Scheduled Maintenance April 16th, 6 AM PT

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Apr 15, 2014.

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    hey radarx can you explain this to us ?
  2. cyb_

    Daylight saving time is active in Europe too, so the update will be at 3:00 PM CEST.
  3. LazyAssOverlord

    "Lifespan of AV MANA turret projectile has been reduced from 10 seconds to 4.75 seconds."
    I want my 1k certs back.
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  4. XJ00

    Will we be given the option to continue using the 32 bit client to maintain compatibility with third party software like Mumble?
  5. Superdawg

    This looks to be great patch !! .. but lol .. I have recently purchased that mana turret for like 1000 certs just because I was tired of being owned. Now that its nerfed to where it should be. Maybe you could offer a 1 time buy back on the turret. Since I feel I just wasted 1000 certs on a gun that no longer exists. Also since you 86'd starting at warp gates, my galaxy is pretty much worthless unless I land on front lines to pick people up as a solo player, would love to get those certs back too. Ok heck maybe you can offer 1 time buy back day for the items we wasted certs on. Ty for your time.
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  6. Aircool

    Oooh... Slight buffs to the Corvus, Ursa and 88, my three favourite guns :)

    Just need the 4x scope for the Shade and I'm set :D
  7. GotCerts

  8. PastalavistaBB

    First I saw these:
    and I was like:


    Then I saw all the Tank nerfs, which I already knew before. Totally unneeded. (Except the IwinShield changes. It doesn't change much. It's a slap on the wrist) Tanks are already the most expensive and the easiest to kill Ground Vehicle (Except the Flash and a shielded Vanguard maybe). HE and HEAT needed their direct and splash damage buffed, not nerfed. HE was in such a horrible state for so long that the default Viper became the main Tank AI platform. And that's getting nerfed too...
    If SOE wants this game be anything more than "COD with vehicles", it should consider that vehicles should actually be really powerful instead of being huge XP pinatas. MBTs should be more powerful than current Liberators, if not more. Liberators have much more speed and mobility, while tanks have neither the firepower nor the mobility of air. Not to mention that Liberators can tank more AP Tank shells than tanks themselves...
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  9. Nitish Sharma

    And no benefit to the max class,should I start exploiting the Infinite magburner bug now?

    Want to know about damage increase % in every weapon,otherwise it's still useless.
    Bought Composite Armor,nerfed,that 8% never helps anyway,can you just remove it ?
    Will we getting refund on inversting thousands of certs on it ? You're just gonna make it like it is on ESFs,would be happy to use something else instead of this.

    Enforcer is still 6-7 shot harasser kill,composite or not,while using Saron on one,you have to reload 1 time,if you land those 6/6 ,you're good,if you miss 3,man you're dead(takes 10-11 to kill and you'de be reloading 2 times,just see the ttk)
  10. ElastaPlast

    When will we be able to turn off the control point has been lost/captured announcements? It is mildly annoying in a multi-point base which is heavily contested, oh, and single point bases which aren't that heavily contested. :mad: In fact it's just annoying.
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  11. BrianJ2


    I'm the spelling ****: willbe->will be
  12. DeadliestMoon

    Tell them to get better computers/connections?
  13. DeadliestMoon

    Yes me too, although other people can.
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  14. DeadliestMoon

    Bugged recoil pattern? What do you mean?
  15. Anti-Skub

    I have a i73820 OCed to 4.3, a GTX 760, 16gb of Ram and a 80mb fibre optic connection and I notice the floaty mouse. Exactly how powerful do you think everyones computers should be?

    Planetside, except you need a 2 grand computer to be able to turn around.
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  16. Scientiarum

    I am a bit confused by this. Looking at the current values I think it should read "short reload decreased".
    I didn't read anything about it but are you removing the silly April Fools chat filter?
  17. Ravenorth

    They used to have horizontal recoil like all semi-autos, but after March 27th update something went wrong and their recoil became diagonal, which looks totally unnatural and messes with your ability to aim properly with them, especially when trying to lead shots on moving targets.

    Just go to the VR training and try firing with some of them and then try Vandal, Battle Rifle or the stock semi-auto sniper(for VS and TR) and you´ll notice whats wrong.
  18. Merlock

    The NC seems to be nerfed quiet alot in this update, why?
    Also why does the M18 Needler gets a buff? And the reaver gets none? I'd like to see something like double ammop capacity for the vortek because after 2 ESF fights you have to go resupply and oh boy that's irritating.
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  19. Deschain

    yeh apparently if you're pc isn't stolen from nasa you fail the reccommended system spec for ps2.
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  20. Sobdude

    MANA turret goes on the same forgotten shelf in a dark closet where UBGL lies.
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