Shotgun Slug rounds

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by KoooZ, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. VKhaun

    Purple TIGHTS.... and your reward for wearing them faithfully is...

    TEAL tights.:confused:
  2. ThoughtfulBee

    Nothing stops you, but you'd better hope you're either well hidden or you don't miss. I very rarely pick out moving targets to shoot when I'm using slugs unless they are completely still, or very well distracted.

    It's a great weapon as a semi-auto sniper rifle, and can pull off some clutch close quarters kills despite Slugs' horrendous spread.
  3. Iridar51

    Well, nothing stops me from firing - that's correct, but it's really hard to actually hit it, unless it's running directly at or from me. It is, ofcourse, possible, for a skilled shooter, but I believe a carbine will be more useful. When you're firing short bursts you have a good chance of at least some bullets hitting the target.
    Allthough, to be completely fair, I haven't yet really tested shotgun out properly yet. Perhaps, after due adjustment to bullet drop and travel time slug shotgun would be more effective. But I doubt it.
  4. Twisp

    I use them with the FA1 barrage (6 round, longer range, fast reload semi auto, for other factions) using a laser pointer and 4x scope. Makes a pretty excellent replacement for a proper sniper rifle, very ammo-efficient and carries more punch out to range than other shotties do. Still tears at close range, although it can't instakill anymore. I have to say, I like it quite a bit. Let's me use my height to a serious advantage, letting me pick off other soldiers with ease.
  5. HerpTheDerp

    Well, I main NC so for me hitting perpendicularly moving targets is already challenge in itself, even with a carbine. I just fail to see why it should be inherently harder with slugs; yeah, they have notieably slower projectile speed*, but that's just a case of getting used to it and leading your shot. And while yes, more bullets will certainly reach their target with burst fire... you need a lot more of these bullets to kill as well, while with Slugs you only need to hit 2-3 times.

    * The slug cert hints at faster projectile, but since 97% of text in PS2 is lies, I'm not sure if that's indeed the case.
  6. Lowback

    Vanu typically start to have damage decay sooner. TR cap out on their maximum damage loss sooner, and at a much lower rate. (in some cases, TR's max damage loss is 25% to vanu's 50%. It varies by gun classification/ vehicle weapons.)

    The NC also decay more than the TR, but with the higher starting damage, they usually end up above the VS.

    Lastly, lets remember, the perk for TR is fast firing, NC is hard hitting, Vanu is their lack of drop. Everyone benefits in some way by more shots, or harder hits, but no bullet drop is the MOST subjective perk. How does no drop help with a lock on rocket, G2G or G2A or A2A, when all empires are self guided and self powered? How does no drop help when it isn't even standard, any purchased sniper rifle for the vanu has drop, and all the tank weapons do as well.

    We get no drop on our non-sniper infantry weapons, basically. Be glad your empire perks can actually be adapted to multiple classes and vehicles, our perk really cant.

    Lets not even get into the extra armor NC receive, or extra speed the TR stuff is capable of maxing out at after certs.
  7. Lowback

    It's a lot like using the desert eagle in counterstrike.

    Take your shots carefully. Fire when you switch A to D, or vice versa, if you get into CQC instead of firing while moving. You only need to stop for that brief second. Use the NV/IR scope, or the clearest reflex sight you can. Crouch briefly for your third shot if you make it so soon that your CoF and recoil has not yet fully cooled off.

    A nova, for example, has the power to kill 4 people with slugs+extended mag if you hit all body shots. If you get headshot+body shot, you have the killing power for 6.

    I don't think even the LMG can match that killing power per clip.
  8. Teraq

    Just to clarify I agree with you completely here. When you look at the big picture there are all kinds of areas where each faction excels or comes up short. Even looking at bullet drop specifically on say carbines I'll take a hard hitting NC carbine or a fast firing TR one over the VS options any day. The context of my comment is very specifically the light assault class using a semi automatic shotgun while firing slug rounds at medium/long range with a scope. For that very specific scenario it appears that the VS have a slight advantage. That is extent of my critique and to apply the idea to any faction as a whole is certainly taking the original comment out of it's context.
  9. Kurreah

    It can depend on the exact distance and numbers. For example even if the range means that the Vanu slugs are only dealing 350 while the TR is dealing 450, it will still require the same number of body shots to kill most people.
  10. Plague Rat

    I wouldn't say slugs are limited to shooting still targets. The shotgun was my first weapon purchase and I got slugs immediately. Using the shotgun exclusively, after a while you just start automatically leading your target the amount you need. It's actually become problematic because I bought a new carbine recently and am over-leading targets constantly to the point where I want to get kills I have to take my shotgun. I guess that's the risk of overspecialization though.

    Also I've been playing VS alt to play with the idea of a slug with no drop, since I normally play NC. I think that while their projectile has no drop it might be a little slower. I can't prove it but my aim was constantly off on moving targets even at mid-range, and testing at the warpgate the bullet does feel like it's taking a TINY bit longer to get where it's going, enough to throw my aim I guess. Tried to find a weapon stat spreadsheet or something, buy my google skills fail me. So that might be a concern too.
  11. KoooZ

    Here's the spreadsheet I know of:
  12. Niric

    I wish this was true in all cases but its not. The most obvious case I can think of is the Magrider anti vehicle main cannon. It feels damn near useless over the anti infantry main cannon. Still - the Magrider is a great tank, so I'm not really complaining. Just pointing out that this isn't always the case.

    Edit: Just looked at that spread sheet - I could have swore my Vanu V10 bolt style reload Sniper Rifle had a bit of bullet drop too. Looks like I wasn't crazy after all. Just more more of a point to counter that statement. VS snipers have to counter aim bullet drop too. Its also very noticeable with VS HA rocket launchers and Scythe Rocket/Photon pods.

  13. Plague Rat

    INTERESTING! If that's true it means that the VS slug is a little more than 8% slower. I guess that would do it, I'm missing by sales tax! A little disappointing though, I was considering playing VS on the side, but since I'm a member of the Holy Order of The Boomstick and jumping between the two is giving me problems already, might have to give TR a try.

    I can't believe I'm getting thrown by 8%
  14. Teraq

    I think Kurreah hit the nail on the head. There probably are the same damage and velocity differences being applied as with carbines. This would seem to be supported by Plague Rat's observation regarding velocity. Maybe the NC actually kills in 2.25 shots versus 2.75 shots for the VS. At the end of the days either way it's 3 shots. Since the slug concentrates the damage your number of shots to kill is the same across the factions.
  15. Rothnang

    From what I can tell it's basically like a battle rifle that's worth a damn.
  16. Niric

    That's the way it looks to me too. I'm yet to try it personally but I can't wait to give it a go. It looks like a lot of fun.

  17. Plague Rat

    The thing I'm looking at now on that spreadsheet is that it says every round of buckshot fires 6 pellets each doing 143 damage. By that it would take 7 pellets to kill, while slugs take 2-3 meaning that each slug proabably only does as much damage as 3 pellets which is half a round of buckshot.

    I think I'm going to dedicate today to playing with this. If those numbers are accurate that's really going to change what ranges I switch to slugs for.

    The battle rifles aren't that bad. My roomate uses one with a compensator and a fore-grip... I seriously had to check her computer when she wasn't around to see if she was using aim-bot. It's like anything else, you use it enough you get used to it's quirks, and you become a pro with it.
  18. Niric

    Not to go too far off topic but I've yet to try the fore grip out on any gun yet. How do they work with semi-auto fire and bolt action rifles exactly? I'm guessing maybe they prevent horizontal recoil on each shot?

    People say the Pulsar C is great with one, but when I test fire it it seems to basically have no horizontal recoil. Does it actually tighten up the cone fire spread from left to right as well or something? Otherwise Im not sure why you'd want to put one on it let alone unlock the 2nd level version of it. So surely it tightens up the horizontal sides of the cone right?

  19. Yalk

    I'm using virtually the same setup except substitute laser pointer for ext. mags

    Does the laser pointer effect hip firing the shotty with slugs? If so, enough to notice or be worth replacing ext. mags with it

    You get 12 shots in the mag with extended, which is pretty decent...however, if the laser site works well enough the faster reload would help compensate for the extra rds lost in each mag...

    I can kill hip firing pretty well but you got to be pretty close, if it tightens the cone like it does on the carbine it might be worth it
  20. Plague Rat

    Horizontal recoil is balanced on many guns, like for every kick to the right there's a balancing kick to the left, so it doesn't seem to pull in either direction. The foregrip lessen's these kicks so the bullet come out in a tighter spray toward your target. At leas that's how it was explained to me.

    On topic I know I can see the difference on the full-auto shotgun. They have a pretty good kick but balanced horizonatally. Those alternating left and right kicks between shots are more dramatic here, enough to move the reticule clear off the target, and the grip reduces them so it won't go as far off to the side and stay closer to center between rapid shots.