Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. Tankkillz

    when will they be up and what server is good to join
  2. TazumotoGames

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  3. Reaper1911

    So long now....
  4. TazumotoGames

    Since not one server is Maint, maybe it would be a cool idea to bring them online? Or maybe they gotta dick around for another hour before they do that.
  5. Bnuldun

    Actually, Earth was formed over billions of years. It wasn't created.
  6. Tankkillz

    ahh still a g29 error code
  7. Titanme

    Does having purchased "soft point ammo" or a "different scope" really make you an instant threat vs someone who spent the couple hours to get the certs for the same items?
    I still believe this game is based on experience. Buy or cert it, you still must learn to play.
  8. Tankkillz

    i think i might i shall see what server and mines the same as on here so no confussion
  9. JoeTheLlama

    I play on Emerald. Lots of people on Emerald because of the merge.
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  10. InvitroCanibal

    The game crashes upon application launch now. Is this because servers are down?

    It keeps sayin "the file does not have a program associated with, please specify a program" it does this at 6 percent in the loading screen
  11. Tankkillz

    okay thats good did you see everyone complaining about the ps4 and them saying the player out put would be higher
    are lobbies still gonna be able to hold 200 players
  12. Reaper1911

    does changing servers mean that another character has to be made? o_O
  13. Tankkillz

    i believe so i didnt have a problem starting it till this all happen
  14. volth

    It's only what ps2 is now. A very big zerg on one empty and one full map.
  15. Dalt Wisney

    Join the suggested or nearest server - otherwise you might have high ping.
  16. WurbleFlurble

    and don't choose vanu
  17. Dalt Wisney

    I definitely don't like the way you misunderstood my humor. I am not a creationist!
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  18. Tankkillz

    all the recommended ones are us and some eu ones but I'm trying to see if its fine to use east coast even though i'm west coast
  19. TazumotoGames

    omfg bring the servers back online already. No excuse for this bs.
  20. Titanme

    only choose Vanu if you suck at gaming
    it is easy mode compared to NC/TR
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