Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. Titanme

    For all the P2W whiners. How about this scenario:

    BR 1 drops $50 in SC on everything they want.
    They walk out the spawn door to be:
    1. Sniped by experienced sniper
    2. Bombed by experienced heavy tank
    3. Shot by experienced ESF pilot
    4. Shredded by experienced Lib pilot

    Did they somehow instantly learn to play because of SC?
    I doubt it...
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  2. Bnuldun

    Run, Bro. Run.
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  3. Dalt Wisney

    Yes, they merged. Emerald is your new server, you should find your character there after the maintenance break...
  4. Titanme

    Emerald is the merge of Matherson and Waterson. Pop was too low on each.
    Your character should not have changed other than being on Emerald.
  5. Tankkillz

    well that was helpful idk if im even gonna get to play today if the update takes any longer i might die of anticipation
  6. Bnuldun

    Dude, all the complaining is about people who are already fairly good at this game can just simply, and without work, enhance their experience with scopes and such. No one said that paying for the items will make them win. I happen to know for a fact that attachments can help you become a better player. Buying the attachments is faster than earning the certs for them.
  7. GunFIEND

  8. TazumotoGames

  9. Bnuldun

    When exactly did this merge take place? I haven't really played this game since before June 19th.
  10. JoeTheLlama

    My suggestion: Play NC. We're the best ;)

    If you do play NC, I'll help ya out. BuffyTheVanuSlayer is my character
  11. GunFIEND

  12. cruczi

    Can you elaborate please?
  13. TazumotoGames

    I honestly have to say that they should hire the wow maintenance team. While yes the servers are down for eight hours every Tuesday, we at least have a time frame to work with. These SOE maintenance guys are ****!
  14. 1Fuzzy

    All this crying about weapon attachments for SC.
    "1k cert weapons for SC is okay, but damn, 100cert attachments for SC, what were they thinking?!"
    Like really?
    SOE is a company, it needs to bring in money or it would be shut down.
    People with a mindset of "i want this NOW!" in a f2p game are the main money source.
    If someone puts money into this game they could get the weapon they want the attachments for with SC, play for 2-4 hours per attachment (obviously varies depending on player skill), what they would/could do, because they enjoy this game enough to put money into it and then buy attachments for that weapon for certs. If they'd get the attachments for SC, too, it wouldn't be that much time they're saving.
    AND if they need to buy it with SC because they don't make certs fast enough, how much of a threat can they be?

    Also those attachments don't instantly make a weapon overpowered. I think more important are class armor & abilities and the skill of the player himself. Since the default given weapons are pretty strong already.
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  15. Tankkillz

    wow did have there stuff together and it was always at night when server maintenance went on
  16. GunFIEND

  17. Pachino

    Never understood why eu servers wouldnt be maintainedat night?
  18. Dalt Wisney

    Compared to what? The creation of Earth? A dinner with a beautiful lady? The lifespan of a fly?
    Btw. it took Him 7 days to create Earth, it took SOE 11 months to create Hossin - which one is working better...?:rolleyes:
  19. TazumotoGames

    They should honestly do this maintenance at 3am in the morning.
  20. SashsaACIII

    21men *19:00 pm msk
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