Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. RadarX

    All servers will come down for brief scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (3 PM CET). Be sure you check out all the Hotfix notes in the Game Update forum when they become available.

    Please note due to general SOE maintenance website logins and forums may have limited availability during this period.
  2. FBVanu

    RadarX, the game update notes only talk about tank handling at "high speed"... ??
    Tanks can't even stand still without sliding.
    Is the overall tank traction being brought back to where it was a week ago, or you guys saying "only high speed" handling will be addressed?
    If you could, please clarify. Thank you.
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  3. KatieCross

    But I liked the new assist XP, I wasn't left wanting to shot the poor friendly that stole my kill by just breathing on it..
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  4. Coltron

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  5. DatVanuMan

    DAMN YOU, SC! Attachments can now be purchased with you? CRAP! CRAPPY CRAP CRAP! God, they are called certifications, for God's blessed sake! GOD, SOE. You really know how to make a game P2W. If this is what Planetside has come to, make the cert gain EASIER. God, just wow. Plus, make the game FUNNER, if you want me to keep playing this game. But of course SOE's daily nerf specials will make sure this doesn't happen>:/
    My hats await me in a game that is slowly yet surely becoming better than this one.
    It brings sadness to my heart, seeing what is being done. Come on, SOE. I know that somewhere in that deep, dark crevasse you call a company, there is a single box half-full of love towards your players. Come on, man! You CAN do better!
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  6. KatieCross

    I don't see this being a huge problem, it may come off a bit as pay to win but what idiot would honestly pay 45Sc for a scope? Think I'd rather chew off my left toe before I waste good Sc on something as trivial as a scope.
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  7. Brenold

    2X scope for everything, no more advanced those that had advanced laser or grip are now less effective having their attachments downgrade? I assume the advanced variants were removed but the basic version is unchanged? or is laser and grip condensed and different?
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  8. Afeltman

    It's not just scopes, that already existed, it's all attachments and it will be available account wide. So if you buy attachments on an NS weapon with SC then you will have that on all factions, a little P2W.
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  9. faykid

    Great fix, thanks! Can't wait to see how many certs I'm going to get for all my countless advanced attachments!

    Good idea re. attachments for SC. It will make it easier for people who have little time but want to explore other servers. GJ!
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  10. Paradoxic

    I cringed when I saw that you can now unlock all the attachments with SC. I know it is difficult to monetize a competetive shooter, but to be honest, this goes a little bit to far. Yes, I know you could unlock sights with SC but the difference is, sights don't make you that much more competitive. It's fine to play with iron sights until you have the 30 certs, I sometimes use iron sights just because I like em on certain weapons.

    A bigger magazine in a shotgun or a smg is completly different thing. The difference between a 30 round or a 50 round magazine is 1-2 more kills which makes you more competetive no doubt about that.

    I also know that it is not completly p2win since you can unlock everything with ingame currency and not only with SC but for me personal this crosses the line between acceptable and cringe worthy. But since not so much people are playing PS2 anymore (compared to release) it's kinda understandable that you have to make more money to not completly abandond the game (which some already think you are doing). Hope it works out for you, I don't like it allthough it doesn't affect me since I have all the stuff.
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  11. Princess Typhoon

    Selling what was previously only attainable via certs for SC is some bad mojo. Certain things I can understand, but weapon attachments are DIRECT upgrades. I thought this game was praised for keeping such things attainable only through gameplay and NOT through real world purchases and microtransactions. So much for that, I suppose.
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  12. geekrider

    The cringe is strong with this update. Seriously SOE? WTF?! You took 2 steps forward with Hossin and then 5 steps back with the attachments and upcoming tank nerfs
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  13. DJStacy

    Is there any fix period for all the bugged applications in the outfit management screen. My 1st page is full of 9 applications from players that I can neither accept or deny, and when I view the applicant the box states they are all from myself.

    Its a small issue for most but a real pain for the outfit leaders.

    Also in the upcoming updates would it be possible to add a sort box to the platoon screen, so that when my platoon is full I can still move players between squads. At the moment you have to wait for someone to leave or kick a player so you have a space to play around with. A shuffle box just to drop someone in so you can move players around is another item that would greatly improve the platoon screen.

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  14. GrizzV

    It can't be pay to win if the win part isn't there. Where's the win? That I have a silencer on an NS weapon on an alt I hardly ever play? A silencer that I can get with 1 hour worth of certs anyway?

    Cheap free players moan about pay to win all the time. Give it a rest.
    Weapons are sidegrades, attachments are cheap to buy with certs, to the point where no matter the SC cost, it's still not worth it, and there is no WIN anyway, so please, just give it a rest. Stop making a fool of yourselves with this p2w bull.

    And even if it was pay to win, you know what? Don't be cheap and pay for your entertainment. No? then shut it and take it.
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  15. STR1D3R109

    I don't get why people are annoyed at the Attachment SC thing, its not like they've increased the cert amount for them. By the time your a higher battle-rank, unlocks are basically free with the amount of certs you obtain ;P

    Good to see the mini hossin Fixes.
  16. Paradoxic


    You know:



    Just sayin... 1 Year subscription and I had 30k Station Cash which I spent on Planetside 2 over the last year - so much for "cheap players".

    I guess it's a matter of principles. Of course it's not pay2win since you can buy the stuff with ingame currency but for some people it crosses a line (just like microtransactions in a 60$ game). But I explained myself above, I don't think it's completly pay2win like some think but it's definetly cringe worthy.
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  17. Kunavi

    That's actually a good idea! ^_^ But how about a waffle box as well!? I'd like to be placed in one! >.<

    + Will we ever be able to rename Squads or even Platoons, instead of Alpha, Bravo and so on? Like "Generator Defense" ETC ETC? With the ability to change that name on the fly too.
  18. paidmybills

    • All spawn doors should now have the new visibility changes
    So it is by design that you can't see out of a spawn room at night and difficult even during the day? What's the reasoning behind this change?
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  19. Kunavi

    I have no difficulties seeing out of the Spawn Room, and I doubt they changed that at all. What they definitely changed which I can understand, is not being able to see in.
  20. CEGrif

    u can see out but cant see in
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