Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker - Beta is now open to the public

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  1. Eyeklops

    I recently started using this stat tracker and want to say "THANK YOU GUYS...YOU'RE AWESOME FOR MAKING THIS."

    With that out of the way, in the killboard, does the KD column represent the players overall K/D as shown on the PS2 players website? Similar to the screenshot you posted, I noticed a large majority of my kills are players with a K/D of less than 1.
  2. Cross

    The API is very limited in what information is available for support actions. However we are looking at ways of possibly using ribbons for some achievements.

    There is an option available to play a sound for every kill you do earn. It is off by default but we realize there are players who mostly play support which is why we included it.
  3. Cross


    That column is the overall K/D for that character. Also note that our K/D metrics always take into account all deaths without revives subtracted.
  4. iller

    Parts of it sound like really useful tools for statistical analysis and monitoring trends.
    It's the froo-froo bits and possible open IP stuff that really turns me off to it.

    Probably going to just wait for SOE to hopefully get back to expanding the options on its own player tracking b/c I hate "apps".
    They're not the most secure company, but atleast they have big legal "weight" when something does get compromised
  5. TheBloodEagle

  6. Stealth1

    Is there a list of all the voice callouts and their requirements somewhere? Had a dig around official forums and couldn't find anything.
  7. Akeita

    Sounds ====> Configure ====> make sure sounds is checked ===> turn on the volume to max ====> if it still too small turn on the volume for the entire computer and turn the volume for PS2 smaller.
  8. Stealth1

    ^ Thanks, but I don't have a problem with the sounds.

    What I'm interested in is a list of the voice callouts/announcements and how to obtain them, eg how many kills for "God Like" etc.
  9. Akeita

    Killed BR 1 : "Welcome to Planetside"
    Kill streak : "Double - Triple - Multi - Monster kill"
    Super Kill Streak : "Holy Sh*t"
    Use Knife a lot in a 7 - 15 Kill streak : "Bring a knife into a gunfight, why ?"
    Knife from the back to score a kill : "Humiliating"
    You can also turn on Taunt/Voice each kill in Configure for stuff like "Excellent - Overpower vv...."
  10. MarkAntony

    What do you get the recursion achievement for?!?
  11. Eyeklops

    Fixed, I think.

    On occasion if you kill the same player two times: "Repeat Customer"
    Killing your last killer: "Revenge"

    The arcade version of Killer Instinct & the original Unreal Tournament had some awesome voice call-outs.There was one "M-M-M-MONSTER KILL" Luved that one.

  12. Akeita

    It would be awesome if they add some voice for blowing vehicles/MAX with C4 or knife a MAX...
  13. Eyeklops

    I should record up some voice clips & donate them to the Recursion crew. Because it's me, they'll be foul and funny as hell. Sounds like I might have a weekend project..

    EDIT: Just wanted to say the original voice pack is awesome, voice is well modulated. I just figured more variety is good too.
  14. Akeita

    Such a loyal user, just come to Connery and apply to join em' too already :p
  15. Kenid

    Guys what do i need to do to get the achievments on the Stat tracker.Ive already done the beta participation but when i start the game and stat tracker, i dont get any acheivments for double kills or something :(
  16. Cross

    M-M-M-Monster kill plays for 7 combo kills.
    We're more than likely going to allow modding of the sound clips eventually as well.

    Also you can search for player's achievements on the main site to get a list and a description. We're working on public leaderboards now.

    Make sure you have x86 selected in the options. Auto will select x64 if you're in a 64 bit OS. This was set to match PS2's version select... before they rolled back.
  17. Pyrode

    Have been using it for several weeks now, i've found no fault with it. It's prompt (often giving kill indication before it comes up in client) and incredibly fun. Sometimes it needs killing and restarting but that's probably because i forget to end it and such.

    Honestly this has improved my enjoyment of the game at least by 20% (at a guess) and with the new death screen, it makes me feel like i'm doing better than i actually am.
    Only complaint is it could probably do with more voices and statements to play, like killing much higher (like high roller but not high roller) and killing may levels below you BR (says something like "noobkiller" or something).
    But overall i really can't fault it.
    I do find myself deliberately trying to go for "repeat customer" kills now.
  18. Akeita

    Killin low BR is Welcome to Planetside..
  19. Exploding Fist

    Doesn't look like I can edit my OP anymore

    Here is an awesome trailer made by ZoranTheBear for the new in-game overlay:

  20. Krit3rium

    Thanks a lot for this software !
    Is it possible to change the Humiliation sound with Osp Goat sound ?