Sniper rifle tone down for skill.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Howler556, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Mrsnuggles1337

    First they eyeball the **** out of it and then they pull out their rulers and put it up against the screen. Yeah.

    jk lol
  2. Melicalol

    ITS A freakin BOLT.. u can trace it.
  3. Scuzzle

    I was waiting for a thread just like this so i could reply to it. Anyone claiming an infiltrator is OP because they are being 1 shot really has no idea what they are talking about. I will get 10, 20 and sometimes even 30 kills before dying. The only thing keeping me from getting more is running out of ammo. You might be thinking that is OP but i will tell you how i do it. I aim at people sitting next to a force field waiting for generators to go down. Yes those amazing well informed players that just sit there in mass waiting for others to do the work, you know who you are.

    The only 1 shots are head shots. We have to deal with weapon sway, terrible render distance on infantry, bullet drop and a cloak that is next to useless. Infiltrator is by far one of the most skillful classes to play right now. If you find yourself at the receiving end too often, perhaps you should change your tactics a bit. In the mean time i will continue to cert into ammo belt.
  4. Soylent

    Just out of curiosity, what's the magnifier rate of the scope on the starter rifles? I'm pretty sure it's the same on all 3 empires, just have not ever bough a scope to have something to compare it to.

    Also, can confirm that there's no 1hk body shots except for head shots with the bolt-action rifles. Also the semi-auto rifles take 3 body shots to kill.
  5. m44v

    Yeah, is not stated anywhere, afaik the default scope is 6x.
  6. Xandax

    Well, I'm unsure about that. I was sitting atop some mountain and able to shoot into the top of a base with a huge drop off which seemed far farther away than 300. Caused havoc with my accuracy but did manage to zero in and kill a few before running out of ammo.
    It seems situational.
  7. EggoJay

    Standing still will get you killed if any Infiltrator such as myself are around. And if we are talking about smart infiltrators that even means in your base, at vehicle terminals, etc. An infiltrator who knows the terrain and how to get in position to murder people who just flat out don't expect to "have" to move are the ones that will make you /ragequit. I know I personally get a real jolly out of locking down a vehicle terminal with my Bolt Action and preventing them from rolling tanks/sundies to the front giving the TR some breathing room.
  8. pinkcheese

    pretty much what EggoJay said. It takes me 20 - 30 minutes sometimes to find a really good spot where I am hard to see and have a good line on the enemies flank. I got at least 40 kills after having to run and reload twice. I also knifed a sniper standing out on a ledge on my way for more ammo since he wasn't paying attention. Walk in to undefended corner of base hack ammo back to my spot. While I was there repairing a turret, hiding behind a wall, using the vehicle terminal or standing out in the open trying to shoot people and holding still meant your day was about to go down hill pretty fast. The hardest targets to hit when I am at two pips down in the scope are what I call twitchies. That guy who just moves back and forth with no pattern. He is REALLY hard to hit. Note don't fall into a pattern I nailed an engi repairing because he started doing small circles as he repaired and I just shot for where I knew he would be.

    my suggestions
    if you want to snipe.
    1 practice and learn bullet drop
    2 don't stand in the open( or on top of cliffs)
    3 use cloak and move from cover to cover when looking for a spot. stop to recharge in bushes and rock outcroppings
    This is important since if another sniper sees you running he knows your dangerous and will track you till you stop.
    4 find a spot that is 90 degrees from where the enemy is firing/looking. (the bullet should go in their ear)
    5 make sure your spot is good. I use rock sections where I have cover between me and most spotters. Bushes are also nice.
    6 once your are in a "good" spot don't move. You are harder to see when you don't move but this requires you to have a good spot in the first place. When its time to bug out however bug out. If you are shot at in your spot it is way past time to leave.

    if you hate being headshoted move erratically and constantly
  9. pinkcheese

    oh before I forget.

    For all the noobs out there hold shift to "hold your breath" and steady the rifle while scoped.
  10. deathTouch

    Players can render out to much farther distances if there is not many other players around in the area.

    I've been able to kill players at around 500m with the LA80. Required the use of the third mildot though.

    As for those asking about rangefinding: that's what the mildots are for. It's basically a ruler that can be used to both estimate target distance and provide reference points the shooter can use to vertically offset the rifle such to ensure the shot lands on target.

    Having said that, I have no idea about the specifics of the calibration for the LA80. I suppose I just have a feel for the distance of targets and can generally gauge how much correction is needed. Anything more than 1 mildot correction is pretty unusual with the LA80.
  11. Hellspawn

    I have the v10 and it does not kill anyone with one shot to the body. You are in error. Snipers are a pain in the *** but it's a part of the game. Don't stand out in the open and keep moving. As for myself, I usually play HA and haven't had much of a problem dealing with snipers.
  12. pretendo

    I think OP is trolling, infiltrators are completely useless
  13. Vetala

    Sniper rifles can not one shot unless it's a head shot, I know because I'm a **** shot so often hit the body
  14. ExquisitExamplE

    You know how I can tell who is just a scrublet?

    Well, if they make this thread, that's a pretty good indicator.
  15. Aktarus

    OP is right actually infil can one 1 bodyshot kill anyone with 1 finger

  16. Gravage

    Most of the people viewing this thread come into the Infiltrator forum because they like the class and thus, will only troll and tell you that you suck and don't stand still and sniper rifles are fine.

    I played a lot of PS 1. Instant kills were never that easy. You should not be able to one-shot kill a heavy infantry regardless and it happens way too often to be pure skill. Unless you want to tell me that every single sniper in the game is Uber 733t and headshots all the time. Either it's far too easy to get headshots in the game, or the hitboxes are too big. Having played Inf, I don't find it hard to get headshots, and I don't get a lot of practice. And I don't stand still when I'm playing. I get OHK'd when I'm running and jumping all the time.

    It wouldn't be so bad if half of each team didn't play them. But it's nearly impossible to survive as an infantry in the open when you have 10+ snipers shooting at you all at once. Even if one of them doesn't luck into a headshot, you're dead in two hits.

    The entire sniper mechanic is tired and annoying. Every single game since Duke Nukem 3D has had a sniper class and you get entire teams full of snipers because that's all the latchkey kids want to play so they can get their one-shot BS kills. They need to nerf it enough to where it's reasonable and takes skill so not everyone will play "sit and snipe" and may actually play the class for other things (like hacking?). Seems Sony fell into the same trap as every other FPS game made in the last 10 years.

    I will be spending most of my time in MAX suits and vehicles just so the sniper kiddies can't get their BS kills on me. Bottom line is: I never got sniped this much in PS 1, so it's most definitely a change for the worse. I'd honestly rather they made cloak last longer and increased the utility of infiltrators. Right now, they don't infiltrate anything except the nearest camping spot.

    In B4 "Youjustsucksnipersarefinelrn2playit'shardtogetonehitkillsumad".
  17. Schalla

    You ever tried anything else then just snipe ppl out?

    I'm sick of heavies spaming with LMGs the indoors and you can't do a **** as infiltrator - Same here?

    But yes, the hitbox of the head is to big, there I agree with you.
  18. ExquisitExamplE

    I know, you should totally be able to run around in the open field and not have to worry about enemy long-rifles. Herp-derp!

    Seems logical. But on a serious note, you are most assuredly not playing in a tactically sound manner if you are dying that much to sniper fire. When I get killed by a sniper I usually realize it's because I was doing something I shouldn't have been, or because the sniper pulled a very well-aimed shot. Either way, the balance for snipers is just fine. I rarely die to them.
  19. Gravage

    Yes, yes. I just suck. I just needed a pro to point that out to me. Because there are no open spaces in Planetside with no available cover and there are always vehicles to ride in. There's literally never a situation where you find yourself running with teammates to the next objective in the open, with a whole team full of enemy snipers camping in the rocks opposite you. I have never seen that happen.

    It's definitely my tactics. Has to be me.
  20. Imps

    You don't even know if Terran has a 1HKO gun...and are quitting. Probably better to do so now before you learn about rockets. And don't bother playing sniper, otherwise you'll be back saying you're quitting because you think infiltrators are useless, haha.

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