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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by KoooZ, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. KoooZ

    I've been searching and getting inconsistent information on them. Some say they turn the shottie into a midrange monster, others say it's poop.

    I haven't the 100 certs, much less the 100 certs to throw around on experimenting, can anyone give me something more concrete on this? Could you compare the accuracy/damage/etc to a carbine fired from midrange?
  2. axelthesot

    I use slugs on both my Light Assault and Engineer load outs almost always. Accuracy will vary from gun to gun (I find the accuracy on the Vanu shotgun a little better than the Nighthawk on my TR) but for the most part are fairly accurate to around 200+m. The bullet drop isn't terrible at that range either.

    Damage is FANTASTIC. Almost always a three shot kill or a headshot + one. Damage drop off isn't very noticeable.

    The tough part about the slugs in a straight up one on one fight is the same problem any semi auto gun runs in to: making each shot count with good aim while you are getting hit. The other guy can merely point in your direction and hold fire and even if he is getting shot some of his bullets will still reach you. If you spam click, you are going to lose. You have to make sure to line up each shot to fire or else the recoil on your gun plus the other guy's bullets hitting you are going to make your accuracy terrible.

    This sounds like it makes it too slow a process to be any good, but once you get used to the "rhythm" of your shots you can stand toe to toe with anybody.

    The slugs really shine, however, in their versatility. They are great at almost any range. As long as you can aim from the hip, they can still tear people apart in short range (especially with the Nighthawk). They are on an even playing field with the automatics at mid range if you can control your recoil.

    Finally, in my opinion, they absolutely wreck automatics in longer range engagements. With the high damage per shot, low falloff, and good accuracy they can make for a poor man's sniper rifle. I was feeding ammo to a burster max on the hill earlier today who thought I was using a semi auto battle rifle because of all the kills I was nabbing from 200+ meters out. I've also gotten a few tells calling me a hacker because they just got killed by a shotgun from that far away.
  3. Ghoest

    I have about 800 kills with my mauler.
    ~half with regular shells and half with slugs(could be 60/40 either way to be honest.)

    Slugs really suck in CQC. Yes I and anyone get kills with them when its all I have in close quarters but its honestly about the worse close quarter weapon in the game outside of a sniper gun.
    Its because slugs have bad bloom from moving mostly
    I suppose if you fight close quarters standing still with enemies wwho stand still they are nice???????
    Compared to regular shells up close the slugs are shockingly worse.

    Slugs shine at medium/long ranges. Once you get the rhythm 3 fast shots kills most everything except HA with ability shield. Headshots reduce it to 2.

    Im not particularly experienced with carbines but I think they offer more in terms of versatility.
  4. Yalk

    So...this is and isn't really related to slugs

    First @ OP: I got slugs/ext mags/3.4x and 2x sights...they take some getting used too, really they are taking all the damage you normally deal scattered, into a single compact close up you can still kill people 2 - 3 shots but you gotta hit (which is difficult, at least more so than with buck) ...medium range you can ads or shoot from hip, if you get the drop on them ads...if its 1v1 then use the extra ammo and shoot from hip, you'll miss a lot but hit more than trying to ads...

    The problem is the cone of fire while ads while's huge, just don't even try...

    My question to anyone else is: does/would the laser site improve the cone firing from the hip using slugs? Enough to warrant giving up ext mags?
  5. PaintedDeathAW

    I decided to get the slugs because everyone told me that they were awesome. I used them for a few spawns and decided that I hated them. I kept reading people saying they were awesome though, so I decided to give them a real go.

    If you use them at range, they are pretty awesome. At medium to just a bit longer, you can do some good damage with them. 2-3 shots downs most everything. Once you get into close range with them, especially if you are used to shot, they are atrocious. So sometimes, I roll with the slugs if I don't think I'm going to be doing allot of CQC. But if I know that I'm going to be inside of buildings, or anywhere close range to enemies, the shot comes back out immediately. I do find that the slugs seem to lose some of their damage though, as I've tested up close shots with them. It seems to take 3 shots with slugs, 2 with shot. So yea, that's it broken down as closely as your going to get it.
  6. japro

    There are very specific situations where they are awesome and lots where they are horrible imho. They shine in those mid range shooting gallery situations (like when you managed to sneak up behind a Biolab Choke point Defense). I barely use them and prefer my carbine with nade launcher for range most of the time and use the shotgun for close range.
  7. Compass

    They're hit or miss, literally. At close range, the default decimates infantry, but slugs seem spotty. At medium+, slugs priority.
  8. Sugarfree

    Try out a NC Piston with extended mags, 2x reflex + slugs. I think you won't regret it since it is full auto (you can shoot 1 shell at a time though).
    It has 6 more rounds than the Vanu Pandora (with extended mags you'll have a 10/26 load) and is slightly faster in full auto than the Vanu counterpart. So if you "snipe" with slugs then you get what others have mentioned above, and the full auto makes CQC better for slugs since the only part you do is aiming while pushing down the monster trigger :D (though the auto with slugs is a bit slower than without).
    At least that what I have experienced. But to be honest I like this monster even better without slugs since it is so brutal to enemies :D

    Slugs = better range but lower bullet and autofire velocity. Accuracy isn't affected by equipping slugs and shotguns are VERY accurate.
  9. Huha

    Same setup for me expect a 3.4x laser thingie. Great gun and so easy to shoot. Killed probably around 60 people with it so far and most likely 80% were single shot headshots as it is so easy to aim and powerful.
  10. Sugarfree

    My bad: yes, the LACO 3.4x red dot is better, true.
  11. Sugarfree

    Here is an example how slugs work in-game (I've found this on the tube some days ago) so you can judge by yourself.

    It's really good Vanu-side footage (he uses a semi-automatic Vanu shotgun but it kinda works the same for all shotguns/factions):

    Kudos to the guy recording that :cool:

    Note: when "sniping" you won't have the rifle sway :D
  12. Ghoest

    Ya thats a good example video of slug use.

    They completely own people who stand still at medium/long range.

    But usually they get wise to you sooner.
  13. Teraq

    I agree the above video is a perfect example of the best way to use slug rounds. However it has left me questioning my faction choice.

    I play NC primarily as a mid-long range pseudo sniper using a sweeper, extended mag, 3.4 scope, and slugs. Part of what makes a slug setup hard to master but rewarding is mastering the bullet drop. With limited ammo missing a few times when lining up shots means running out of ammo very quickly. At the typical range I like to shoot from I kill with 2-3 shots for any class. No what rubs me the wrong way is that it appeared to me in the video that the Vanu gun was killing in the same number of shots with absolutely no bullet drop to contend with. Can anyone confirm if this is true?
  14. Boroming

    projectile are too slow for some "real" use. only on still target they are good... and is very rare occasion.

    at that point simple switch to inf and bolt action..
  15. Ghoest

    Other than that first shot the rest seemed about right for NC.
  16. Iridar51

    Video made me question slugs' necessity. Apparently, they do have a use - sniping standing (defending) targets, but this type of combat happens only so often.
    I did some testing runs for slugs and didn't have much success, now I realise why - because I tried to use it as a all-round weapon, when it clearly isn't.

    Verdict: good for taking apart enemy defenses from safe range/unexpected angle, but that's it. For every other combat situation we would prefer slugless shotun or carbine.
  17. Kaoschan

    Vanu weapons do not have bullet drop
  18. HerpTheDerp

    Uh... what? Nothing stops you from firing at moving targets. Just because the guy in the video didn't do it, doesn't mean you can't.
  19. Teraq

    Yes, this is my point. My understanding was that they pay the price for no bullet drop through reduced damage. However the video seems to show that the number of shots to kill is the same as with slugs that have significant drop. Which goes back to my original premise that if there is no bullet drop and no drop in damage then a Vanu Slug user has an unfair advantage at all times.
  20. Ghoest

    They probably do - pretty much everything Vanu is cheese. I guess that the special reward for being willing to wear purple.

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