverability.

    You can sit there strafing for a good 15 seconds firing 200ish rounds before your reload, which is twice as fast as a scatmax reload. You can kill probably 4xs as many people in that clip. We get 2 seconds of fire, then we've gotta run.

    Super close range, that's it. We win at really close range, assuming you're too stupid to kite. That's it. We have to get right in your face and unload our entire extended magazines.(impossible without, btw) You want to take that from us as well? Might as well load up the MAXes with BB guns.
  17. Ribero

    Once upon a time, Hacksaws were really OP. Scatter weapons were nerfed, but now whenever someone gets mad that their Toys are getting a balance pass, they seem to forget this and yell "ScatMax is OP, fix that if you want to IncrediNerf my things!"

    Hell, there's even some who revert back to "Phoenix is OP"
  18. Fenrisk

    A slight nerf to ADAD movement speed with ZOE and VS throw all their toys out the pram. OMG i can't ADAD faster then infantry anymore! :rolleyes:

    All your bitter threads crying for nerfs because a blatantly over powered ability got it's ADAD movement lowered to match the rest of its speed buff. Infantry speed or less is the ZOE speed and it will still be too fast after your non-nerf next patch.

    You don't even know what a real nerf is Vanu. Try having your best AI MAX weapon nerfed from 143 damage down to 125 damage when that weapon performed worse in terms of kills/hour then the AI max weapons of the other factions. Did TR spam the forums with nerf Blueshifts/Scatmax's after we got our main weapon nerfed? Nope. Even though both them weapons out-performed mercy's. We questioned the nerf and got no response and no one was even saying mercy's were OP.

    Your lucky the devs didn't nerf ZOE to what it should of been in the first place. A 0.5m/s speed buff at rank one increasing to 1 m/s speed buff at rank 5. A 2 m/s speed buff at any rank is too fast for ANY max given ALL max's are balanced around being slow.
  19. Draf

    Delete VS maxes, problem solved.
    I have to remember that VS are the only faction allways whinning to nerf all others.
    Now get your nerf on your stupid max and ****.
  20. SolidSnake

    I'm down with the proposed NC change, yes. Not sure if reducing the Fracture clip size is enough. If you use them while on lockdown your reload rate is super fast so you will still be able to fire them at a fast rate. They need to do the same thing they did to the Phoenix. Change the damage to infantry specifically and keep the damage to vehicles, after all that's what they're for.

    That being said, if these changes were to happen, they'd have to reduce the ZOE movement speed more than that video someone posted yesterday showing a reduction in strafing speed. Don't try to sell to us that ZOE is balanced now just with that. Give them a speed increase but like Fenrisk more eloquently put it, Maxes should never be able to move that much faster than infantry.


    Make NS Bursters not be affected AT ALL by ZOE or Lockdown. If NC doesn't get a buff to them like the other factions got, then nobody should get it. It's bull crap how fast they kill aircraft now. Bursters were already powerful before the last update, they're way OP with lockdown and ZOE.