Sniper rifle tone down for skill.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Howler556, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Howler556

    I quit a game to write this little post. I am sick of being killed by snipers using 1shoteasybuttoncannons (v10, bolt driver, does terran even have 1?". These guns are entirely non skill based. No headshot required for a kill. No need to aim for the head. All you have to do is point the gun at someone, bang, dinners ready. Its a load of bull. I got off 3 shots into this enemy vanu sniper who was a **** shot and he plinked be back with that demon cannon of a v10. Its totally unskilled. BTW HE WAS LVL 4! Honestly, no sniper rifle should kill in one shot at full health. It doesn't even seem close to right. If there was a load of bullet drop in this game and windage, i would be fine with it, but all you have to do is point and shoot.
  2. Mansen

    [Documentation Required]
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  3. DrankTHEKoolaid

    There is a OHK body shot sniper rifle?
  4. Some1

    I have yet to get a 1 hit kill body shot on anyone and I've been playing all 3 factions for quite some time so either there just getting head shots on you or its a bug.

    (also yes the TR do have a bolt action one hit wonder)
  5. Howler556

    try getting shot by a v10 in the chest. Read your kill card. v10 at 100% damage. Those nice little glowing blue tracers are the clue to where it hits. When it goes under your field of vision, you know its not a headshot.
  6. pnkdth

    100% lie. It is impossible to one shot someone with the V10(with a bodyshot).

    Go fail somewhere else, kiddo.
  7. Kommon

    Do you know the distance they were at? Perhaps someone can test it with you (or me) in game. I don't have the V10, but I can waste a trail on it.


    I lol'ed
  8. pnkdth

    Yes, I've used it extencively. It takes a minimum of 2 bodyshots, heavies can take three. Medics can also take three if they're quick on their heal. It is very much a weapon which demands headshots. OP has no idea what he is talking about.
  9. RobotNinja

    1. Every faction has access to multiple "bolt action" rifles that will result in OHK with a headshot except for MAX units of course.

    2. Spawn an Infiltrator with a bolt action rifle then deploy in a hotzone and come back and tell us how "easy" it was.

    3. Battle rank has nothing to do with player skill.

    4. ***IF*** there was "a load of bullet drop" in this game? If there was any more bullet drop I would have to turn around to hit a guy in front of me. Not only that but Infiltrators are severely limited due to Infantry rendering falling off before 300m. Also, while every other class got a bevy of goodies and certs when the game launched, Infiltrators got totally shafted. Stats collected by the devs during beta also showed that Infiltrators were the least played class in the game and that HAs were the most played. Before you post another thread, do us a favor and open the launcher, hit "PLAY" and try actually playing the game and playing as an Infiltrator because it's painfully obvious you have no idea what you're talking about.
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  10. Purple

    What? there is no 1 shot body shot sniper in the game. maby you were not paying attention and your shield was down. also there is bullet drop.
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  11. Curze

    OP should do himself a favor and delete his forum account, throw his PC outta the window, and move to an old shack in the mountains where internet doesnt reach
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  12. Howler556

    Distance was about a hundred yards or less. Ive had this happen to me multiple times. I dont know why this has never happened to you, but i am consistantly 1 hit killed by what appears to be a body shot.
  13. Howler556

    What game are you playing? The bullets in this game fly like they are laser guided. There is almost NO bullet drop. Try playing arma if you want a load of bullet drop. This is nothing but lead. I DO play alot of inf. Its my second most played class next to field medic.
  14. Howler556

    Also, bolt users, try using a semi auto starter gun with an 8x scope and tell me how hard your job is. 5 shots to kill.
  15. medbot544

    I don't fear snipers to much. If you stand still a lot, then you will get owned. I would suggest moving now and then. Due to lag, grafics, and LoD drop off...hitting moving targets is impossible, at least for me. Only people I head shot are the dudes who just stand there...not movin: I would highly suggest not being that sort of player.
  16. iostreamz

    I don't know about know about anyone else but the bullet drop on the Bolt-Driver feels like it's shooting concrete cinder blocks instead o f bullets, that's how bad the bullet drop is.
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  17. Howler556

    hmmm, i should try out the conglomerate rifles. The terran seem like the bullets have rocket boosters on them or something. Do vanu even have bullet drop?
  18. Wobberjockey

    yea, where is this mythical 1sk, meat shot rifle...other than sitting on a magrider or vanguard?

    i have never, EVER, all throughout beta and since launch killed a fresh target with one meat shot from any bolt action rifle.
    head shots on the other hand...

    but that is EXACTLY the point of bolts... you ring the bell, or you go home.

    yes, though you won't notice it until you get out to longer ranges. probably about 1/2 the other empires rifles. definatly a factor you need to comp for if you are aiming at small targets through a higher magnification scope
  19. Wahooo

    I"m getting better at hitting moving targets but the practice is requiring me to spam bullets.

    A) default TR rifle is a 3 hit kill on most troops save for a heavy.
    B) You can unlock the TR bolt driver as well, OHK head shots.
    C) The only OHK in game with infantry rifles are head shots with ES bolt driver. (i don't know what a scat does but I don't like it)
    D) Default TR rifle is not that bad, better than VS and just different than NC though I prefer the bolt driver it is personal. If you can OHK with a bolt driver you can two shot with the Default TR weapon.
    E) 8x scope is nice and diverse and a great starting point. Would be a bit short if it wasn't for the dynamic draw distance.
    F) yes there is bullet drop. But not very much. I didn't do much forumsiding while in Beta so I don't know if there was a ton of whining about it in Beta or what. It used to be significant enough you could actually lob shots over walls but, yeah right now at effective range there is almost no noticeable bullet drop. About 1/2 a mildot if shooting level at semi-active draw distance.
  20. Howler556

    SINCE WHEN? Have i been missing out on the good bullets? Is my gun firing blanks? It takes 4 bodyshots to kill a standard grunt! 1 shot does 1/3 of the shield bar!

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