Shotgun Slug rounds

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  1. Niric

    Ahh - That must be the case with the Pulsar C then. The foregrip only gives you that bonus when aiming down the sights correct? Thanks for explaining the details to me.

    This seems like it would make aiming the shotgun with shells in fairly close combat a good idea. I've trialed the full auto VS shotgun, and I've played around with the stock Jackhammer a bit. I'm looking forward to getting into shotguns more in the future.

    This topic is very educational to me. Haha.

  2. Yalk

    You should hip fire slugs close quarters...aiming down site is great and all with the shotty/slugs...until you start moving, moving while ads makes the cone HUGE...good luck hitting anything

    ^^^this is why I'm so interested in "does the laser site improve hip fire spread on shotty/slugs?" would lessen the gap in the danger zone of "do I hip fire and pray or stop moving completely and ads"
  3. KoooZ

    Do you mean the horizontal on semi auto shotties is balanced but the full auto one has much more without grip? I wasn't sure which shotgun went with each point.
  4. Plague Rat

    It's more noticable on the full-auto since there's less time between shots, on the semi-auto that fraction of a second longer pause between is time for the gun to recover and the user to compensate. The grip makes it SLIGHTLY easier to control where the shots are going on full auto. Not a big deal if you're using buckshot but for slugs it makes a difference keeping on target when you have shoot full auto.
  5. 4Unruly

    My experience at longer ranges looks just like the video posted earlier here. As for the damage. The Pandora is pretty much always 3 shots. I have gotten 2 hit kills only with 2 head shots. I did get one kill on an infiltrator that was 1 head and 1 body, but I think infiltrators actually have slightly less health.

    As for close up. To hit anything beyond luck you have to ADS the slugs. With the scope on you can't really follow much while ADS. If you fire the slugs from the hip, you get the spray pattern that the pellets would have given, and still only about half the damage.

    For all close up work, take off the scope and the slugs and use the plain shotgun. This is the drawback of the weapon, it's completely range limited to either long or short, but never both without changing the load out.
  6. Plague Rat

    You can raise mouse sensitivity when scoped in the options menu. I raised my to about .75 . This might make long range sniping a little bit twitchier but the option is there for when you want to ADS at something close range.
  7. Dr ZErO

    Maybe I'm missing it but I've yet to see a data set that has Slug damage in it
    Anybody know what the damage of a slug actually is....
  8. Chiss

    Accuracy gets REALLY BAD, REALLY FAST.

    Like, you'll be hitting things to your side, that you cant even see.
  9. Trenyt

    I can respect the stopping power of the shotgun+slug combination in mid ground combat, but I think I still prefer the flexibility of the GD7-F for the fludity of movement between medium and close. It may not hit as hard but at least I won't be feeling like a lame duck when I get jumped.

    That said I didn't realize you could use the slugs at long range... might have to have a go at that.
  10. Plague Rat

    Quick Answer: Between 400 and 450, but I believe the damage to be 429.

    The LOOONG answer where I feebly try to apply math and logic:
    The data sheets put buckshot as 6 pellets each doing 143 damage, for a total of 858 damage. Obviously slugs do less than this since it takes 3 shots to kill. One body shot can and will take down the shields of an infiltrator and do a small bit of damage to their health. So conservatively it has to be doing AT LEAST 400 damage, but since the infiltrator still needs 3 shots to kill, it HAS to be doing less than 450 damage, or 2 would do the job.

    But I can narrow it down a bit more.
    When an infiltrator is shot with two slugs from full health, they are left in the red with a little less than two bars of health. There are 20 bars in the green health bar subdividing 500 health points, meaning each bar represents 25 hit points, so the infi has a little less than 50 life remaining.

    So assuming that a slug is half the total damage of all pellets fired (429 damage) two slugs would come to 858 damage, which would leave the infi with 42 hitpoints. This matches remaining health on the HUD, and fits perfectly within the possible damage ranges.

    So I think it's safe assumption that each slug is equal to 3 pellets compressed into a single projectile. At least that's what I'm going by until someone can datamine it or however else they heck they get all that data for the spread sheets.
  11. Dr ZErO

    although I have spotted people and seen full health and 1 shotted them.....
    could of had no shields, but i've done it alot. I guess a head shot at close range to lights can do that.
  12. Retool

    Shotgun pellets make shotguns decent at range but gets you killed up close.
    I'd suggest using a rifle if you are not happy with short ranged shotguns.
  13. Balindrum

    The shotgun is superb at mid-long range with slugs. Slap on a x3.4 or x4 scope, and it becomes a better semi-auto sniper rifle than the semi-auto sniper rifle in mid-range range. It's not as terrible in CQC as people seem to be making out, either. It's obviously worse than buckshot, but buckshot is designed for CQC, and can't kill anything outside of 50m-ish, ever. Don't bother trying to aim down sights in CQC, though. Firing from the hip is far more effective.

    Three body shots drops anything except a MAX or shielded HA. A headshot drops the number of hits needed to kill down to two. Two headshots will drop a shielded HA.

    Extended mag is pretty much a must. You'll find yourself running out of ammo fast, even conserving it. The laser sight doesn't give quite as much of an edge as I would personally like, and the extra shells in the extended mag is a massive help.
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  14. Teraq

    I've actually found for me it's best to just forget about even trying the slug shotgun for CQC. I've had substantially better luck using a combination of the Rebel pistol, knife, and evasion tactics w/ C4. Based on the other thread in the light assault forum I'm going to try adding in flash grenades to see if that is the final piece of the puzzle for a build-out that is deadly at long range and CQC against a small number of enemies.
  15. Trysaeder

    50m better be a typo...
  16. KoooZ

    Ok so wow.

    I just got slug rounds on my thanatos, I attached it and went out to play.

    I literally have not landed a single shot. Many times they weren't even moving left/right from my perspective; I lined up the shot dead on, fired, and nothing. I can't figure out why I can't land a shot. It's a little aggravating since this was my biggest cert drop so far.
  17. Autarkis

    I got them last night and this my experience. It's almost as though the CoF is enormous, or the hits aren't procced.
  18. Compass

    IMO, the best way to deal with Slugs is always to ADS. With the buck, easy to run and gun, but obviously the loss in range.
  19. Autarkis

    Also this. More buyer's remorse for SOE's stuff.
  20. ThoughtfulBee

    I'm hanging my Piston w/ Slugs up for a while. It's too frustrating and I leave too many kills behind.

    If only I could settle on an NC carbine though. They're all so underwhelming and focused. Whatever gun I choose is the wrong gun for that situation. I don't love any of them.