Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. Bush82

    anyone else think this station cash for attachments is a little bit too much pay2win? extended mags for the busters spings to mind.

    if you want to make more money off us, give us some new toys.
  2. eBlaise

    I don't get all this moaning about pay to win for this update.
    Not everyone has the time to play a whole lot, and participate in the cert grinding, and for these people there are boosts, and (obviously slightly overpriced) weapon unlock and now all attachments.
    For free to players, no this in no way devalues your time spent on getting these weapons, and what is your problem with someone being able to unlock these with cash anyways? It doesn't make them any better at the game.
    And this is NOT pay to win, because unlocking those weapons is not a paid exclusive, nor is too far out of reach for free to players.
    I don't see any problem with this, nor should anyone, it's a perfectly legit way of monetizing.
    I'll stick with buying cosmetics, but that's personal preference.
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  3. Akashar

    • All weapons that have a second advance variant of forward grips or laser sights have been condensed down into a single attachment unlock. All certification points that have been spent on these attachments have been refunded.
    Please explain. How will this impact my gameplay?
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  4. eBlaise

    My guess would be that on weapons where advanced versions are available, the initial version is cut, thus you can unlock it with a single unlock, so that those whom unlock it with SC don't have to pay double for effectively 1 attachment.
  5. Akashar

    As long as it is only to avoid double payment, and that it preserves diversuty among weapons, I'm fine with it. (I should be getting more than 1000 certs so there's that too^^)
  6. BangBangNegro

    Hey, I can't play it loads to 6% then it leads me here and says error G99 I think. Please help. I installed this game yesterday to enjoy but I haven't had the chance yet.
  7. Stiebahh

    • A reported Tank handling issue at high speeds has been addressed
    High speeds? More like steering is reversed at random and all movement reaction lagging 2 seconds behind. I've completely ignored all my tanks because of it :p
  8. KratosAngel

    I also find that there's sometimes some trouble seeing out of a spawn room. Often there's not much problem, but sometimes you can see, but it's pretty hard to see, and others you just almost can't see anything, especially nighttime.
    Not to mention when you got your nightvision on trying to see through that lol.

    I love the idea of seeing out, not seeing in though :)
  9. Atenson

    There is no reason to get all worked up over some trivial equipment attachments you can now purchase w/ SC. How long does it take to make 25-100 certs anyway? Never met anyone who put on a laser sight & instantly became a PS2 god. I am not trying to over generalize but of the (3) core components for someone being awesome at Planetside2 in my opinion, Scopes, attachments & ammo are far from the top.

    1) General First Person Shooter skills- Accuracy, positioning & good decision making

    2) A Decent machine- If anything in PS2 is Pay to Win it's your rig. Say what you want, if your rocking 15FPS you better get your medic gun out.

    3) Teamwork- Getting over the fact that PS2 isn't designed around 1v1 brawls
  10. TazumotoGames

    Please make this maintenance fast. I have recording to do and a schedule to meet.
  11. RemusKarrik

    • "A reported Tank handling issue at high speeds has been addressed"
    THANK YOU. Driving the lightning even with the rival chassis felt like a moist doughnut sliding on a greasy plate.
  12. dezusa

    Say what y'all must, we P2W now ;)
    Jokes on SoE though since Cosmetics > Better attachments

    Low BR free players would be happy enough to get 100 certs in 2~3 days of playing, (was happy enough to get 100 certs in a day during my BR 1~20 days)
    Right now i get 350ish certs per day as a non-member(how to check?), even more if I go solo / disregard teamwork.
  13. TazumotoGames

    This maintenance is already too long.
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  14. Akashar

    Seems like a bug, as you can still spot through this sometimes impervious wall of color!
  15. TazumotoGames

    Dear Maintenance people... please hurry up.
  16. NekoBear

    I agree in every way. You can buy weapons, but not player skill. You won't be better than anyone else just because you've got a bigger gun.
  17. TazumotoGames

    Brief is 5 minutes, this wait feels like a lifetime. Hurry up SOE.
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  18. Mytwyt

    yeah please hurry.

    I find it very odd that people say its P2W. I get the impression most of those who feel this way aren't paying anything.

    Its not P2W but P4A. Pay for access.
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  19. WeaverMSI

    How much do I have to pay for the servers to be up for more than eleven minutes?
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  20. Colonelveers12

    What about their new "feature" that they left out of patch notes last week. Seriously SOE what's with the SCU Generators in non major bases!!!!!! You can't call it a bug cause they moved points and added buildings. I mean if you add an SCu why don't you just lower cap times on everything by 25%.....Oh wait you already did that, anyone actually remember the half hour minimum biolab fights, now you're lucky if there's a fight, an actual fight, going on for five minutes.
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