Sick of nc overpop

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  1. Moisture

    I don't mind when they fall flat on their faces in comparison to the Reaper at being an assault rifle.
    The Reaper is a gun that should make people jump ship for the NC
  2. DevDevBooday

    Underpop is better than overpop, pity the NC, dont hate them.
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  3. KnightCole

    its not the color, its the Freedom fries, and everyone like Freedom fries!
  4. NC_agent00kevin

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  5. Thor04

    They do you should know it since you use it. NC weapons have shortest TTK and it good hands that is all that matters hell they are even more precise and less spread then TR counterparts. Tanks same story all we left with is poor mossie.
  6. biterwylie

    NC pop has zero to do with weapons balance! You can see this from the performance stats! If pop was based on performance then NC would have the lowest population FACT.

    TR does seem to have lost its pop advantage that it has had for most of the games existance. Why? I have no idea.
  7. KnightCole

    Then SoE Nerfs NC and buffs TR....

    Im sick of TR OP Overpop and OP new toys...NERF TR!

    SOE Nerfs TR and rebuffs NC and VS

    TR 4th faction toe the VS and sick of NC and VS overpop...SoE hates TR...

    It will never end....ugh.
  8. Pyrode

    That's only because we've trained the TR and NC to log off whenever an alert starts :p. It's interesting seeing the NC and TR pop's suddenly drop and then slowly go down while the VS tend to just stay the same during an alert.
    Also not entirely true, when there isn't an alert (so 50% of the time?) the NC are pretty much guaranteed to be at about 40% or above. Also you have to remember that if a faction is regularly above 33.3333333(etc)% of pop, then they are over populated and i've not seen the NC drop below 33% in ages.

    I think they shouldn't give the relative world/continent populations when you sign up (or at all while in game tbh).
    Or maybe a random faction option (that's actually weighted) that gives a boost for a couple weeks.
    I mean if you're new to FPS's (which i was, i mean it's free for starters so you're gonna have more casual players), you aren't going to go for the underpop one are your? So even a slightly above average population is going gain new players at a better rate.

    The NC aren't really OP, the thing is, the TR look like something out of Soviet Russia and the Vanu look like they're high, gay or worship aliens (the last is actually true). The NC meanwhile get rock music, freedom, clothing that looks like a soldiers and "heavy hitting weapons", yes the TR have very smart uniforms but they look like they never get them dirty. The downside of the NC is they're nothing more than Corporate dogs which tbh isn't really a downside, everyone works for money....

    The solution?


    (I'd like to see SOE try to do that, be funny to see xD)
  9. Phazaar

    I have 11 characters and 3 accounts. Your move.
  10. StayFrostyGents

    it is wep imbalance.

    Having more bullets means jack when the rate of fire isint balanced against the extra damage. Don't pretend like NC is not fotm op. Moreover don't pretend that infantry wep's are balanced.
  11. HadesR

    Depends what metric you use to gather your opinion .. Going off KPU then yes they are pretty balanced
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  12. StayFrostyGents

    TTK is the only metric that can be used. NC takes the cake in everything. TR may have more bullets, but NC > TR because they dont have the RoF to back it up.
  13. Phazaar

    Sharpe, you're confusing linear and exponential relationships. Any weapon that hits the head will do double damage per shot that hits the head. If a player is hit for X seconds with a high RPM weapon at a target with 100% accuracy and 20% of your shots hit the head, you'll do (X*RPM/60)*0.8*Damage+(X*RPM/60)*0.2*2*Damage damage total. If you fire for 0.5 seconds with a low RPM weapon at a target with 100% accuracy and 20% of your shots hit the head, that equation remains exactly the same. With 100% headshots, the equation is still the same between the two weapons (it just loses the left side of the equation).

    There is no inherent advantage to higher damage per bullet when a weapon is fired with the same accuracy. In just as many situations (cases of X) where a high RPM weapon would do less damage because of an advantage from headshots, a low RPM weapon would do less damage because it would score less headshots. You can't have half a shot to the head, and as you change duration, your alpha strike damage loses relevance.

    Essentially, the short version is that relevance of a headshot multiplier is a function of damage per second and accuracy, NOT damage per bullet. Looking at the 100% headshots example I gestured at above, let's take two arbitary weapons with the same DPS of 1000. One has 500 damage per bullet at 120 RPM. The other has 100 damage per bullet and 600 RPM. They fire for 1 second scoring 100% headshots. The 500 damage per bullet weapon does 2000 damage. The 100 damage per bullet weapon does 2000 damage. Firing for 5 seconds, 500->10000, 100->10000. The only time when this isn't the case is when factoring in the alpha strike variance and the fact that in fact, you can't multiply your damage per bullet by duration of firing without (in most cases) firing half a bullet. When firing in this case for less than 0.2 seconds, the 500 damage per bullet weapon still does 1000 damage, whilst the 100 damage per bullet weapon only does 200.

    The question that we cannot answer is how frequently a weapon lands its first hit (and what happens afterwards, during burst fire or sustained auto etc), and how often it's led onto target. This is largely where the 'skill floor' idea comes from; if you land your first hit with a high alpha weapon, you're golden. If you don't, you're ******. Go back to the 1 second firing example, and assume 100% headshot accuracy, EXCEPT for a miss on the first shot. The 500 damage per shot weapon does 1000 damage in 1 second. The 100 damage per shot weapon does 1800 damage. The same applies to when the duration 'cut off' is; when choosing durations arbitrarily, you can provide evidence to support either weapon as the more powerful, when the reality in game plays out completely differently.

    There's some serious 'grass is always greener' to suggest one is better FOR YOUR FACTION than the other... Whilst you may be aware that you'd do better with high alpha, you can't really speak for your entire faction; the only thing that can is the statistics. Said statistics are showing -far- more balance than they were before the patch, but the only statistics we have are a very small sample size and could be out by an order of magnitude statistically speaking.

    So whilst we wait for more data, let's chill and not 'grass is always greener' it, eh? :)
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  14. strangulate

    I agree this is a community wide issue that SOE needs to deal with. Issues like this will cause more problems then anything else.
    Right now VS is at 50% population on connery and I dont see them doing anything about it. All I keep killing is low level players I hope all the 4th factioners are happy with causing population inbalances!
  15. Phazaar

    Have you never noticed that they frequently don't add up to 100%? /Facepalm.
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  16. Nerovox

    Despite what everyone else says, or tries to rationalize it, everyone knows the NC received a huge buff last major patch. Seriously that population spike just didn't come out of nowhere, and for no reason.
    Nerfing is not the solution though, and I wish people like you would stop thinking it is as it fixes nothing while leaving the game homogenized and boring. It is equally annoying reading posts from people's denial that nothing is wrong as well.
  17. DQCraze

    VS has Spandex and lasers

    NC have that rugged off road thing going on

    TR is vanilla nothing really cool, weapons are bland.

    TR had something pretty cool happening with the chain guns, but that got nerfed along with the mossi, and hence the pop took a hit.


    Reevaluate the nerfs on Mosquito and Vulcan, new artwork is needed on weapon skins and TR uniforms.
  18. SharpeShooter

    This is a direct copy and paste from reddit, I have gone over the math and its sound:

    I typed out a super long detailed explaination and it got lost somehow, so you'll have to accept the small version:
    Prepatch MSW-R bodyshots @ 1m vs Nanoweave 5 TTK: 570.2 milliseconds
    Prepatch MSW-R headshots @ 1m vs Nanoweave 5 TTK: 250.2 milliseconds
    Prepatch: Headshots with the MSW-R kill 127% faster than bodyshots (percentages are ******* weird btw)

    Post-patch MSW-R bodyshots @ 1m vs Nanoweave 5 TTK: 650.2 milliseconds
    Post-patch MSW-R headshots @ 1m vs Nanoweave 5 TKK: 250.2 milliseconds
    Post-patch: Headshots with the MSW-R kill 160% faster than bodyshots

    Now lets look at a 167 damage gun:
    Prepatch Anchor bodyshots @ 1m vs Nanoweave 5 TTK: 612 milliseconds
    Prepatch Anchor headshots @ 1m vs Nanoweave 5 TTK: 312 milliseconds
    Prepatch: Headshots with the Anchor kill 96% faster than bodyshots

    Post-patch Anchor bodyshots @ 1m vs Nanoweave 5 TTK: 712 milliseconds
    Post-patch Anchor headshots @ 1m vs Nanoweave 5 TTK: 212 milliseconds
    Post-patch: Headshots with the Anchor kill a whopping 235% faster than bodyshots.

    Seriously, I did the math several times, you literally kill ~235% faster with headshots post-patch with 167 damage guns at 1 meter (depending on the gun).
    Now let's look at this in absolute terms (because percentages are hella gay)
    After the patch, the MSW-R recieved a nerf for people who aim for the body (570.2ms to 650.2ms)
    After the patch, the MSW-R was the same for people who aim for the head (250.2ms to 250.2ms)
    After the patch, the Anchor was nerfed for people who aim for the body (612ms to 712ms)
    After the patch, the Anchor was buffed for people who aim for the head (312ms to 212ms)
    This same effect holds true for pretty much every 167 damage gun in the game, and (if I'm not mistaken) is even more profound with 200 damage guns, particularly at longer ranges where you start to see damage drop off. (I have not done this exact comparison with the 200 damage guns, so I could be wrong on that point)
    The TTK numbers are sliiightly off because I originally did the bullet velocity calculations at 20meters, where as the damage drop off numbers are done at 1m. Just decrease all the numbers by ~12ms and you end up with the true TTK values. It only changes the percentages by a tiny fraction.
  19. CaptainYamerica

    Well since my previous tounge-in-cheek youtube clip post was reported/removed "for non-constructive communication" (first one I have EVER had removed btw) I will just say that populations are going to fluctuate throughout the entire time this game is alive and active. I have been through the lows and the highs with population. They all warrant their own pros cons and merits.

    As long as you are playing and having fun, that is all that matters. Who cares about pop, KDR, WDS, etc? And if it gets to a point where it not fun, walk away for a little while, or roll an alt on another server. Just do something to get out of your rut.
  20. CaptainYamerica

    Also, I still think the game should limit you to one faction per server. Just my 2 certs.