Sniper rifle tone down for skill.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Howler556, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Incarnadine

    As a sniper I'll say two things.

    One... Bolts only 1 shot to the head. Period. End of story. No debate. If it hits you on the chin, or in the neck, it'll count as a head shot and is under your eyes (field of vision). It's not un-common to aim there since head shots have a wider range to miss on either side if you're aiming at a moving target. There, even if you miss a little and aim low, its still a body shot allowing you to follow up an easy 2nd shot to the body. This is all it was, get over the whining.

    Two. Stop holding still. 99% prolly of 1hit headshots are on stationary targets. It is ALOT harder hitting a mobile target in the head with a sniper rifle from any noteable distance(past 150-200m). Lag, random slowing/aiming/sprinting, them hearing something and turning around, looking in a direction, ANYTHING will throw those off enough most snipers GENERALLY won't waste the shot on it specially with new ammo loss on bolts. Stationary targets (medics healing who don't move, HA's who have to hold still to aim a rocket, engis who hold still while repairing, other snipers lining up a shot, etc etc) are sniper food. Plain and simple. Any MOBILE target is very rarely going to get 1shot, most snipers that know their fighting mobile targets (they know their against a squad or on open field) will generally pick up the semi auto with a grip instead. One, 1shotting a mobile blows. Two, the PROBLEM with the semi auto where they can get in cover before you finish them off, doesn't apply in wide open field as much. Three, it doesn't blow quite as much (said it twice cause it's the biggest part)

    Side note - Bullet drop is rediculously lacking now. I don't even feel proud bout the 500m shots anymore (provided their RENDERED in and not vanishing) like I used to when that sort of drop made the shot feel epic. GRANTED, it was a little on the excessive side before, but now it's basically non-existent. I can't even count how many shots I've missed at range not cause they were moving or I missed, but because I over shot drop when there was really not enough to even count on

    One last side note - TR and VS do seem to have faster projectile speed, atleast it feels like it. No extensive testing, but the feel is there when picking them up to check out
  2. CaptainRobust

    Uh...bolt actions are only a OHK on headshots. Otherwise it's two shots on a good day.

    Moral of the story is stop standing still.
  3. iller

    ...was landing headshots myself on moving targets the 2nd day of playing... I think better advice would be to move erratically when in a suspected sniping lane ... or on a horizon ... or pretty much anywhere that a decent INF could sneak into without just climbing straight up a wall. And If you were watching the kill notifications fly by in the right corner of the screen, and not 1 of them had a picture of a sniper rifle, yet you get killed by a headshot without warning?? should probably take it as a real compliment that you were so patiently designated the highest-value target in the area.
  4. Prideful

    umm... the v10 is a 2-3hit kill on the body and one hit ONLY to the head
  5. CaptainRobust

    Either that, or you were on the receiving end of a lucky shot.
  6. water fowl

    OP probably played for an hour, got one shot, then came here to cry.

    V10 only one hit kills in the head. I have over 200 kills with it, I should know. Moving back and forth is enough to make hitting a headshot near impossible.

    OP : play inf for a bit of time, to learn how sniping works. Then you'll be able to play defensively against it.
  7. Kazuchan

    No, it's our gimmick.
  8. Zardoc

    They do, actually. It's just nowhere near as excessive as with TR/NC.
  9. gunshooter

    Idk how someone can complain about getting headshot. Yeah, you couldn't have really avoided it, but it was a good shot on your opponents part. Just respawn, there's no death penalty ffs.

    Hitting headshots on moving targets is very hard, I actually have not been sniped while moving at all, except by multiple body shots when I can't get to cover.
  10. Wobberjockey

    you can still get some crazy banana bullets if you add a silencer
  11. Melicalol

    V10 with scope has bullet drop, especially a x12 mag, it basically makes the gun useless, or good for killing an afk player.... but so is a knife.
  12. Afifa

    Can't the V10 1 body shot another Inf? I could be mistaken
  13. Lemmiatem

    Infantry won't draw passed 300 meters so I don't now you can claim you've killed them at 500 meters.
  14. Mansen

    Infiltrators don't have less health or shields than the other classes as far as I recall - this is a bit of a misconception carried over from other games where scout / sniper / ninja classes are usually weaker than the others. What makes them "weaker" is not being able to turn on a booster shield, heal themselves or restock ammo.
  15. absolofdoom

    If there's almost nobody around sometimes you can get it to render farther away. For me though I haven't seen it since the beta, usually cuts off around 200m when I'm lucky. Most of the time it's so close a guy with an LMG has a huge advantage and I just say **** it and play a different class.
  16. Lazaruz

    Infantry draw distance cuts out usually at 300 meters, but this is highly dependable on the amount of people and vehicles in that area. An exception are engineers in their turrets, they can render up to 400-425 meters (at least they used to). In big-huge fights I've seen the draw distance drop as low as 100 meters.

    Not even going to bother responding to the OP. But as always:
    There is no 1-bodyshot-1-kill rifle in the game. No matter what faction or class you play.
    And yes, the VS has bullet drop but it's slightly less than the TR, maybe 1-2 millimeters on the 10x scope at 300 meters.
  17. morgan613

    whoever says this game has no bullet drop needs to try nc, sometimes i feel like its droping b4 it even leaves the gun lol
  18. VonPB

    No sniper rifle gives you OHK without aiming for the head.
    We, infiltraters have to measure the bullet drops and speed, secure the highground, and aim for the head in order to kill enemies in one shot. TBH, infilitraters are the hardest class you can play in PS2.
    I'm also astonished that you think snipers are for unskilled players.
  19. Jinu

    Disclaimer: I favor the Infiltrator class. It's just my kind of playstyle. I have a steady hand and a Razer gaming mouse.

    I use the V10 with the 12x scope and it's far from useless. Got so many kills supporting a base cap yesterday. Just move to the enemy flank and wait for them to start shooting at the main attack force. They love to stand still and smile for the bullet. It takes patience and timing, but seeing bonus headshot xp after every kill makes it worth it.

    If anything it seems like the bullet drop isn't enough. Put your crosshairs on the very top of their head and you'll pretty much be guaranteed a headshot. The times you won't is if they move as you pull the trigger or someone else gets in your field of fire and even then, depending on if they are wounded or not, you might still take them out.

    Happy sniping!
  20. m44v

    How the hell do you all estimate the distance of the target? there's a rangefinder or are you all eyeballing it?

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