Shotgun Slug rounds

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by KoooZ, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Teraq

    100% Agreed. If I take a sweeper w/ slugs I'll end up in CQC. If I take a piston with buckshot I'll end up fighting med/long range. If I take a GDF-7 I'll end up fighting at long range or in CQC where the piston would be preferrable. Finally if I take ACX-11 I'll end up dead no matter what by the time I get enough bullets out to kill something at any range. Always the wrong weapon for the situation.

    Light assault is all over the battlefield if played well we really should be allowed to carbines/shotguns instead of a sidearm.
  2. Ghoest

    Not to be a smart pants - but the piston with slugs is one of the worst gun in the game. You can get kills by being smart but something else is always a much better choice.

    Its fires so slow that you lose all value of having an automatic. It has a worse movement penalty than the mauler and a smaller capacity than the sweeper. And at range where the slug shines the automatic doesnt help at all.

    And slugs themselves have severe limits.

    -extremely slow travel
    -you will never win a ranged shoot out unless the other actually is horrible - you have to kill them before they shoot back and ruin your aim.
    -nasty coh penalty for movement when aiming
  3. 80Bit

    I will make it very simple.

    Do you want to Aim Down Sights with your shotgun? If yes, get slugs, and you can get kills from close to medium range by aiming down sites.

    If no, do NOT get slugs because hipfire with them can make you miss even at point blank ranges. If you are going to do close range combat where you want to hipfire, do not bother buying slugs.

    I bought slugs, did not enjoy the midrange Light Assault style of play, and thus no longer use them.
  4. Blitzer

    I make it even simpler.

    Use shotgun? Don't get slugs.

    Play into your weapon's natural strengths, don't try to patch weaknesses.
  5. Wily

    I'm very excited to try slugs tonight, only 20 certs to go.

    I bought a Piston last night and fell in love with it with pellets for close work. Perhaps I could get a better fire rate with one of the non auto shotties, but I like not having to coordinate clicking with aiming, I can just hold it. I am more than willing to admit I am suck.

    I find at mid-long range I can reliably put 5-7 rounds on a guy running across a field with ease with my carbine in semi mode. What I'm hoping to get out of the slugs is putting him down after 3 with trigger control. Worst case scenario, I still have it for close work so I don't consider it a waste.
  6. ThoughtfulBee

    I never automatic fire it unless in a pinch up close.

    I used it like a semi-auto, letting the aim reset after each shot, hoping that the increased fire rate of the Piston would allow for me to get more slugs off in a row. Single-shotting it still allows every slug to land in extremely close proximity.

    Either way, the play-style of it leaves me with more assists than kills.
  7. Ghoest

    This is wrong.

    Im not suggesting the slug gun at close and near medium ranges but if you want to snipe from cool perches its the best choice you have.
  8. KoooZ

    After a few more hours with my previously mentioned slug thanatos, I have actually landed about 5 shots. I still can't tell why some land and others don't. Between that and high rate of fire weapons royally destroying the target's aim, I'm tossing out my shotgun dreams and sticking with the mainstream.

    Enthusiastic beginners beware, don't try to experiment until you're pro enough to handle it.
  9. altonyc

    I find the slug round shotgun to be better in all situations than the semi-auto scout rifle the infiltrators get. More predictable recoil, same COF, more damage. Though more bullet drop.

    Anyone know if the laser dot helps with the hip-fire accuracy of slug shotguns?
  10. Achmed20

    Did u hipfire the slugs? maybe its because im nc and used to handle recoil and "not" hipfiring, but i have no problem with slugs at all. And i am far off beeing a pro.
  11. HerpTheDerp

    I'm aiming for shotguns for one reason only:

    They have stocks.

    Seriously, I can stomach the weapons all having action on the wrong side since pretty much half of FPSes does that(for reasons I can't comprehend) but the lack of stock for carbines is just so stupid I can't stand it.

    It's like someone on SOE asked, "What is a difference between an assault rifle and a carbine anyway?" and the answer he got was "Carbines are like ARs without stocks".

  12. ZombieBunny

    From someone who almost only use shotguns (I own them all for my faction, Vanu) I find the Slugs kinda lacking in closecombat. They are nice in medium ranges for the other classes who sometimes have to head face on towards the enemy. But for a light assault I just tend to do better to maneuver around or over the enemy with the jetpack and shoot them in close range. Between reloads I fly away and try to find a path behind the targets that survived. I find that most of the time they either run after you or stay and wait for you, dont know how many times ive just gone around or over them and shot them in the head.

    Im running with extra ammo belt and I can usually take down at least 3 enemies before going down, my record is 14 and then I ran out of ammo and had to use my pistol. Sometimes if I get behind a stationary target and they dont die from one shot I finish them off with the knife, saves ammo and its always funny to shoot a sniper in the head at 2m range and then stab them to death.

    With the slugs Ive found I die a lot more in close combat and thats mainly what im after when using the shotguns. If I want medium range im better off with a carbine because they are more forgiving on enemy movement, When im forced into long range encounters I usually switch to infiltrator.

    To be honest the slugs are very situational and I wouldnt recommend them at all to anyone who prefers close combat action with the shotgun. I mostly use the slugs on my medic since that sort of gameplay forces me to medium range (and I just love shotguns mmaky), but still allows me a fighting chance at close range if I get jumped while reviving etc.
  13. KoooZ

    I used both hip and 2x reflex depending on range. No idea why I can't land hits.
  14. Achmed20

    dont even consider hip fireing, you wont hit anyting even if it puts the barrel into his mouth.
    also, slugs act strange while aimed and strafing. they seem to lose pretty much accuracy this way.

    but on the other hand, with a little (more?) training, you can 2-shot people.
    on low ranges you could aim for the chest and because of the massive recoil, the second shot will almost automaticaly go for the head. but that really takes practice and a feeling for the gun.
  15. Wily

    Got my slugs last night. They work as advertised, 3 shots to kill someone. Bullet drop is there, but when all you need is body hits it's not that big of a deal. For flanking from range or setting up in an odd spot to camp they work well.

    Overall I'm quite happy with them, although I need to get better at close work with them.