Sick of nc overpop

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by jaktrobot, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. jaktrobot

    Can we plz ballance this game so everyone wont play nc, it ruins the game when tr and vs trying to do alerts, nc always got highest pop after this major patch. Everything is a little to good about nc atm, best maxes, best infantry weapons (to much dmg), best mbt, vanguard iwin shields needs to be looked at.

    Stats shows nc got highest pop on all servers......

    And we all know ppl only play op things, or what do u guys think?
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  2. NinjaTurtle

    Trust me we don't want them
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  3. come1l

    Blue + Bright Yellow + Freedom = The Good Guys = The Highest Population
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  4. axiom537

    Care to point us to the data that supports your argument that the NC have the best maxes, best infantry weapons, best MBT. If that is the case it should very easily show them dominating in all of those categories?

    Don't worry I don't expect you to produce it cause it doesn't exsist...
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  5. Phukkitt

    I think this is highly dependant on which server you are on, because from what I've seen on Miller during alerts it is now VS who are the new 4th faction FOTM, even though they don't have their OP ZOE anymore, so maybe it's not as related to item stats as you might think?
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  6. Pikachu


    Overpop is bs
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  7. Killuminati C

    It's not weapon imbalance but it is a problem, I'll give you that.
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  8. Unclematos7

    "Blue + Bright Yellow + Freedom = The Good Guys = The Highest Population"
    Wasn't the case in the summer and autumn.
  9. Rogueghost

    Play on Connery, its often 40% NC 32% VS and 28% TR.
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  10. Paperlamp

    I'd think the bright yellow would be a turn off. It definitely is for me.

    NC is hardly the good guys though, people just don't look into the factions very far so the whole freedom spiel makes it seem like they are I guess.
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  11. DLL2

    I agree there is a problem of population with nc. But nerf it will not change notthings. Another faction will be in overpopulation. Limit 1 char by server the 4 faction will die!!!!!!!!!
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  12. SirBurning

    On Woodman the NC hardly have a overpopulation, It's always vanu steamrolling alerts.

    Stop trying to fix a server specific problem with faction wide balancing.
    Deal with it, Woodman NC have dealt with Overpopulated VS for months now. Numbers don't equal victory, most of the number advantage is zerglings anyway. Easily tricked and beaten.
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  13. NC_agent00kevin

    Source pls
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  14. HadesR

    Apart from the times it's 48% VS :p
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  15. z1967

    I will agree with you on only one thing. That is that there is an NC overpop on multiple servers. That aside, no we are not nerfing the NC. Vanguard dies fast without its shield, NC MAX has shotguns for arms (CARV can down one from 50m in one mag if you control your fire), and although the infantry weapons are debatable, its not because of their fire power.

    A better solution would be to:
    -Fix fourth factioning (one character per server OR a several hour delay from switching characters on servers)
    -Better balance interaction between Ground, Air, and Infantry
    -Lose the shot gun arms or make them NS (so NC get range whilst everyone can grab their own scat MAX)
    -Evaluate weapon selection of TR and VS and present them with the diversity of other factions.

    And not a single nerf was had that day. Well, maybe nerfs and buffs involving the G,A, & I balance but it doesn't involve turning a whole faction into water gun users.
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  16. Maelthra

    NC have been a bit over popped on Waterson for a little while now. I went to log in last night, saw that the NC was at 44% population (not a very uncommon thing), and decided to not even bother.
  17. Epic High Five

    Fixed that for you
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  18. Rogueghost

    Yes the early morning/late night Vs swarm is something, but I rarely play during those times, during the time I play its almost always 40,32,28.
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  19. SharpeShooter

    due to the Nano weave changes head shot damage is not resisted. The NC weapons do more damage per bullet and so if the NC make a head shot they do exponentially more damage. Also SOE have increased the "head" hit box. All of these points show that NC have the best weapons at the mo, this is fact not opinion. Its math plain and simple.
  20. EmmettLBrown

    Well if that's the case, they need to nerf NS too. That faction has waaaay OP weapons.
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